Bathroom Gadgets To Make Life Easier

Although the bathroom is not always a place where innovative technology is the first thing that comes to mind, there are plenty of useful bathroom gadgets that are tailor-made for an easier life. They can be for grooming, fun, and some will even become essential once you get used to them being around. To either reduce the time it takes to get through your morning routine or to bring a little life to your bathroom, we have created a list of the best bathroom gadgets available.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

This only shave the odd second off in the morning so don’t expect to be able to get 20 minutes extra sleep before work but they are more hygienic. Holding your hand under the dispenser will nudge it to release liquid soap so you don’t have to deal with a messy soap bar. The batteries seem to last forever and it also saves waste, giving you the optimal amount of soap needed to kill bacteria and keep your family safe. An automatic soap dispenser is also appealing to kids, encouraging them to wash their hands as well.

Bikini Trimmer

Some of these products can do way more than the basic trimming. They can be used to shape, wax and can be used wet or dry. Find one with a flexible head so it can move to the contours of your body and long battery life so you aren’t caught short halfway through. Some are better for precision but whatever you go for, look for a bikini trimmer with adjustable lengths.

Shower Speaker

There’s no reason why you should have to go without your favorite tunes in the bathroom. Taking your phone too close to water comes with its risks so a waterproof, wireless speaker that has suction cups to stick to the wall can be a great addition for you to sing along to a playlist as you welcome in the new day.

Waterproof Notepad

For the busy entrepreneur or businessman or woman, inspiration can come to you when you least expect it. When you are in the shower, you don’t want to forget your latest idea by the time you can get to a pen and paper. This is why a lot of people are sticking a waterproof notepad to the wall of the shower. They come with a waterproof pencil so when you scribble that note, it is still there when you’re done.

Motion Activated Night Light

When you are sleepy and in need of the bathroom in the night, you don’t want to suffer a harsh wakeup from the main light. It can be difficult to get to sleep after which is why a motion-activated night light is an ideal bathroom gadget. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and can be fixed to the inside of the toilet so you can use a warm glow instead of an intense light to guide you to the toilet at 3 am.

Aromatherapy Shower

Water pressure is one thing, but getting essential oils to pour gradually at the same time can help create a spa-like experience in your home. Blending with the hot water, they allow the user to select their favorite aroma to help relax or invigorate a boring morning routine.

Bathroom Mirror Windscreen Wiper

A foggy mirror will usually greet you after a warm shower, and using the outside of your palm to wipe it can not only leave streaks but it isn’t that effective. To give yourself a larger clear view, a bathroom mirror windscreen wiper is a great gadget. The suction cup sticks to the mirror in the top corner, and you simply swipe the wiper up and down to reveal a larger, clear area to help get yourself ready to face the day.

Shower Wine Glass Holder

We said that some products are more essential than others, but some people will see this as the most important product yet! For a relaxing bath or shower, these wine glass holders give you a place to put your merlot in between sips as you wash the day away and chill.

Towel Warmer

Even your heating system can fail you sometimes, not quite taking the edge off the bathroom on a cold day. The smooth tiles will often be cold enough as it is but your towel doesn’t have to be. Thankfully, you can be prepared for when you hop out of the warm shower and use a towel warmer so you can wrap yourself with a warm hug. These are nice for a touch of luxury in your home.

Luminescent Tiles

Turning the lights down but relaxing with a candle in the bath can be complemented by this fun yet calming tiles. They add a warm glow to a bathroom wall that can otherwise be bland. With the lights on, you won’t even know they are there.

Whitening Mouthpiece

To give yourself an extra shade or two of whiteness, you usually have to scrub away with a whitening toothpaste then pay an expensive visit to the dentist. Using blue light technology with foaming toothpaste that kills bacteria along the way. It takes up to ten days of repeated use to get the full effect but it is fast becoming one of the most popular bathroom gadgets for those who want a pearly smile.

Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

This is a 2-in-1 product but for a waterproof speaker with a difference, you can blast a song out of the showerhead. They use Bluetooth technology which means you can safely leave your phone in another room and connect it.  Sometimes, the speaker is detachable so it can be taken anywhere.

Smartphone Thermometer

In the way the world has changed, this is arguably the most important bathroom gadget you can get your hands on. It connects to your phone and works via an included app to allow you to record your readings and better understand what each one means. This makes it a near essential purchase for families.

Smart Weighing Scales

Regular bathroom scales can only do so much, even the electronic ones. These products can be connected to an app so you can store and track your weight, synching via Bluetooth, and the included app. This can be all the inspiration a lot of people need to see where they are going right and wrong in their latest workout regime.

Drain Protector

It doesn’t take a lot for a bath or shower drain to block, and hair is almost always the main culprit. Since it almost cannot be helped, it is good to invest in a drain protector that catches hair and stops the water from going where it should.