Are Electric Fireplace Inserts Worth It? (And What Are Their Benefits?)

Because they represent a popular way of recreating the dancing flames on a log, electronic fireplaces are a standout product, but are they worth the investment? The new technology that comes with a modern insert can be tempting, but among the other conveniences that are available, where does it rank in terms of importance? Some times they are seen as smart technology but a lot of people don’t even know that there are two different kinds. We’re going to take a look at whether they can save the user money, and if they are worth considering.

Do Electric Fireplaces Look Real?

Because they have been around for a while, electric fireplaces have come a long way in terms of design. Part of their popularity is down to the flickering flame effect, dancing over the logs that help to create a pleasant ambiance in a room. They provide all the benefits of a wood burner but without some of the safety risks and hardly any of the manual labor.

Benefits Of An Electric Fireplace Insert


One of the major plus points for a lot of buyers is that an electric fireplace insert can save money. Even if the initial outlay seems high, it doesn’t take long for you to get your money’s worth in terms of the electric bills. Since they only use less than 16 cents an hour when cranking up the heat, compared to the 20 cents per hour of a gas fireplace for an average number of BTU.

Easy To Use

With an adjustable thermostat, electric fireplaces are easy to get going. Compare this to a wood burner and it is much better to use. Not only can it heat up as instead of having to wait for minutes for any heat to truly enter the room, but an electric fireplace also heats fast. Also, when you want to turn it down, it does so within seconds.


If you move home, you can take the electric fireplace with you. This is more difficult and near impossible with other types of fireplaces such as gas and wood burners. You’ll never feel sort changed should you want to take it with you when you sell up and move.

No Ventilation Required

This makes installation incredibly simple. All you need is an electric outlet to plug in and go. Compare this to a gas fireplace where you will need to use a professional to connect it to the gas and then have to plan for adequate ventilation. The price goes up even more as a result.


Not only are electric fireplaces cost-effective but they are energy efficient as well. Because gas units often lose heat through the ventilation system, they are not as efficient, often losing around 25% of the heat produced. An electric fireplace maintains the heat without it escaping.


Any home with young children and pets should strongly consider an electric fireplace over other options. Firstly, there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and the glass pane or front window does not get hot like other types of fireplaces.


Some products can make the flames dance in different colors to create a pleasant ambiance to the room. Even with the traditional warm orange flicker, they can help make a room feel cozy just by looking at them.

Electric Fireplace Vs Gas Fireplace

These are two of the most popular options for a lot of homes and whilst there are benefits to both, we believe one if much better than the other.

Both products can cost similar amounts and there are budget options and high-end models in both categories. The ongoing cost of heating a home is less expensive with an electric fireplace insert though. Then, there is safety. Electric is generally safer than gas when used correctly and the heat produced does not make the window heat to the same temperature as a gas fireplace.

Without an existing gas line, installation can be tricky and expensive which is not an issue with electric products. Because of all this, we recommend electric fireplaces for most homes.

What To Remember When Buying An Electric Fireplace

There are a handful of mistakes that a lot of people make when buying an electric fireplace insert. First of all, they are not all made the same so finding a quality product isn’t always easy. The best thing you can do is look at its heating capability. The size of the room it can heat is a good place to start and then it must fit the space that you have for it or it won’t be any use. Check all the dimensions, especially the depth which is often overlooked.

Different Types of Electric Fireplaces


These are often what people think of when considering an electric fireplace but it is important to get the dimensions right before you buy. They become a focal point in the room and can be kept out of the way so they do not take up space in your living area.


Although these are the reasonably priced option, they are better as a space heater. Because you can move them around the room they do have some benefits that the inserts do not offer but do take up more room and might present a hazard for young children.

Do Electric Fireplaces Really Heat A Room?

They’re not just there for display purposes. An electric fireplace does not have ventilation to carry a lot of the precious heat away so they can be very effective. It is always best to be sure that you are getting the right size product that can heat the room sufficiently. Although they are not designed to heat the whole home, they can quickly take the edge off a cold room then make it cozy before too long.

Can An Electric Fireplace Plug Into A Regular Outlet?

It will depend on the type but for most products, it is as easy as placing it where you want to install the insert and plug it into the nearest outlet. It is always best to plug such a product into its own outlet and not on a shared circuit or extension cable.

Can An Electric Fireplace Be Installed Below A TV?

Check with the specific model but most electric fireplaces blow heat out of the front or bottom of the unit. The keep it away from a TV that is attached to the wall above. Because of this, it will have no impact on the TV or whatever is above. Just check where the heat is pushed out before you install it.