Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones of 2022 – Reviews

While there are some individuals who will claim that Bluetooth technology goes back to World War II or even to the 10th century, most people would acknowledge that it actually was invented during the 1990s. When it came out, it was deemed a technological miracle that could allow the music listener to go wireless without having to employ radio waves or other infra-red to link the audio source with the headphones.

Unfortunately, those early Bluetooth headphones were fraught with problems, from not being able to connect with a particular device to dropping connections unexpectedly. Over the past few years, however, the technology has become extremely reliable and is now the best wireless technology available. With that in mind, we’ve included ten of the best Bluetooth headphones currently available.

Best Bluetooth Headphones

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10Avantree Over-the-Ear Headset With Mic

Music enthusiasts who want to spend a whole lot of time listening to their favorite songs but don’t want to be physically tethered to one room may want to look at these Avantree headphones. They are designed to deliver up to 40-hours of music on a single charge or can be used as wired headphones when the battery gets low. These headphones also deliver high-resolution sound using aptX technology that produces clear treble, a nice mid-range of notes and a deep bass sound. Other features of these headphones include a microphone and a lightweight size. This makes this a great headphone for audiophiles, movie lovers and gaming enthusiasts.

9Mpow Thor On-Ear Foldable Headphones

Just about everything a person could want in a Bluetooth headset can be found in these headphones. They feature dual 40mm driver units that use a CSR chip to proved a better audio output with a lower latency and a much faster transmission speed than headphones without this chip. They also feature an 8-hour battery life with the option to switch to a wired connection if the battery is used up. Also manufactured with built-in microphones in them, these headphones are not only suitable for listening to music or for playing games but are also useful for making hands-free phone calls. All of these features are encapsulated in a portable design that can be collapsed down to a convenient size for storage or for placing into luggage.

8Phaiser BHS-730 Sports Earphones With Mic

These Bluetooth in-ear headphones are designed to be a great tool for those leading an active lifestyle and want a pair of headphones which can keep up with them. It features 8mm speakers that are designed to deliver high-quality sound with less interference and have magnetic earbuds that can attach to each other so the headphones can be worn around the neck. The best feature that can be found in these earbuds, however, is that they are sweat-proof and won’t be ruined by perspiration like cheaper models often are. Overall, these earbuds are great for runners, gym rats or anyone else who wants to listen to music wirelessly using a durable easy-to-use pair of headphones.

7Sound Peats Magnetic Wireless Earbuds

Fitness enthusiasts are often looking for a number of different features in their wireless headphones. They expect them to be lightweight, portable, easy-to-transport and to provide great sound. They also expect them to be able to hold up to their perspiration when they’re using them during workouts and to hold up to the occasional knock or ding. Fortunately, all of those attributes can be found in this pair of Sound Peat’s headphones. They are magnetic, so they can be worn around the neck, are sweat-resistant to the IPX-6 standard and are durable. they also feature apt X codecs that produce high-quality sound, a CSR8645 Bluetooth chip-set that enables a great wireless connection and a battery that can be charged in under two hours, yet provide up to 8-hours of music or talk time. These are truly earbuds built for active users.

6Kissral Wireless Sports Earbuds

Outside of the wearer’s ears, these wireless headphones may look kind of odd but once they are placed into the ears, it’s easy to see why they’re shaped the way they’re shaped. That’s because they are designed to have a low-profile that isn’t as noticeable as some types of headphones. However, that isn’t the only feature that can be found in these earbuds. They have a 65mAh lithium battery that provides up to 8-hours of calling time or 6-hours of music time and also provides up to 120-hours of standby time on a single charge. And since these earbuds weigh under 4-grams, they are very comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Other features which can be found in these earbuds include a CSR Bluetooth chip with 4.1 audio-decode technology built into it and single button control.

5Mpow 059 Over-Ear Wireless Headset

Designed so that the wearer has nothing to worry about except enjoying their favorite music or completing their phone call, these headsets have a number of valuable features which make them one of the more hands-free units currently available. They are made using a 420mAh lithium battery that takes only 2-hours to charge but can provide up to 13-hours of listening enjoyment. These headsets also have memory-protein ear cushions that are designed to be as comfortable as human skin and a padded headband that ensures a comfortable fit. Other features included in these headsets include a wired mode, a built-in mic for hands-free calling and a foldable design that makes it easy to throw in a bag to take on the go.

4Mpow Waterproof IPX7 Wireless Earbuds

These stylish earbuds are not only designed to look fashionable but are also made to hold up through tough workouts. It’s designed to be water-resistant to IPX7, which means that it won’t be destroyed by the person’s sweat as they are using it during their workouts, and it is designed to withstand the occasional bump or jolt. Other features of these headphones include a fast 2-hour charge time, a 9-hour play time, high-quality sound and Bluetooth 4.1. It’s a pair of earbuds that are good for everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors.

3Cyber Cart Noise Canceling Earphones

These high-quality earbuds are designed to deliver optimal sound quality with reduced interference and better voice clarity than many cheaper earbuds. It also can be connected to up to 2-devices at a time using Bluetooth. With a built-in microphone, it can not only be used to listen to audiobooks or audio recordings but can be used to make crystal-clear phone calls as well. These lightweight earbuds is a perfect companion for the audiophile to take with them as they hit the gym, head to classes or on the way to work. It’s reliable, well-made and is designed to just provide clear voice calling and music clarity.

2Abedi Y1 Wireless Magnetic Earphones

Equipped with the advanced Bluetooth 4 protocol that allows these headphones to pair quicker with compatible devices and to keep a stable pairing engaged while in use, these earbuds will provide the music fan with what they need to get the most out of their audio. It has built-in magnets that allow the headphones to attach each other so it can be worn like a necklace. Other features that users can expect from these headphones include a built-in microphone for making or receiving calls, CVC noise cancellation to reduce outside noises and up to 4-hours of listening time on a single 1-hour charge.

1Zhicity Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headset With Microphone

Using a CSR chip and Bluetooth 4.1 capabilities, these headphones give the user a stable wireless connection with their favorite audio source. Another great feature about these headphones is that they fit comfortably and ergonomically on the ears and provides high-quality audio reproduction. Other features that can be found on these headphones include a jack for a wired connection, a charging jack, a charge indicator and ear muffs that rotate 90-degrees. These headphones are ideal for individuals looking to take their music on the go and want to block out some outside noises passively and they’re quite stylish as well.


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Selecting the Best Bluetooth Headphones

Some people would grab a pair of wireless headphones and not give much thought to the quality of the headphones or how it connected wirelessly. These people figure that one pair of headphones is good as another and it’s not worth spending much time or energy researching it. However, since there can be a pretty big difference in features from one pair of earphones to the next, it would probably be a good idea for these people to take a few moments and figure out what exactly they want to get out of a set of headphones. Fortunately, we are going to help with that by talking about some of the features which need to be considered before slapping money down on a new headset. Here are a few items to consider:

Over-the-Ear or Earbuds?

When choosing a pair of headphones you definitely want to make sure that the ones you choose fit your needs and that means making a decision between earbuds and over-the-ear headphones. Earbuds are good for working out or for use when you are out on the go. They are lightweight, aren’t very big and can be easily thrown in a pocket. They’re also not as noticeable as over-the-ear models. However, that’s not saying that they are perfect. Earbuds are not as durable as headphones and don’t produce the same quality of sound either. If you just need music for working out, then earbuds are probably right for you. However, if you really want to immerse yourself in your music, then headphones are probably a better choice for you.

Sweat Proof Design

If you are choosing a pair for working out, then you most likely will want to get a pair that’s water-resistant so your sweat doesn’t kill it. Both earbuds and over-the-ear models have water-resistant models available, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a water-resistant model that you like. Just be sure to get one that conforms to IPX-6 or IPX-7 standards. Also, keep in mind that water-resistance is a whole lot different than water-proof. If headphones are waterproof, then they can be submerged in water without harm. If they are merely water-resistant, however, that means that they can only be exposed to incidental water contact.

Battery Size and Dual Modes

Another thing to consider is how long the battery lasts and how long it takes to charge the battery. You’ll want to make sure that you buy a pair of headphones that have the battery life that you need – normally, in the 8-12 hour range or larger. You also want to make sure that it charges fairly quickly, 3-hours or less. Those standards are acceptable to most people.

Whether the headphones can operate in dual mode is an important thing to think about as well. What is dual mode? Basically, it’s just when it’s possible for headphones to work as cordless and as corded headphones. This really gives the user a lot of flexibility. They can use the headphones as a cordless pair, and then when the battery is drained, use it as a corded pair. Whether this option is important, however, really depends on what the user wants to get out their headphones.

Active or Passive Noise Canceling

Do you need a noise canceling feature? Then you are going to have to choose a model that supports this feature and has the noise cancellation type that you want. Most likely, this leaves out earbuds and only leave on-the-ear and over-the-ear headphones. Now, all that has to be determined is whether you need passive or active noise canceling. Passive noise canceling simply using the ear pads to block out some of the outside noise you may hear. Active noise cancellation, however, stops some of the outside noise by countering it with “anti-noise” or a waveform that counteracts the waveform of the incoming noise. All of this means that it can screen out some of the noise coming in but likely won’t eliminate it all together. However, active noise canceling does do a better job than passive noise canceling.