Top 8 Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers of 2022 – Reviews

Science fiction authors have always envisioned a future with flying appliances and as far as technology goes, in many ways the future is now. Of course, we still don’t have flying cars or whatnot, but at least we have floating speakers. The Bluetooth speakers we will soon talk about have been designed to not only gravitate in thin air but also to spin around freely while playing your favorite tunes.

For this reason, these speakers enjoy a tremendous popularity nowadays, a popularity that continues to grow on a daily basis. Over the next few minutes, we will take a look at the ten best floating Bluetooth speakers the market has to offer at this point in time in our quest to find out the very best.

Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers – Reviews

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8ICE Harmony Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

First on our list is an egg-shaped meticulously designed Bluetooth levitating speaker which delivers impeccable sound performance and several fascinating features like the lighting of its entire orb. How? Its levitating orb is equipped with a soft distinctive cushion padding that illuminates when the subsequent levitating orb lights up. This golden soft glow the orb exhibits is adjustable to suit various occasions such as yoga practices and bedtime lighting. Finally, it offers you a decent playback time courtesy of its battery.

7ReVolt Levio Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

A superbly constructed Bluetooth-enabled levitating speaker, ReVolt Levio provides you with exceptional sound performance all in a captivating and eye-catching design. It has LED indicators located on its magnetic base which not only inspires a cool and funky look but also guides you to easy floating of the speaker orb.

Moreover, other than it offering a continuous 8-hour playtime courtesy of its internal battery, this speaker can work as a completely operational portable speaker independent of its magnetic base. The sleek design, form factor and captivating appearance make a case for ReVolt Levio speakers as among the most captivating Bluetooth-enabled levitating speaker.

6UPPEL Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

UPPEL brings forth an outstanding Bluetooth levitating speaker which is well able to produce crisp, smooth and clear sound. This speaker owes its cool and superb appearance from its underlying high-quality construction material. The catch with this speaker, however, is its capacity to nicely float just above its magnetic base hassle free.

Its characteristic floating design provides a fantastic 360-degree rotation allowing it to illuminate the entire space uniformly and perfectly. UPPEL speaker is equipped with a rechargeable 550mhw battery that offers you a fair playback time of between 4-5 hours. Similarly, for a fast connection, this levitating speaker is Bluetooth 4.0 integrated.

5B4M ORB Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The B4M Orb Bluetooth levitating speaker is a wonderfully designed speaker that offers both amazing sound quality and a visually captivating experience courtesy of its LED red lights. Aside from its obvious speaker orb capacity to spin as it levitates, this speaker is equipped with NFC integrated Bluetooth pairing provision for easier pairing and also comes with a characteristic 1500mAh battery that offers a considerable 8-hour playtime.

Moreover, it has a magnetic base that is equipped with a standard USB port allowing convenient charging of other devices as you listen to your favorite jams. With B4M Orb, you have a quality and solid Bluetooth-enabled levitating speaker.

4Crazybaby Mars Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

If you want superb sound quality in a cool and funky looking speaker, then Mars Bluetooth levitating speaker is a perfect match. It offers a crisp and decent sound performance and an amazing bass that improves on low-end music parts. Despite the manufacturer’s Crazybaby app having several issues especially with EQ settings.

Its clean design and LED lights give this speaker a futuristic look and although it is quite expensive, its great levitation and meticulously constructed design not to mention amazing sound quality propel its name as a one of a kind Bluetooth levitating speaker.

3Hellosy Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

If you are all about visual effects and superb sound quality, then the hellosy Bluetooth levitating speaker is exactly what you should go for. It is a fantastic looking unique speaker that boasts splendid visual effects and incredibly glowing LED lights. Although its exterior construct is made from a light plastic material, this does not compromise on its striking look particularly when its LED lights are turned on.

Furthermore, the hellosy levitating speaker provides clear and crisp sound with all instrumentals in the music separating perfectly well to give you an amazing time listening to your tunes. What’s more, it is equipped with 2 standard USB ports that allow you to charge your devices while still listening to your tunes.

2ZVOLTZ Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for a Bluetooth levitating speaker with an incredible design and which guarantees you impeccable music performance, ZVOLTZ Bluetooth speaker is just the ideal choice. Besides the obvious stunning look, this speaker is equipped with a ?one-touch’ type of design that enables you to control it at your fingertips touch. The speaker offers spectacular sound devoid of any particular distortion.

It connects moderately fast and subsequently boasts a good connection range with no instances of noticeable drops with the connection. Although it takes several attempts to pull out a successful speaker orb levitation on its magnetic base, with the simple operation controls and straightforward manufacturer instructions, the end result is a captivating levitating orb complemented by visually impactful lights (LED).

1ICE Wireless Portable Floating Bluetooth Speaker

For anyone looking for an exceptionally designed Bluetooth-enabled levitating speaker, ICE Orb is a fantastic pick. Aside from having a cool and striking outlook particularly visible when it is floating on its characteristic magnetic base, it also acts a typical portable speaker offering on the move playtime of 8 hours when fully charged.

With ICE Orb, you are treated to crisp sound quality courtesy of a characteristic Omni-directional 360 degrees sound which makes it suitable for either office or home use. Moreover, it also accentuates your home during the night using its embedded LED fancy lights together with mesmerizing rotation. Surprisingly, ICE Orb offers all these at a fairly affordable price, which may explain why this speaker is so popular these days.

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