You should always look for the best possible gear when it comes to gaming devices and accessories because they determine just how much enjoying your time spent gaming will be. Now, we already know how important it is to have a good console, PC, or gaming tv to rely on, and yet there’s so much more to look for in a gaming setup.

For instance, not many of those who invest in a gaming tv worry about the stand to accommodate it, although it is a pretty essential item to consider. Over the next few minutes, we will try to find out what are the ten best gaming tv stands the market has in store and what characteristics best recommend them.

Best Gaming TV Stands – Reviews

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7Mount-It! MI-850 TV Stand Glass Shelving with Storage

Thanks to its high-capacity shelving design, this particular tv stand from Mount-it! will definitely accommodate any type of TV you might have. Made from tempered glass, this stand is strong enough to withstand loads of up to 132 lbs. At the same time, it features spacious shelving to enable you to store whatever tv or gaming-related items you have along with any sound system or home theater platform.

6Atlantic TV Video Game Stand

The thing that makes this particular stand different from the rest is its 12 storage compartments, which when combined with its hourglass design give it not only the capacity to hold huge amounts of accessories but to do so while taking up as little space as possible. In fact, we should point out that it can hold no less than 40 games, three consoles, and 8 controllers while still capable of accommodating a 42-inch TV with no problems whatsoever.

5Mount-It! MI-866 TV Stand with Mount

Designed to accommodate medium to large TVs, this stand is definitely one for people with large rooms. Although not too large by any degree, it is a bit larger than perhaps some of the other stands out there, yet surprisingly lightweight given its size. It should also be said that it enjoys an elegant TV cabinet / TV mount design that makes it perfect for flat panel TVs and DVD players along with any console you might own.

4Mount-It! MI-864 TV Stand Entertainment Center

This particular stand benefits from a universal mounting bracket which is compatible with virtually any TV out there. At the same time, the MI-864’s media cabinet provides an elevated wall mounted TV look while still offering a quite impressive amount of storage space for any auxiliary components your TV might have. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this TV stand doesn’t really take up that much space despite its relatively large design.

3Atlantic Black Centipede Game Storage and 37″ TV Stand

With this interesting TV stand, you get so much more than what a traditional stand could offer. It can hold three consoles, four controllers, twelve games, and a headphone set, all on its accommodating steel rod body. Speaking of which, this stand benefits from a steel rod construction with adjustable non-maring feet, a construction that along with being surprisingly lightweight is also very easy to install.

2Glass TV Stand LCD LED TV Riser Stand

This elegant glass and aluminum stand is designed in a way that allows it to be used both as a TV stand or as an office desktop stand for any computer of your choice. Thanks to its ingenious design, it elevates the display by almost three inches while creating an additional horizontal surface under the monitors for you to store your laptop, keyboard, or console. At the same time, you will find this particular stand to be a lot more affordable than most, which is always a big plus.

1Altra Carson 50″ TV Stand

Although a bit larger than most of the stands we talked about so far, you should definitely consider Altra Carson’s 50-inch TV Stand if you have room to spare. We say this because this TV stand can easily accommodate a flat screen TV up to 50″ with a maximum weight of 60 lbs while boasting quite a bit of storage space for any cables, console, DVD player, or speaker system you might have. Furthermore, this stand benefits from two spacious storage compartments on its sides with both an adjustable and a fixed shelf for you to use.

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Gaming TV Stand Guide

Any serious gamer will know, your set up is crucial to how well you can perform. Even those who invite their friends around for some multiplayer will want to have a reliable gaming TV stand. They are built differentt to regular stands and have some neat features for gaming when done right.

The problem is, not everyone knows what to look for which can result in a bad purchase. These make gaming less enjoyable which is annoying as a gaming TV stand is designed for you to maximize the fun. To help make this purchase easy, the following guide will help clear a few things up.

What To Look For In A Gaming TV Stand

Supported TV Size

There is no use in buying a gaming TV stand that can’t hold your beast of a TV. Before you purchase anything, be sure to check the dimensions the stand can hold so you aren’t worried about it tipping over at any point. Even if you like a particular design, they often come in different sizes so be sure to get the right one.

Also, consider the age of your TV. If you are thinking about replacing it soon, buy a gaming TV stand that can hold an upgrade.

Supported TV Weight

You might think that all TV stands are universal in that they can hold any weight but this isn’t true. Because there are so many designs of gaming TV stands, some brands are studier than others. Check the weight of your TV by checking the manual or looking online to make sure it matches the strength of the stand.


This affects the strength and design so if you find a gaming TV stand that you like the look of, make sure it is strong enough and will fit in well with your room. Some are more durable than others and there are those made with a fair amount of plastic. The wooden and metal types are more likely to last longer.


This might come in the form of small cupboards to keep everything out of sight and tidy or racks to store and display your games. Whatever the design, the better products will help you keep your gaming accessories in one place.


Because a gaming TV stand can cost as much or as little as you want there are products for all budgets. However, in terms of value, you might want to spend a little extra to get a sturdily built product that will last a long time.


There are a lot of gaming TV stands that just do one thing – hold your TV. But for those who take their gaming a little more seriously, you might want a few more options. Having a stand with adjustable height can make viewing a lot more comfortable whilst others will make it easy to tilt the TV slightly.

Some gaming TV stands have adjustable shelves means you can fit more in when you need to.

Easy To Assemble

The simpler products won’t take long to build but if you are looking at an entertainment system with hooks and different shelves expect a little bit of graft. Still, most products won’t take long depending on how complex the design is.

Different Types of Gaming TV Stands

With a few designs to choose from, it is easy to find the right one for your needs.

Tabletop TV Stand

These are one of the most common types and a lot of them are made in the same way a regular TV stand is built. They are basic in that they can be placed on top of a flat surface whilst others can swivel to face different angles. The cheaper option but they do require a sturdy surface to place them on.

Stands With Shelves

Now we’re starting to look at some of the bigger units and many have multiple levels to accommodate different consoles whilst others are a little simpler. They can be used to hold controllers, remotes and other gaming equipment without looking like an entertainment center.

Entertainment Center

These tend to have added features such as places to hang controllers and wires as well as giving you shelving options. They come in all sorts of designs and are good for holding larger TV’s and multiple consoles and some even have racks for storing games.


Some gaming TV stands can look a lot like a regular product but keep in mind how many features you need it to have. The main thing to check is its strength so it can support your current set up. This way you don’t have to worry about its reliability and can get on with the reason why you bought it in the first place.