Top 9 Best Digital Tire Pressure Gauge of 2022 – Reviews

If you haven’t already, you should definitely consider investing in a digital tire pressure gauge for your car. It may not seem that important, but an improperly inflated tire can lead to higher mileage per gallon or even car accidents if the pressure gets low enough.

To correctly determine the pressure inside your tires, you want to get your hands on a digital tire pressure gauge, or any other type of pressure gauge for that matter. To point you in the right direction, we put together a list of the ten best digital tire pressure gauge kits out there.

Best Digital Tire Pressure Gauge – Reviews

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9Slime Digital Tire Pressure with Lighted Tip

This particular gauge works effectively to enable you to maintain proper tire pressure for your vehicle, reduce tread wear, improve handling and ultimately boost gas mileage. This particular gauge comes equipped with a LED display that is simple to read, reset button, automatic shut-off feature and accurate reading that can come in either KPA/BAR or PSI provisions. Additionally, it comes with a rubberized ergonomic grip and lights (back and front) that facilitate nighttime use.

8Craftsman Programmable Tire Gauge

The digital Craftsman Programmable tire gauge is an accurate, medium-priced battery-powered device that works to save you on costs and time as well. It gives you accurate readings in a matter of seconds all displayed on its large LCD display. Moreover, alluding to its programmable characteristic, you can set it to measure the ideal tire pressure but all this depending on your vehicle.

7Accutire MS-4710B

Accutire makes the list with a multi-functional gauge that is applicable to both vehicles and motorcycles alike. Its versatility allows it to work with virtually any tire valve not to forget it’s 5 – 99 psi measure capacity. It cements itself as among the best low-priced gauges in the market because of its features such as a durable design, embedded lithium battery, and sure-grip handle.

6Accutire MS-48B Digital

This gauge is a multi-functional device that not only measures the gauge but also measures tire thread depth- making it a wonderful tool for maintaining superb tire condition. It has the capacity to measure the depth of tire thread ranging between 0 and 19/32 inches with increments of an approximate 1/32 inch.

This gauge measures maximum air pressure of 99PSI and comes with an exclusive color bar from exclusive lights that indicate if your tire requires replacing. It is surprisingly a low priced unit with an extra large easy-viewing digital display.

5Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge

Michelin has unveiled a medium priced pressure gauge that is more than what you can bargain for. It is a programmable device which can be easily used by both professionals and amateurs. It comes equipped with a LED white flashlight, a 0.1 PSI display resolution and a classy storage pouch for easy storage and convenience.

4NorthONE 100 PSI Digital Tire LED Pressure Gauge

This NorthONE made pressure gauge allows you to boost the life of your tire and eventually save on costs allied to the gas. How? It is packed with certain features such as a digital backlit display plus 4 distinct settings which outline their readings in KPA, BARs, kg/cm and PSI as well. Moreover, this low priced pressure gauge is accompanied by a 100% guaranteed money-back policy.

3Astro 3018 Digital Tire Inflator

A simple to use and even useful tire inflator as well, Astro 3018is a high-priced device that allows you to observe the tire pressure as you pump in so you do relevant adjustments as required. It is equipped with a chuck system that is simple to change plus an accompanying accurate system for pressure accurate reading. Moreover, it comes with 2-poisition levers – one which deflates and that inflates the tire, along with a 21-inch hose to accompany it.

2Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Accutire MS 4021B makes the list as a low-priced feature-rich hardcore digital gauge made of a sturdy construction complimented by a rubber-coated firm handle. It gets even better given its LCD display, a feature one should always look for in a modern tire pressure gauge. At the same time, we should point out that this particular gauge is a lot more affordable than most, while still being just as good as high-end models.

1TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge

A digital user-friendly tire gauge, Tekton 5941 is among the best low-price devices out there, even in environments with poor lighting. Why? It comes with a well-lit display screen plus nozzle and a shut-off feature (automatic) which shuts the device off if it remains inactive for more than 30 seconds. Moreover, its ergonomic design together with a signature non-slip surface always ensures proper fitting in your hands while also minimizing hand fatigue as well.

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Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge Guide

Your tyres are all that are keeping you from the road, so making sure they are the right level at all times is important. Not only do they keep you safe, but when they are inflated to the correct level, they can increase fuel efficiency, saving you money.

A digital tyre pressure gauge will help make sure you can avoid potential dangers and when you know what to look for, they can be very effective and reasonably priced. some come with added features, but all of them are handy to have around.

Why Use A Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge?

Improves Breaking

Safety is everything when you are on the road, and you never know when you are going to have to brake suddenly. when your tyres at an optimal pressure level, they can grip better, allowing them to break faster. This can be the difference between avoiding an accident, and a trip to the hospital.


To increase the efficiency of your car, you must ensure your tyres are pumped to the correct level. This will help you get the most out of the increasing gas prices that can fluctuate at any time. This is especially important for commuters who are the people most likely to need to top up their tyre pressure the most.

Better Driving Experience

Keeping an eye on your tyre pressure will help your car to drive a lot smoother which is more enjoyable for you and your passengers. It takes the strain off other parts of your vehicle and helps it to move in the way it is intended to.


Because the only other way to check your tyre pressure is a trip to the garage, it can result in a wasted journey if they are at an adequate level. Sometimes a tyre will look low and checking it will encourage you to go and get it inflated, keeping you safe on the road.

What To Look For In A Tyre Pressure Gauge

PSI Reading

You’ll need to find a product that has a maximum PSI of over 60 to make sure it covers most vehicles. The limit should not be capped too low and some of the better products are able to offer much higher readings.

Easy To Read

This will depend on the type of product you get. Anything with an LED display is going to be easy to read and is especially good in the winter months when you are more likely to be checking your car in the dark. When you find it difficult to take a reading you could be inadvertently releasing air from the tyre so try to find something easy to understand.


Choose a product that is too lightweight and it will be more susceptible to breaking so make sure the brand you choose has a reputation for making a product that lasts.

Battery Size

This isn’t a problem for all types of tyre pressure gauges but for the digital products, make sure you know what batteries it takes. Some will take your standard AA or AAA which are easy to replace whilst others will need something more specific. Always remember to carry spares.

Types of Tyre Pressure Gauge


This is the more advanced type. Using modern technology can deliver a reading in under 3 seconds depending on the brand. This is displayed on an LED screen making it easy to understand. They are usually bigger than the other types so they might not fit in your glove compartment, but are small enough to easily be stored in your boot.


Another common type of tyre pressure gauge and a reliable one. The clock face style will display the current tyre pressure gauge for an accurate reading. Similar to the old style you find at garages but more compact.


These are often around the size of a pen which makes them the most convenient to store. They can be a little more complicated than the others but you do get the ability to keep them anywhere in your car.

When To Check Tyre Pressure

There is never a bad time to check your tyre pressure, but there are circumstances that make it advisable to check it more frequently. for example, it is always good practice to check before and after a long journey, and during the winter months.

This is because cold weather constricts tyres so don’t expect your tyres to maintain pressure at the same rate as usual. Whatever the weather does, make sure you stay safe on the road and keep and eye on your tyre pressure.