Top 14 Best Gaming TVs of 2022

It is definitely a lot easier to find a standard TV than a gaming TV nowadays, because most people don’t really know what to look for when buying one. For starters, you want a gaming TV to have a decent refresh rate, great image clarity, and as small of an image lag as possible. On a related note, you want the TV to be compatible with most gaming devices while still being able to perform traditional tasks well.

Given the state of modern gaming, you also want a TV that is able to keep up with technology, especially in the Full HD / 4K department. Although we agree that a 4K TV may be a bit too expensive for some, it might still prove to ba a worthy investment in the long run. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best gaming TVs the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Gaming TVs – Reviews

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14Hisense 48H4C 1080p Roku Smart LED – 48 Inch

What makes this TV stand out is the fact that it comes with a built-in Tuner that is bound to come in handy sooner or later. It also has a dual-band wireless connectivity that allows it to connect to any wireless network at almost three times the normal speed. Interestingly enough, the TV will also perform well in video games thanks to its fully adjustable Roku OS that enables you to get the full benefit of all its features. Furthermore, this TV is guaranteed to offer roughly the same quality much more expensive TVs offer, at least when it comes to gaming.


– Potential glitches in certain applications
– Tweaking required before the image is clear enough
– Poor support


– Image could be sharper
– Lack of features
– Construction feels flimsy

13VIZIO Class Full-Array LED Smart TV – 60 Inch

This easy to use Smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi might just be one of the best TVs out there right now. It also benefits from a Full-Array LED Backlight technology with 12 active LED zones which give the screen a tremendous image quality. Another aspect that makes this TV so good for gaming is its surprisingly loud speakers. These speakers, when paired with this smart TV’s other features, make it one of the best in this price range. Interestingly enough, this TV also comes with a smart remote with one-touch access capabilities.


– Decent speakers
– Full HD image quality
– 120 Hz refresh rate


– Some compatibility issues
– Issues might appear after a couple of years
– Construction could be stronger

12Toshiba REGZA Cinema Series 46XV545U HDTV – 46 Inch

This may be an expensive TV by most standards, but let us point out that its price fully reflects the overall quality you can expect from such a high-end TV. For starters, it has ClearFrame 120Hz capabilities with a 5:5 pull-down. It also benefits from the latest SRT technology and from a 10 bit LCD panel for good measure. On top of all this, the TV has color temp controls and is 100% Vesa compatible. Overall, it is perhaps one of the most technologically advanced TVs out there, which makes it perfect for modern video games and consoles.


– Crystal-clear image
– 120 Hz refresh rate
– Color temp controls


– The price
– Questionable SRT
– Standard def signals for the most part

11Sharp LC-55N7000U 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – 55 Inch

You don’t necessarily expect a gaming TV to have Smart capabilities, but it’s slightly better if they do. We say this because the Smart technologies most modern TVs have also recommend them for a variety of other interactive applications such as playing video games. What’s interesting is that this TV also has an inbuilt tuner and no less than four HDMI ports. True, it only has a 60 Hz refresh rate, but given how affordable it is, you have to consider this TV a great deal overall. In fact, it would be safe to call this particular TV one of the best in this price range.


– Surprisingly affordable given its features
– Many pre-installed apps
– 4K media player & receiver


– Difficult interface
– Looks quite feeble
– Image quality could be better

10Sceptre E505BV-FMQK 1080p LED HDTV – 50 Inch

The one feature that makes Sceptre TVs stand out from the rest is the price. You see, although they pack most of the features you can expect from any modern TV, they do so while still being surprisingly affordable. This particular TV, for example, has HDTV capabilities, Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation features, a mobile high-definition link, DTS SRS TruSurround HD capabilities, and a multitude of other interesting features. Needless to say, its motion-oriented features make it perfect for gaming purposes and you are unlikely to find something better in this price range.


– MEMC capabilities
– Sufficient inputs / outputs
– Good compatibility with other devices


– Screen might develop issues if used intensely over long periods of time
– Sub-standard sound volume
– Difficulties when displaying dark shades

9VIZIO D50-D11080p Smart LED TV – 50 Inch

Packing a wide array of internet apps, this smart TV is perfect for a whole lot more than just gaming. In fact, you can use its pre-installed software to run almost any online stream or TV show without having to install any other apps. At the same time, this high-end TV is designed to dynamically adjust the LED backlit per zone, creating deeper, darker black levels with higher contrast settings. Interestingly enough, this TV also has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities that allow it to connect to any wireless network at high speed. Last but not least, its 120 Hz refresh rate and powerful image processing are also features to look up to.


– Packed with useful features
– Good image quality
– Powerful image processing


– Some software issues to be expected
– Navigation app is difficult to navigate
– Some compatibility issues with older consoles

8TCL 48FD2700 1080p LED TV – 48 Inch

Thanks to its high refresh rate, this quality LED TV from TCL is perfect for gaming purposes. It also benefits from a premium picture quality and a sophisticated design, which is great if you’re the type of person to care about aesthetics. Among its many features, we find the capacity to display darker shades clearly, much better than you would expect from such an affordable TV. Not only that but the image quality overall can definitely rival the image quality of much more expensive TVs, which is exactly what recommends this particular TV for anyone’s gaming needs.


– Affordable
– Decent image quality
– Sophisticated design


– Sub-par audio quality
– RV default might be annoying for some
– Menu is a bit slow

7LG 60UH6150 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – 60 Inch

This isn’t just one of the best TVs for gaming but one of the best TVs overall. Thanks to its 4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 capabilities, this high-end TV is definitely one of the very best the market has to offer at this point in time. Among its many other features, we find a TruMotion 120 Hz capability, a UHD Mastering Engine, a True black panel, and a webOS 3.0 operating system. Needless to say, this high-quality LED TV is perfect for video games, much thanks to the fact that it can benefit from the full extent of any console’s capabilities when it comes to image quality.


– Amazing image quality
– Has many useful pre-installed applications
– Good software


– Poor support
– Some issues to be expected if used constantly over long periods of time
– Construction should be a bit stronger

6Sony XBR55X850D 4K Ultra HD Smart TV – 55 Inch

Sony has a lot of experience making quality TVs, and the XBR55X850D is a clear reflection of what they’re capable of. As you would expect from any TV in this price range, this one too has 4K HDR capabilities, a feature that offers more color, depth, and realism than any other TV from the older generation. It also benefits from a Motionflow feature that keeps the action smooth regardless of the speed at which the images are being displayed. This last feature, as some of you already guessed, recommends it for almost any modern video game console.


– Crystal-clear image quality
– Works well with any console
– Good brightness and contrast


– OS interface feels clunky
– Bad support
– Sub-standard backlight

5Samsung UN60J6200 1080p Smart LED TV – 60 Inch

Due to its 120 CMR effective refresh rate, this particular TV from Samsung is perfect for any motion-oriented activity, which includes fast-paced videos and video games. It is also a smart TV at core, which is great as far as versatility goes. In this respect, it will allow you to use the TV as a traditional TV Set if needed, although if you invest in a smart TV, you would be advised to get the full benefit of its features. Interestingly enough, this TV also has an inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity feature that enables it to connect to any wireless connection you
might have.


– Integrated Wifi with a browser
– ConnectShare USB Media playback
– Versatile


– Possible issues with images slowing down when running certain applications
– Image quality could be better
– Some blur effect to be expected

4Sony KDL48R510C Smart LED TV – 48 Inch

We already established that Sony’s high-end TVs are perfect for gaming and this is just another example of how good these TVs really are. Not only does this particular TV have a smart functionality but it will also work well with virtually any console or pc out there. For this purpose, it features two HDMI and two USB ports that will accommodate almost any device. It is also surprisingly thin given its capabilities, a thinness which doesn’t affect its high-quality picture quality in any visibal way. In fact, you will find this TV to have some of the clearest texture quality possible.


– Great image quality
– Hihgly compatible with virtually any device
– HD wireless streaming capabilities


– Some issues when using Hulu and Amazon Prime
– Possible issues with its support
– Only 60 Hz

3LG OLED55B6P HD Smart OLED TV – 55 Inch

LG’s OLED55B6P offers the highest possible standard when it comes to playing video games on any console. It also functions impressively well as a traditional TV if you need it to, a versatility that you aren’t likely to find in most TVs in this price range. Thanks to its HDR Enhanced display, this TV is capable of relaying the type of image quality you would normally expect from a much more expensive TV. ALso interesting is the fact that this TV has no less than four HDMI ports, three USB slots, an Ethernet port, and an Optical feature that will
definitely come in handy in the long run.


– Cinematic colors
– Compatible with almost any device


– Annoying firmware updates
– Sub-par tech support
– Some software issues

2Samsung UN65KS8500 Curved 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 65 Inch

The main benefit of curved TV screens is that they allow you to get into the action and enjoy the experience as if you were inside the movie / video game. With this particular TV, however, you get much more than that. We say this because this streaming-optimized TV is equipped with HDR 1000 mirrors which offer the highest possible standard when it comes to high contrast and vividness. In fact, you get some of the best shades of black you can possibly get thanks to this TV’s Triple Black Technology, along with superior colors and deeper contrast thanks to its UHD Dimming system.


– Superb image quality
– Curved screen
– Good Smart features


– The price
– Possible sound issues
– Forced ads

1TCL 55FS3750 1080p Roku Smart LED TV – 55 Inch

Although not as expensive or as technologically advanced as the previous TV on our list, this popular LED TV from TCL is perhaps one of the best budget solutions for any gamer out there. A smart functionality allows this TV to meet the expectations of any modern user, but what truly makes this TV stand out is its versatility. In this regard, let us point out that this TV works with virtually any console and streaming service out there. At the same time, the 55FS3750 also benefits from a Roku TV Streaming Platform with dual-band WiFi capabilities that enable it to connect to any wireless connection you might have.


– Inexpensive considering its features
– Good image quality
– Works with any console


– Awkwardly placed remote buttons
– Slow apps
– Software locked

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

Gaming TV Buying Guide

As we alluded to in the introduction of this article, not everyone knows what they should be looking for when they’re buying a new gaming TV. Many people think that it all has to do with picture quality when the truth of the matter is that picture quality is not even one of the most important considerations to keep in mind. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide that will help the gamer find a gaming television that works well for them and does it without being prohibitively expensive.

Input Latency Is What Matters Most

As we’ve said clearly, the resolution of the television is not the best indication that it will be well suited for gaming. No, when it comes to gaming, lag is what really matters the most. And when we say lag, what we’re saying is the Input Latency of the television. As a general rule, you want a television with the lowest input latency possible. In other words, you want a television that has the lowest possible delay from your game console to your TV. Although a television with a Higher Latency might still be useable for some turn-based strategy game or puzzle games, it’s not going to do very well for First-Person Shooters. First Person Shooters need as low as an input latency as possible for the best results.

What is the best Input Latency for a gaming TV? Well, it depends but generally speaking you’re going to want a television that has an Input Lag of 30 milliseconds or less for best results. And that’s 30ms or less at your preferred playing resolution, not the general Input Lag of your system. For example, the television set you choose may have a general lag of 30ms or less, but that lag may increase when the TV is set to high-resolution or 4K, which makes it a poor choice for playing the games you play in those resolutions. If you don’t have a 4K enabled game console, however, or don’t intend on playing your game at that resolution, then it’s probably less of an issue for you than someone who requires a television have a 4K resolution and a low lag at the same time. It’s just something to consider before purchasing your next gaming television.

Number Of HDMI Ports

Another thing that should be factored into your decision to buy a gaming TV is the number of HDMI ports a particular television may have. A TV with several different HDMI 2.0 ports will have a longer shelf life than one that doesn’t have as many advanced ports. After all, technology keeps on increasing at a break-neck pace, so you want to make sure that the TV you buy today isn’t absolute when the next new game console platform is released.

OLED Television Options

OLED is one of the newer television technologies to hit the market and they have become quite affordable over the past few years. Generally speaking, these televisions do have a better picture than ordinary LCD TVs so they may appear to be an attractive option. After all, they do give the gamer true blacks and grays. However, it’s important to be careful with these televisions because some of them still have the tendency of having still pictures burn into their screen. That means that if you leave your game on pause, it could potentially burn into the screen. It’s important to keep that in mind when choosing one of these televisions.

Television Refresh Rates

Although TV refresh rates aren’t as important as they used to be with the older TVs and gaming monitors, it’s still something that should be kept in mind when purchasing a gaming TV. It’s important to make sure that the television has a refresh rate of at least 60Hz or higher. If the refresh rate for a particular TV is less than that, then don’t buy it for gaming.