Top 5 Best Electric Ranges of 2019 – Reviews

A good alternative to gas-powered cooking ranges is to employ electric ranges, which for the most part, offer the same cooking capabilities of gas-operated fixtures or even better. The great benefit of electric ranges is that they are very practical and easy to operate, not to mention how much more eco-friendly they are by nature.

After reviewing hundreds of different ranges from different manufacturers, we figured out what ranges best suit people’s cooking needs. So without further ado, here are the five best electric ranges the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Electric Ranges – Reviews

5Avanti ER24P3SG Freestanding 24-inch Electric Range

For anyone looking for a premium quality product but boasting basic facility, Avanti ER24P3SG is the ideal electric range. It is a typical freestanding range comprising 4 burners and a single oven and with its overall 24” size, it can fit in most kitchen cabinets. It is characterized by visual controls not to mention simple movable knobs (temperature setting/ on/off).

Although it comes with an average design and a single oven, with its price range, it is the finest of its kind. The ER24P3SG also comes with 4 equally-sized burners, weighs 94 pounds and is powered by 220 volts worth of power.

4LG LDE4415ST 30″ Freestanding Double Oven Electric Range

LG LDE4415ST is the most affordable electric range with not just the finest heating elements but a smooth top. It comes with a big-sized oven not to mentions additional heating elements. Moreover, this electric range not only comes with a stunning design but is simple to operate and comes with an affordable price tag. Its smooth top includes 4 diverse burners which are simple to use as aided by its knobs which are complimented by 6.3 cu ft. convection type oven.

Amazingly, its LCD display gives you all its other notifications including, start/stop, settings, and timer facility among others. Finally, its stainless steel typical color allows it to blend with many interiors and although it comes with the exception of features such as auto-clean, auto keeps warm and touch buttons, at just under $149, this is a perfectly amazing investment.

3Frigidaire FGIF3061NF 30” Electric Induction Stainless Steel Range

A simple but amazingly powerful electric range, the Frigidaire is among the best of its kind, having premium quality features and a good design but all at a low price. It avails 5 burners and a single oven for your use. It boasts 5.4 cubic ft. and a convection oven that can suit 5 to 6 family members.

The range provides a quick pre-heat that enables you to boil items on the induction top. It is equipped with an assortment of knobs and touch buttons that control the oven. These 5 knobs allowing you to change the oven mode and adjust the temperature while the buttons allow you to control and use the induction top.

What’s more, it provides you with an auto-clean feature that is convenient for easy cleaning and an ‘auto keep warm’ feature that is particularly useful for frequent food re-heaters simply place it on the top of the stove and it will immediately begin to heat up. Finally, although it has a single oven and boasts old knobs, its various features, 3-year manufacturer warranty and good design makes it a worthwhile investment.

2GE Profile Electric Slide-In Stainless Steel Induction Range

If you were impressed by the GE PS950SFSS but detested it for its price, lucky for you, there is the new GE PHS920SFSS. It is quite similar in every aspect even boasting the same features and functionality except its single oven characteristic, and of course the price difference.

Its 30-inch electric range includes 4 exclusive heating elements with an easily accessible touchpad enabling the control of all its burners. The electric range comes with an auto-self clean provision for its cleaning and convenience and also features among others, a good design, fast reheat, and an overall premium quality. Finally, its only con is that while starting, it makes very little noise but gets silent with continued use.

1GE PS950SFSS 30” 6 Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range

Deemed the finest available in its niche, this is the electric range to beat. Aside from its superbly smooth top and amazingly elegant design, it comes with a timer facility and added oven and burner touch controls. It also boasts advanced technology that facilitates it to clean itself. GE PS950SFSS includes 5 burners that are designed to be very easy to control and operate through intuitive touch controls, come with preset cooking menus.

In addition, it also holds a double oven which renders it a wonderful time saver. The manufacturers offer it a 10-year warranty with no particular maintenance costs incurred with its use. Finally, it comes with a stainless steel color, weighs 225 lbs, and is powered by 240 volts of sheer cooking potency.

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