Top 10 Best Gaming Glasses of 2022 – Reviews

Long gaming sessions can take quite a strain on your eyes if you’re not careful, which thankfully has a pretty ingenious solution. Using the same principle behind sunglasses, gaming glasses will protect your eyes from the damaging light of your computer monitor or gaming tv so that you can enjoy long gaming runs without a care in the world.

As you would expect, even among gaming glasses some are clearly better than others, which is why we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of the ten best gaming glasses money can buy right now.

Best Gaming Glasses – Reviews

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10Trust Optics FeatherView Computer Video Gaming Glasses

These gaming glasses are designed to relieve visual discomfort considerably with the help of an amber tinted lens technology which alleviates visual stress by reducing the amount of harmful glare, UV, and blue light. Due to their design, these glasses are also perfect for office settings with fluorescent lighting and multiple screens to look at. They are also impressively flexible and lightweight, thanks mainly to a TR90 frame that makes them quite durable overall.

9Trust Optics UV400 Anti Glare High Frequency Glasses

If you’re looking for an inexpensive pair of gaming glasses to relieve visual discomfort without suffering any physical discomfort, then the UV400 Anti Glare High Frequency Glasses from Trust Optics might just be the thing for you. These glasses are made from an advanced TR90 material that makes them flexible and lightweight so as to be as comfortable as possible during those long gaming sessions most of us love so much.

8NoScope Wraith Yellow Lens Video Gaming Glasses

Thanks to their blue blocking lenses, these glasses will protect your eyes against the damaging blue light put out by most monitors and TVs nowadays. They also offer an improved temple and ear padding soft silicone feature that makes them very comfortable to wear over long periods of time. Not only that but they also benefit from some pretty durable yet lightweight polycarbonate frames designed to withstand quite a lot of pressure.

7DUCO Optiks GX090 Matte Black Computer Glasses

These amber lens tint computer glasses offer a much sharper, clearer vision when staring at your monitor screen for hours on end, which is why these type of glasses became so popular to begin with. With a frame that weighs just 20 grams, you will find these glasses to be surprisingly lightweight, a construction that doesn’t affect their fairly durable construction by any means. If anything, it makes the glasses more flexible and easy to store.

6AV Gaming Glasses with Spring Temples

With these low-profile full-rim gaming glasses, you get to experience the very best the market has to offer at a surprisingly affordable price. What makes these glasses stand out is the fact that they are equipped with xBlue resin lens designed to reduce blue light while blocking UV light almost entirely. At the same time, they will reduce the glare from indoor and outdoor lighting sources in more ways than one.

5GAMMA RAY 007 Harmful Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses

It is important for gaming glasses to minimize digital eye strain while still being comfortable to wear, which are the exact features that make these particular glasses stand out. You see, these glasses benefit from a sleek stainless steel frame that offers not only a professional lock but a construction that also makes them fit almost any head. Furthermore, these glasses come with a frame hard case and a cleaning cloth for good measure.

4AV SuperPak 2 Pack Computer and Gaming Glasses

Given how affordable this pack of two quality gaming glasses is, it is unlikely that you will find a better deal in this price range. Both pairs are equipped with amber tinted lenses with minimal color distortion to help reduce eyestrain as much as possible, a construction that also makes them useful against UV rays and blue light. Thanks to their improved plastic frames with spring-hinged temple arms, they will provide a comfortable fit for almost anyone.

3J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses

What makes these particular glasses so special is the fact that they are designed to block up to 90% of the high energy blue light our eyes are subjected to every time we stare at a monitor screen. At the same time, these glasses enjoy a quality classic frame that makes them easy to put on and even easier to store. Thanks to their low color distortion lens, they will provide a perfect balance between eye protection and viewing quality.

2GAMMA RAY 801 Classic Computer Reading Glasses

Although not designed with gaming in mind, these high-quality glasses simply could not go amiss when talking about proper eye protection. The reason we say that is because the Gamma Ray 801 Computer Glasses are among the best the market has to offer, both in terms of protection and comfort. In fact, thanks to their lightweight plastic frame and slim yet protective lens, they are without a doubt, some of the most comfortable gaming glasses out there.

1GAMMA RAY 003 Comfortable Computer Readers Glasses

No other gaming glasses even come close to the standard of protection provided by the Gamma Ray 003 glasses. They enjoy an amber tinted lenses construction along with an ultra lightweight, flexible TR90 frame to boost their long-term durability. At the same time, they offer some of the best protection possible when it comes to blue light, UV, or any other type of potentially hazardous light your monitor screen gives out during prolonged usage. Last but not least, you will find these versatile glasses to be useful when it comes to so much more than just gaming, a versatility they owe to their crystal-clear yet highly protective lenses.

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A Guide To Buying Gaming Glasses

Even though gaming glasses do look cool in their own way, they actually serve the very important function of protecting the wearer’s eyes against the onslaught of blue light they’ll receive from their monitor or television. As you may already know, when a person stares at a gaming TV or monitor, their eyes are being constantly radiated with blue light. Although this may be fine for shorter periods of time, for extended gaming sessions this can cause the gamer some real problems. Some of the problems that can be caused by blue light include dry eyes, headaches, and even eye strain. That’s why it’s important to buy the best gaming glasses possible, so you’re eyes are protected against this type of light. And that’s why we’ve written this guide, so all our readers will be prepared to buy the gaming glasses that fit them the best.

How Do Gaming Glasses Work?

Before we begin picking the perfect pair of gaming glasses, we should learn how gaming glasses work and what makes them effective in blocking out blue light. And that’s fairly easy to explain. Gaming glasses work because their amber (or yellow as the case may be) lenses filter out the blue light that’s being emitted by your PC monitor of TV. With the blue light screen out, the gamer will not only avoid the negative consequences of being exposed to blue light for hours on end but will also have a sharper contrast that will help them see the game better. As you can see, that’s a win-win scenario that gives every gamer who uses a pair of these glasses an edge in their competitive gameplay.

Choosing A Great Pair Of Gaming Glasses

Now that we know how these glasses work, we can concentrate on buying the best pair possible. And generally speaking, that’s a pretty easy thing to do because there’s not a whole lot of features to examine on a pair of these glasses. Basically, you’re taking a look at the construction of the frames and the quality of the lenses. Let’s take a closer look at each of these aspects to get a clearer picture.

The Frames

These type of glasses come with one of two different types of frames—either black plastic frames or steel wire frames. Although both types of frames can be good, if they’re made using high-quality materials, we tend to favor plastic frames because we find they hold up better to frequent use and don’t stretch out over time. The problem with wireframes is that they eventually get loose and can even bend out of shape. We’ve found that plastic frames hold up better and don’t require as many frequent adjustments as wireframes, so that’s what we tend to gravitate towards. Of course, when choosing frames you’ll also want to consider how they look while you’re wearing them.

The Lenses

The lenses are probably the most important part of the glasses, so you’ll want to make sure that they’re made from high-quality materials and will hold up to frequent use. The next thing that you’ll want to consider is how many hours per day you’re going to be staring at a monitor. After all, if you’re only looking at a monitor for a few hours a day, then you aren’t going to need the same lenses as someone who looks at a monitor for 8+hours per day.

Most gaming glasses come with either a yellow or dark amber color to them, and each one of these two colors is suitable for a particular type of gamer. If you’re only watching television or a monitor for 4-hours or less a day, then you’ll want to get a pair of yellow lens glasses. On the other hand, if your gaming for 4+ hours per day, then you’ll probably want to get a pair of amber glasses because they’ll be more effective.

Let’s Sum Things Up

As you can clearly see, finding the best pair of gaming glasses isn’t all that difficult. Now that you know what to look for in a pair of these glasses, then all you have to do is to find a pair that meets your criteria and looks good on your face. Once you do that, you’ll be ready to game to your heart’s content.