Top 10 Best Double Din Head Units of 2022 – Reviews

Some people refrain from installing a double Din head unit into their vehicle because they seem to think that it’s going to be a difficult or complex installation. Although that may have been the case at one point in time, that’s certainly isn’t true anymore. These units are easier to install than ever before and they’re packed with features that every car owner is going to appreciate.

These units have larger screens, better screen contrast, and more features than comparable single Din units. And since prices of these units have come down quite a bit, now anyone can install one in their car. That’s why we’ve listed ten of the best double Din head units, so everyone can discover the joy of the innovative devices.

Best Double Din Head Units

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10Pioneer MVH-1400NEX Digital Video Reciever

This double Din multimedia unit has a lot of great features that are worth talking about. It has a clear resistive touchscreen that provides an 800×400 resolution and has a 24-bit True color panel, and it also has a built-in AM/FM receiver and CD/DVD player. This unit is also equipped with Bluetooth technology, which enables it to easily handle music streaming or hands-free calling, and it even permits a dual-phone connection. This unit requires the Android Auto App to work properly and it’s compatible with all smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. It’s shipped with a USB extension cable, a wiring harness, an instruction manual, and a Bluetooth microphone.

9JVC KWR930BT Double Din Car Stereo

Not only is the double Din car stereo a very nice looking unit with a beautiful 2-line display and 13-band equalizer, but it’s also a unit that functions quite well. This unit has an AM/FM receiver and is capable of playing musing through CDs, MP3 or USB, and it is equipped with Bluetooth technology. This unit can be used with both Android and Apple smartphones, is Sirius XM Ready, and has a maximum output power of 50-Watts by 4 channels. It’s also steering wheel control compatible, has a built-in MOSFET amp, and can play a variety of different audio formats easily.

8Pioneer AVH-X490BS In-Dash AM/FM DVD Receiver

This unit has a screen size of 7-inches with an aspect ration of 16:9, has an LED backlight, and is a resistive touchscreen, so it’s not only beautiful to look at but is also quite functional. This unit also has a built-in 50-watts by 4 amplifier with a power output of 14-watts per channel. It also features a Serial Port Profile, Secure Simple Pairing, and a dual phone connection for ease of use. Additional features that can be found on this quality unit include built-in Bluetooth, a Hands-Free Profile, CD/CD-R/DVD playback, and the ability to support several different audio and video formats.

7Pioneer AVH-210EX 6.2-Inch Touchscreen

This double Din head unit allows the driver to make and receive calls, or listen to their music, and it handles both tasks quite well. It has a 6.2-inch touchscreen that has built-in Bluetooth capabilities so that it can offer a hands-free profile, and it allows for a dual phone connection. It’s equipped with Secure Simple Pairing and an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, so it’s also extremely easy to use. Its 5-color display is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones as well. And because it has a back-up camera input, rear aux-input, composite video output, and rear USB input, it’s easily expandable.

6Pioneer DMH-Z5150BT 7-Inch Display

This car entertainment unit is designed from the ground-up to not only meet the entertainment needs of the driver but also to meet his or her hand-free calling needs. This unit has integrated Apple Car Play, which allows the driver to make iPhone calls in their car without having to take their hands off of the steering wheel. However, it also has Android Auto, which provides the same benefits to drivers using Android smartphones. Other features that can be found on this quality unit from Pioneer include a reverse-camera input, the ability to play AM/FM or music through a USB connection, Spotify Connect, and a dual Bluetooth connection.

5ATOT A6 PRO Car Navigation Stereo Unit

This quality double Din head unit is equipped with many of the features that people look for in a good car stereo navigation unit. It has five different front-panel options that give the installer and number of options during installation, and it has an AUX audio/video input. It also features an input for reverse camera input, has 3 USB interfaces, and has a 4-CH RCA audio out for connecting it to an assortment of aftermarket amplifies. Additional features found on this unit include a Micro SD slot, a screen with a 178-degree viewing angle, and a dual Wi-FI band connection that allows it to connect to public hotspots for Internet access.

4H-Sheng TPK Double Din Car Stereo Unit

Even though this double Din head unit doesn’t have a CD/DVD player and doesn’t support it at all, it does have several other features that make it worth checking out. For example, it has a capacitive touch screen, has an FM radio function with frequencies between 87.5 MHz and 108 MHz, and supports steering wheel control. It’s also compatible with Bluetooth, so it can be used for wireless music streaming and hands-free phone calls. Other features include an AUX-in function, a built-in microphone, and it supports a wide variety of video and audio formats. It also features a very budget-friendly price-tag.

3Boss Audio BVCP9685A 6.75-Inch Touchscreen Unit

Even though this car stereo unit has several exciting features, one of the first features that we want to talk about is that it has Apple Carplay incorporated into it. This feature allows the driver to get access to Apple apps and other 3rd-party apps so that they can do more with their unit. With this unit, Siri can give the driver direction, help them check and reply to messages, and even play music. It also features Bluetooth technology that helps Siri help the driver to answer their phone calls. And it can also be used with third-party navigation apps such as Google Maps.

2Kenwood DDX25BT 6.2-Inch In-Dash Unit

This double Din head unit features a 6.2-inch wide LCD that has a beautiful LED backlight, has Bluetooth technology built into it for smartphone streaming and hands-free phone calls, and is completely compatible with iOS software and Apple iPhones. This unit features a peak output of 50-watts by 4-channels and an RMS of 22-watts by 4-channels. Additional features found on this quality unit include a rear RCA video output that can be used to connect the unit to other monitors, a built-in CD/DVD player and is Sirius XM ready. It’s a unit that isn’t difficult to install and will provide the driver with a great immersive stereo sound.

1Corehan 7-Inch In-Dash Car Stereo

This double Din head unit might look like just another car stereo, but nothing could be further from the truth. This unit is packed with a ton of features that make it an intriguing addition to any vehicle. It has a baking finish panel that allows it to fit in with any car’s interior decor, has 5 buttons that can be used instead of the touchscreen, and have built-in GPS navigation. It also supports Bluetooth connections from both Android and iOS smartphones and is equipped with a 64-GB capacity SD card slot. This unit is built on the Android 7.0 framework, has a quad-core CPU and 1Gb of Ram.

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Double Din Head Unit Buying Guide

Now that we’ve established that these units are by far some of the best units to install into a vehicle, it’s time to talk about how to find the best double Din head unit for your own personal needs. It doesn’t matter if you need help selecting from one of the ten units that we’ve listed above, or if you are looking to find something else, this guide will help you choose a double din stereo or multimedia system that absolutely rocks.

Form Factor Of A Head Unit

Probably one of the most important things to buying a double Din head unit is finding one that will fit in your vehicle. And for that, you are going to have to investigate the dash of your vehicle. Your car dash has a single Din receptacle or a double Din receptacle. A single Din receptacle is approximately 2-inches tall, and a double Din receptacle is about 4-inches tall. Although a single Din stereo can easily be placed in a 4-inch receptacle using a spacer, a double Din stereo can’t be placed in a single Din receptacle, so it’s important to check the size of your dash receptacle before beginning.

Consider Your Budget

Once you’ve established that you can indeed place a double Din head unit in your dash, it’s now time to consider your budget. These units come in a variety of different price brackets, from cheap $50 models, all the way to expensive $1,000 models, so it’s important to choose one that you can afford. While you’re considering your budget, think about the features that you want the unit to have. Although most people probably aren’t going to find all of the features they want out of one of these units when buying on a budget, most people can at least get the basic features they’re looking for out of a head unit with a little bit of comparison shopping.

The Power Of The Unit

Another thing to keep in mind is how much power the unit kicks out. As a general rule, units that have more power are louder, and they can deliver that louder sound without a whole lot of distortion. And while that may sound great, which is it if you have high-quality speakers, it’s not-so-great if you have factory-installed or cheap speakers installed in your vehicle. If your head unit has more power than the speakers are capable of handling, then it could cause the speakers to “flatten out” or distort. Therefore, if you buy a head unit that has a lot of power, then you may have to upgrade your car’s speakers to get the best quality sound. It’s certainly something worth keeping in mind.

What Media Does The Unit Play?

Another thing that you should consider is what media do you need the unit to play. Double Din head units come in all different configurations, with some being just AM/FM stereos and others being capable of playing CDs or DVDs. The point is to make sure that you buy a head unit that is capable of playing the media you need it to play. If you want to play CDs or DVDs, then you’re going to need a model that’s capable of playing those. If you need to play a DVD and broadcast it out to monitors installed in the back headrests, then you are going to have to make sure the unit has a video output for that purpose. And if you need a double Din head unit that plays an 8-Track or a cassette, then you’re just plain out of luck because they’re not available.

How Does It Look In Your Car?

Appearance is also something that should be considered. We’ve seen some pretty ugly installations that were the result of a person installing a head unit in their car that didn’t fit in with the car’s décor. Although most units can be installed in most vehicles and still look good, some head units simply don’t look good in some vehicles.

Other Features That You May Need

The above features are everything a person is going to want to consider before they buy their next double Din head unit. However, the above features aren’t the only ones available on these remarkable devices. There’s a wide range of different features that can be found on these units, probably more than we can list in this guide. So we’re going to list some of the more popular features that can be found on these devices below. Although not everyone will need the following features, some people might find them quite useful for their head unit to have.

  • Hands-Free Phone Calls
  • Dual-Phone Connection
  • Steering-Wheel Controls
  • Bluetooth Capabilities
  • Theft-Protection
  • USB-Inputs
  • Wi-Fi Capabilities
  • Remote Control Operation
  • Preamp Outputs
  • Switchable Illumination
  • Equalizers
  • Rear-Camera Inputs
  • Built-In GPS Capabilities