Are Smartwatches Worth It?

Whether you are a stickler for a traditional wristwatch and are coming round the latest technology or have always been an avid smartwatch wearer, the times change fast, and so does the innovation. Even when your kids are asking for one., it can be difficult to keep up with what the best smartwatches can do. For some people a smartwatch might not seem like much more than a phone for the wrist, so what is so good about them? We’re going to take a look and see if smartwatches are worth buying.

What Can A Smartwatch Do?

Much More Than Timekeeping

Consider this, your basic wristwatch can do only a handful of useful things beyond telling the time. Some have the date, others can allow you to set an alarm, but they often don’t give you much more. A smartwatch allows you to make the most of modern technology and organize your life from your wrist. Also, when your phone is not to hand, you often miss important calls. A smartwatch will alert you no matter where you are in proximity to your mobile.

Helps You Find Your Phone

Most people would be lost without their phone, which is another reason why a smartwatch is such a useful gadget to have. Not only do they share a lot of the same features, but if you lose your phone, a smartwatch can help find it. Remember to connect the find a phone feature when you first get your smartwatch and you’ll never lose it for long again.

Fitness Tracking

This is arguably the most well-known trait of quality smartwatch and the main reason why a lot of people buy them. Although the advice changes on how many steps you should be taking a day to stay healthy, a smartwatch can track and record every single one. If you are running, it can monitor your progress, heart rate, and record all your runs so you can see how far you have come.

Sleep Monitor

Without adequate sleep, our bodies can feel run down pretty fast. This is why it can be beneficial to monitor sleep patterns. A smartwatch can tell you what times of the night you stirred from a deep sleep and advise on when to go to bed so you can get your 8 hours.

They Are Available For All The Family

A smartwatch for kids is a great way of keeping them safe. Not only can you reach them via phone and video calls but they can text, check the time to make sure they get home on time. Kids smartwatches also tend to be waterproof and durable but as a parent you can also set school times on a lot of products. This means the smartwatch can only be used for basic functions such as time and date during these hours so it doesn’t become a distraction.

Check Social Media

It is important to stay in touch and if you don’t want to keep pulling your phone out every few minutes, receiving important social media notifications can help you use your phone wisely. This is useful if you are out and receive a Whatsapp message that you would otherwise not see until you get home.

Long Battery Life

Some smartwatches last a lot longer on a single charge than a smartphone. Because of this, it means you are reachable even when your phone has run out of juice. This is important when you have to stay connected to your kids when out.

Can Smartwatches Play Music?

Yes, some smartwatches can. More and more products are hitting the market and give the user the ability to store tonnes of songs or stream them from an app. They often connect to headphones via Bluetooth making them an mp3 player on your wrist. 

What Is The Lifespan Or A Smartwatch?

Most smartwatches tend to have a similar lifespan to a mobile phone. This means you should get around 1 – 5 years out of it, depending on the model. The better the brand’s reputation is for durability, the more use you are going to get out of it. Some people use theirs more sparingly which can mean they last longer as well.

Can I Send A Text On A Smartwatch?

Text messaging is one of the primary functions of most smartwatches. Any basic feature you can think of for a smartphone can usually be replicated with a smartwatch. Some models make it easier than others, with keys that are easier to find but it is available in almost every smartwatch on the market.

Should I Buy A Smartwatch For My Kids?

Certain kids benefit more than others, and any child that finds it difficult to remember things or stay organized can greatly benefit from wearing a smartwatch. Not only do they allow the parent to set reminders but they are ideal for staying in touch. A lot fo sporty kids can use inspiration tutorials and videos from some of their favorite athletes as they practice and train and they are also more durable than ever, waterproof (most of the time), and affordable. 

How Much Does A Smartwatch Cost?

Smartwatches can be purchased for under $100 and although they do not have the same high-spec features and materials as some of the high-end brands, they are still good for many of the above features we mentioned.

Anything between $200 – $500 will land you a quality product that is the latest model and has more apps available.

Are Cheap Smartwatches Good?

A lot of the cheaper models on the market aren’t cheap because they are not good, it is because they are old. So, you can save money by purchasing a slightly dated model that was once considered to be cutting edge. Technology moves fast so they might not be as responsive, with a smaller screen, and some of the latest features might not be accessible on an old smartwatch but it will still be durable and have plenty of benefits.