Are Headphones For Sleeping Safe? (And Are There Any Benefits?)

You could be forgiven for struggling to get quality sleep with everything that s changing in the modern world. No matter how much you try to avoid the news, there’s always something on your mind when you most need to nod off. One of the popular ways of trying to remedy this is will sleep headphones. They come in various forms but the types that are designed to help you fall asleep are made different. Because of this, we’re going to take a look at how safe they are, how effective, and the pros and cons of using them.

So, Are They Safe?

As long as they are used correctly, sleeping headphones are safe to use. Regular earbuds might not be designed for use when sleeping against a pillow so it can cause some discomfort. This is why they are often the preferred choice for night time. For anyone concerned about the WiFi signals so close to their head all night, be sure to turn on airplane mode and listen offline.

The volume is also important. Even if you live in an area with a lot of noise pollution, it is best to not crank up the tunes. Not only will this make it difficult to get to sleep and stay in a peaceful state, but it can damage your hearing, especially with long term use.

What Makes Sleeping Headphones Different?

Some of the main differences are that they come with eyemasks to give complete relaxation. By blocking out the noise of the world and the light, they enable the user to fall asleep and wake up when they are ready to, not just when the light of the early summer morning floods the room. Another benefit is that a lot of them do not use earbuds, instead, they have speakers that do not require the user to plug anything into their ears. This can be uncomfortable for longer periods which is why a speaker is such a good idea.

What Are Headphones For Sleeping?

They fit like a headband and usually come in the form of a sleeping mask with speakers. The fact that there are no earbuds to stick into the ears makes them far more comfortable, which is important for quality sleep and can protect the ears. Some are wireless and use Bluetooth technology to connect to a phone or smart device and are made more comfortable because of the materials used.

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping Headphones?

Cool Liners

This is only available with certain products, but the coolness helps to keep the user comfortable during those warm sticky nights. Increasing comfort is a big part of helping sleep to come on faster.

Soft Fabric

This is important and comes as standard with the best sleeping headphones. Any rough material is going to be detrimental to your sleep and when you are tossing and turning, it is important that the headband feels soft so it does not disrupt the sleep cycle. These types of fabric tend to not get too warm which is better for a night of deep sleep.

No Ear Wax Accumulation

Well, no more than usual but earbuds when used excessively and that sit deeper than most can lead to the build-up of ear wax. By compressing the wax and blocking air circulation, it can press it closer to the eardrum and when this continues to increase, it can be difficult to remove.

No Internal Irritation 

Because earbuds that are used overnight will stay in the ear for hours on end, it can cause irritation on the skin in and around the ears. This is made worse when they are pressed further into the canal as you lie on a pillow. Otherwise known as otitis externa, it is a condition common in swimmers and can be avoided when using sleeping headphones.

Noise Blocking

This isn’t the same as noise-canceling headphones (although they can be used to a point), but the sound will go some way towards stopping the sound of traffic or a snoring partner from creeping in.

White Noise

Being able to relax with some white noise delivered safely into your ars can help to turn a bad sleeper into someone who easily gets their full 8 hours. Although it can take some getting used to, the noise helps to lower the user’s heart rate and breathing to the point where it is easier to nod off and stay in a deeper sleep. Anything that can relax the mind is going to help, which is why a lot of people like to listen to music.

Long Cable

To be able to connect the sleeping headphones to your phone, you need a long cable. Being able to maintain a good distance can stop the temptation from scrolling if you wake in the night and means you don’t have to sleep with it under a pillow which can be uncomfortable.

Removable Speakers

When you’re not using it for sleep,  the speakers of a sleeping headphone can be removed so you can listen to music around the house. When doing your daily chores or on your commute, these products can be put to different uses.


Although you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, these products are also surprisingly affordable. The sound quality is still there, but don’t expect to have to pay a lot to get your hands on a decent product.

Music And Serotonin

One of the major advantages of being able to listen to speakers in comfort is that favorite music has been proven to increase serotonin which can help the listener to feel relaxed. When in this state, it is more likely that they will fall asleep faster.

So, Are Sleep Headphones Worth Buying?

Anyone who already listens to music or a podcast whilst sleeping will know how uncomfortable earbuds are. They can wake you from a deep sleep and even cause damage if used incorrectly. Sleeping headphones eliminate these issues and the added bonus of an eye mask helps to block out another issue for a lot of people who struggle to sleep – light.

Remember to listen at a sensible volume but when you consider the above factors, they are a sensible purchase for earbud wearers, or anyone looking for a solution to continual poor sleep quality.