Top 10 Best Gaming Headphones of 2022 – Reviews

Gaming is an activity which has grown over the last few years. While it was once an activity done only by so-called “nerds,” now it’s a widespread activity that continues to grow in popularity. As gaming continued to become more popular, so did gaming headphones and manufacturer’s rushing to make new and better models. Unfortunately, this also means that there’s a wide spectrum of models to choose from, some that are truly awesome and others which aren’t all that hot.

With all of the headsets and headphones currently available, a lot of people may wonder how they can find the best gaming headphones among all of them. Thankfully, it’s not that difficult if a gamer pays attention to a few key details and keeps in mind their needs when it comes to one of these headsets. In order to help these individuals along, we’ve included ten models which we believe are currently the best and that’s followed by a primer on headphone shopping for gamers.

Best Gaming Headphones

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10Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless Dolby 7.1 Headset

Designed to hold up to long gaming sessions and still remain comfortable, this headset has many of the features that gamers are looking for. It’s manufactured with large 50mm neodymium speaker drivers which produce genuine Dolby 7.1 surround sound and allows the listener to completely immerse themselves into their game play. This unit is also wireless, so it can be used without having to navigate around a headphone cord. The user can enjoy this 2.4GHz wireless audio that has very low latency and allows them to be as far as 40-feet away from the game system while playing. Using plenty of microfiber mesh fabric, memory foam and breathable ear-pads, these headphones can be used all day.

9Version Tech G2000 Stereo Headphone With Mic

A complaint that arises among gamers from time to time is the problem with headphones not being compatible with all of their game systems. Fortunately, these headphones solve this problem because they are universally compatible with all of the major game systems currently available including the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PSP, as well as laptops, computers, tablets and even mobile phones. Compatibility is the only reason these models are ideal for playing games. They also have sharp, clear sound that’s produced by 50mm neodymium sound drivers and a microphone that uses omni-directional noise reduction technology that makes sure the microphone picks up the user’s voice and not all of the static in the rest of the room. These headsets also have a retractable headband design and faux leather ear cushions that make them comfortable to play for long periods of time.

8Blue Fire PS4 Headset With Microphone

Although this model is designed primarily to be a PS4 headphone, users have also used it with their laptops, tablets and personal computers as well. It has a 7-foot long cord that allows the gamer to sit back from the game system while they’re playing and on it is a volume control that allows the game to easily adjust their personal listening volume up or down according to their personal preferences. Other features that can be found on these headphones include 40mm sound drivers, an all-directional microphone, and a 3.5mm jack interface. And if this headset is plugged into a USB port, the lights on the ear-cups will light up, which looks cool during night games.

7Sades Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Sound Headset

This headset is designed to work on laptops and personal computers. It has a 6-foot cord that gives the user plenty of freedom while they’re gaming and has ear cups that shut out the outside world and allows the gamer to focus exclusively on their games. On the ear-cups and microphone are LED lights which can be activated when the headphones are plugged into a USB port. This pair of headphones also has high-quality sound drivers that produce clear sound and nice bass that gives depth to every game. Another great feature that many gamers will find useful is this headsets high-quality microphone which is omni-directional.

6Avantree Wireless/Wired Bluetooth Headphones

With the ability to be used either as a wired set of headphones, thanks to its included 3.5mm cable or as a wireless pair of headphones, they are ideal for anyone looking to get their game on. They are very light and equipped with super-soft ear pads that allow users to take advantage of the 40-hours of battery use they can get out of them while listening to music or playing games. This unit also has a microphone that can be used in wireless mode and delivers high-quality sound reproduction with apt X technology and clear treble notes highlighted by deep bass notes. All of the features allow this pair of headphones to rival more expensive ones on the market.

5Bengoo G9000 Stereo Headset With Microphone

Although this headphone may need the gamer to purchase additional adapters to connect to some devices, it is capable of being used on PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game systems. It’s designed to deliver great sound to the listener’s ears with nice bass notes, clear treble notes and rich middle notes from its 40mm neodymium sound drivers. It also has an omni-directional noise reducing microphone that picks up the wearer’s voice clearly. Other features of this headset include comfortable ear pads that are comfortable and allow air to circulate and an easy-to-use volume control.

4Onikuma Headset With Omni-directional Microphone

This pair of headphones is designed to be used with a variety of game platforms, including the PS4, personal computers, laptops and with the purchase of an additional adapter, the Xbox One. This pair of headphones are comfortable to wear, fit most devices using a 3.5mm headphone or microphone port and are equipped with a noise-reducing omni-directional microphone. It features nice sound quality and is designed with cool LED lights on the ear cups that light up when its hooked up to a USB port. Other features which can be found on this headset include a mic switch, volume control, and an adjustable head beam.

3Micolindun Headset With Microphone

These headphones are specifically designed to deliver high-quality sound for gamers wishing to immerse themselves completely in their game worlds. They feature large 50mm sound drivers that have been expertly tuned to give the user the richest stereo sound quality possible and serves up both deep bass notes and clear treble notes. These headsets also have a soft microphone that has a noise-canceling function and can be easily moved to any position desired. And since they are made for gamers, they are compatible with a wide array of gaming devices, including smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and with the purchase of a Microsoft Adapter (which isn’t included), to older Xbox systems. These headphones aren’t compatible with Xbox and PS3 game systems, however.

2Nubwo Headphone With Microphone

With an adjustable microphone and dual 50mm sound drivers, these headphones are ideal for gamers looking to get the most out of their game’s audio. They have crystal clear treble and deep bass that gives games added depth and punch, without muddling middle notes like some headphone do. These headsets can be used with personal computers, Macs, PS4 systems and Xbox One systems. It can be even used with older Xbox models with the purchase of an additional adapter not supplied by the manufacturer. Other features of this headset include a rotary volume adjuster, noise-canceling microphone and memory foam ear cups that help keep out outside noises.

1Sades SA801 PC Headset With Microphone

These gaming headsets feature high-quality 50mm sound drivers that let the gamer enjoy the high-definition detail of every bullet fired, every grenade that explodes and every monster that roars in their favorite games. They are lightweight and fit on the head comfortably thanks to an adjustable soft headband and has soft cushion ear pads that won’t hurt the user’s ears during extended gaming sessions. Other features which can be found on these headphones include a retractable microphone that’s easy-to-use and catches the wearer’s voice clearly. All of which makes these headsets ideal for LAN parties or home game use.


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Picking Up The Best Gaming Headphones

A good pair of headphones can without a doubt transform a person’s game experience. It can help them feel more engaged in the game and add a sense of realism to their game play. Besides, one of the most frustrating things in the whole world is trying to hear your teammates through a pair of crappy headphones. It’s just not fun. Fortunately, if a person takes a few moments to look at some simple features, they can find a headset or a pair of headphones that will make their gaming all that it can be.

Game System Compatibility

Whether the headphones are compatible with a game system should be the user’s first priority. After all, those expensive cans might look nice with their beautiful LED display and all, but if they can’t be used, then they aren’t much good. So users should always check for compatibility. Once compatibility has been established, the next thing to check out is whether the headphones come with the cable needed to hook it up. A person’s headphones may be compatible with a particular game system, but that doesn’t mean that it also comes with the right way to hook it up.

Wired & Wireless Options

The user should also determine whether they should get a wired or a wireless headphone. While most people will migrate toward wireless headphones because of the freedom they provide, they do either have to be recharged or have their batteries changed on a regular basis. While wired headphones do get tangled and limit the wearer’s freedom somewhat, they are usually a fairly simple to hook up and use.

Sound Driver Size

A preliminary look at headphone buying guides on the Internet shows that while a lot of sites talk about what to look for in gaming earphones, few of them discuss one of the most important features of them, the sound it produces. While it can seem like it’s not possible to pick a pair of headphones based upon their sound quality when you can’t really test them out, there are a few things the consumer can look for that will tell them if a particular pair of headphones is likely to produce high-quality sound or not. A few things to look for that will tell a user if a particularly pair of headphones likely produces good sound or not includes 40mm or 50mm sound drivers, the addition of 7.1 surround sound, and/or the addition of apt X.

The Microphone

Another crucial component found on game headsets is the microphone. A good microphone captures the user’s voice clearly and helps to screen out some of the background noise in the room. A good microphone should also be able to adjust to different positions. Some people also look for a microphone on/off button, but that’s really up to the person if this is a necessary feature.

Ear Pad Comfort

Since the headphones are likely to be worn for long periods of time, it’s important to choose a pair that has nice soft ear pads. Some of the best models available use either a synthetic leather membrane that mimics human skin for their ear pads or uses a memory-foam protein. Either way, this one little addition can mean the difference between a comfortable set of headphones and one that’s going to be spending a lot of time not being used.


Price shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing a pair of headphones. While the prices on these types of headphone can climb up to hundreds of dollars, there is no reason to spend that much on a headphone for gaming purposes. Good gaming sets can cost anywhere from $20 up to $125 and this is usually a good price range for most people to look into. The cheaper models aren’t going to get the job done and more expensive models don’t improve the gamer’s experience all that much. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that staying in this price range saves the gamer a little bit of money that could probably best be used on buying more games.