Top 10 Best Bikini Trimmers of 2022 – Reviews

Although waxing remains the preferred method of removing unwanted pubic hair, women nowadays are exploring alternatives to what is undoubtedly a painful practice. This is the main reason why bikini trimmers are enjoying the popularity they do, along with being far easier to maintain.

With this in mind, let us point out that not all bikini trimmers can be expected to perform up to the same standards, with many of them being much easier to control than others. For this reason, we put together a list of the ten best bikini trimmers the market has to offer so as to give you some insight.

Best Bikini Trimmers – Reviews

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10Ultimate Luxury Electric Hair Removal

This kit includes a bikini trimmer, a ladies razor for silky skin, and a shaving cream of coconut and lemongrass of a 4oz capacity. This one makes its mark thanks to its convenience and to the fact that it features everything in a single package. It also stands out for its value for money and its attention to practicality. Another reason to consider this trimmer is the free travel and storage bag it comes equipped with.

9TOUCHBeauty Women’s Body Trimer

This very feminine product from TOUCHBeauty is made in the shape of a flower bud and features a very comfortable and ergonomic design. An inbuilt cutter head and a thin net allows for simultaneous combing and trimming. Not only is it easy to use and highly practical but it also offers the type of flexibility most trimmers simply cannot have. Recommended by experts worldwide, you definitely won’t be disappointed if you put your faith in this one.

8LiBa Women’s Bikini Trimmer

This one combines most of the features of the ones previously mentioned on this list and adds a few of its own. The angled head makes it effortlessly glide over the contours of your skin and gives you a very close and smooth shave. The hypoallergenic blades render it perfectly suitable for those with sensitive skin. It works on 2 AA batteries and is water resistant for the most part.

7Remington WPG4020C Bikini Grooming Kit

When it comes to a complete grooming solution, this premier product fro Remington is pretty hard to beat. The entire set includes a rotary exfoliator, a hair trimmer, three adjustable length combs, a foil shaving head and also, a storage case. All these attachments are waterproof and can be used on both wet or dry skin. This, along with its other useful features, makes it a must-have for anyone who is interested in not only grooming but exfoliating the skin at the same time.

6Phillips Bikini Hair Trimmer

Made with a focus on simplicity and easy usability, this one comes outfitted with 3 head attachments to provide a very close and precise trim. The shaver includes a trimming comb, which allows trimming up to 3 mm length, a bikini trimming head, which can trim it down to 0.5 mm, and a mini shaving head which you can use to get a flawless bare shave. Overall, it is also one of the most practical trimmers out there as far as ergonomy goes.

5Gillette Venus Women’s Razor

If you’re looking for a product which is functional and durable and won’t leave your pockets empty, then this product from the highly renowned Gillette brand is definitely the trimmer for you. A pivoting blade makes for a quick, close and comfortable trim. Two razor blade refills are included along with the packaging for good measure. All in all, it is also among the sturdiest trimmers out there.

4Schick Hydro Silk Bikini Trimmer

This dual purpose hair removal tool features a moisturizing razor on one of its sides and a waterproof hair trimmer on the other. It boasts of 5 sensing blades and a skin guard as well. The anti-allergic serum keeps the skin moisturized for hours after shaving. The comb has got four adjustable settings, which let you control the length of your trim. On top of that, it can be used on both dry and wet skin and requires only 1 AAA battery to function.

3Panasonic Bikini Trimmer & Shaper

This is another very good choice of bikini trimmer, once again from Panasonic. The angled trimmer and adjustable trimming head let you accurately control the length of hair you want to be removed. The anti-allergic blades are ideally suited for those with sensitive skin. It runs on 2 AA batteries and is water resistant, which allows for usage on both wet and dry skin. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed if you choose this model for your trimming needs.

2Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Bikini Trimmer

Panasonic makes our list once more with this another absolute delight of a hair remover. It’s got all the features a good bikini trimmer should have and doesn’t fall short on any counts. Four pivoting heads glide over your skin making for a very close and smooth shave. The hypoallergenic blades make it suitable for all skin types, and the waterproof feature lets it be used on both wet and dry skin. It’s also fully rechargeable, so you won’t need to buy batteries over and over.

1Panasonic Ladies Electric-Razor

This sleek and modern bikini trimmer from Panasonic has everything you would want in a trimmer and more. It features three floating shaving heads, which smoothly glides over your skin for a very close and soothing shave. It’s rechargeable and also waterproof, so it can be very efficiently cleaned under running water. An added perk is the inclusion of a convenient pop-up bikini trimmer, which is ideal for quick hair trims.

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Bikini Trimmer Guide

Researching, finding and purchasing the best bikini trimmer can be just as tedious as using it to remove hair from the body. There are online reviews to go over, features to consider, and what’s particularly troubling is trying to separate fact from hype. There are dozens upon dozens of different trimmers available, and unsurprisingly all of them claim to be the very best. It’s enough to make just about anyone frustrated, and it is also one of the main reasons so many women simply grab the first bikini trimmer that they find, and do it without giving it a second thought.

Although it can be frustrating to buy a new trimmer, especially one that has features that you may not be familiar with, it doesn’t have to be a herculean task. With just a little bit of thought and the right amount of information, just about anyone can buy a trimmer for their bikini area that will not only leave them feeling satisfied with their purchase but will also leave their skin feeling soft as a baby’s backside.

For our readers to get the best experience possible out of their future bikini trimmer purchase, we’ve decided to not only list the models that we feel are the best but also to give our readers some truly useful information that they can apply. And we’ve not only written this guide to tell our readers what features they should look for in a new trimmer, but we’ve also included some handy information on how to use these bikini line trimmers to get the best results.

Bikini Trimmer Features To Consider

  • The Trim Head: One of the first things a person should consider before running out and purchasing their next bikini trimmer is the head of the unit. It’s not only useful to choose one that’s angled for getting into tight into certain areas of the body, but it can also be quite helpful if it has several different trimmer positions. Some of the better models available allow the user to choose from one of several different positions, so they can shave closely and do it without getting razor burn, skin irritation, or red bumps. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the blade is hypoallergenic so that it doesn’t cause skin irritation. Beware of cheaply made trimmers that have blades that aren’t hypoallergenic.
  • A Cordless Design: Another feature that makes the best trimmers easy-to-use is the fact that they’re cordless. Cordless models not only allow the user to shave intimate areas while they’re in the tub or shower but also makes it easy to navigate the trimmer around the body without having to work around a cord. It also might be a good idea to choose a model that has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so that you always know the razor is good to go. However, if the model doesn’t use rechargeable batteries but instead uses AA or AAA batteries, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good trimmer model to own. It just means that you’ll have to make sure that you keep enough batteries on hand to put in it to ensure that you’re always ready for some last-minute summer grooming.
  • A Lightweight Design: It probably goes without saying that a lightweight trimmer is easier to use than a heavier one, but we’ll go ahead and say it anyway. A good trimmer should weight anywhere from 1 to 4-ounces. Anything heavier just becomes a pain to have to use on a regular basis.
  • Make Sure Replacement Blades Are Obtainable: Some people go out and buy a new trimmer that they feel has all of the features they need only to find out that it’s almost impossible to find blades for it. And this happens more often than most people realize, especially with trimmers that are discounted. Therefore, it’s important that before you even buy a new trimmer that you make sure that the blades for it are easy to obtain.
  • Consider Travel Size Models: Anyone who spends any amount of time traveling is going to want to buy a model that’s appropriately sized and is easy to pack into luggage. This isn’t too difficult to do, especially if you’ve bought the lightest model available because that model is most likely a travel-sized trimmer.

Replaceable Blade Or Disposal Trimmers?

The last thing you’ll want to think about is whether or not you even one a bikini trimmer with replaceable blades. Some people are more than happy purchasing disposable trimmers that are simply tossed in the trash when the user is done with them. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with using these models, they don’t do as good of a job as trimmers with replaceable heads, and they contribute additional trash to landfills. However, they’re still a viable choice for people who don’t want to bother with other types of trimmers.

How To Use A Bikini Trimmer

Now that we’ve listed the best bikini trimmers, and have discussed what to look for when purchasing a new trimmer, it’s time to use that product to get the best results. And to help with that prospect, we went ahead and listed some basic instructions for using one of these trimmers. Hopefully, it’s a piece of useful information.

Step One: Choose A Sharp Blade

If your bikini trimmer’s blade is pulling hair, feels rough or looks like it’s pitted, then it’s time to choose a new blade. Choosing a new, sharp blade is essential for ensuring that the hair is not only properly cut, but that it doesn’t irritate the skin or cause red bumps. Therefore, change the blade regularly to ensure that the one you’re using is always sharp.

Step Two: Hydrate The Skin

The next step is to hydrate the skin and the hair follicles. The bikini line should be allowed to soak in warm water for at least 3 to 5-minutes. This allows the hair in that area to soak up water, and that makes the hair follicles a whole lot easier to cut.

Step Three: Use A Quality Shave Gel

The third step is to make sure that you use a shave gel that will not only lubricate the skin so the blade passes over your skin easily, but will also help to soften hair follicles. There are a variety of different types of shaving gels currently available, but try to choose one that’s specifically designed for shaving the intimate areas of your body. However, if that can’t be purchased, then a good quality face shaving gel should work in a pinch.

Step Four: Be Sure To Exfoliate

The last thing to do is to make sure that you exfoliate the area after you have shaven. Exfoliating after shaving will ensure that the area not only looks good but also feels good as well. It will also keep the skin well prepared for the next time you shave.