Top 10 Best Headphones Under 100 of 2022 – Reviews

Experts usually agree that any headphones under 100 dollars fall in the budget category because headphone prices usually run from about $20-dollars to well over $2, 000 dollars, depending on the brand and the features they have. Of course, this leads many people to wonder if they can indeed find a good pair of headphones in the budget category. The answer to that question is a resounding yes!

It’s very easy to find a pair of headphones in this particular category. All you have to do is to search for the best ones available. To help with that search, we’ve selected and listed ten of the best headphones under 100 that are currently available. These are models that will supply much-needed features but won’t do it by breaking the bank.

Best Headphones Under 100

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10Sound Peats Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

These headsets are designed to be priced around the same price as cheap headphones but to have the features and the sound quality of higher-end models. This model comes with in-line microphone and volume control buttons that allow the user to make hands-free phone calls and to play and pause music easily. They also come with Bluetooth compatibility which allows them to be paired with a number of different devices and have built-in lithium batteries that give the user up to 7-hours of use at a time, yet only takes about 2-hours to fully charge. All of this is available at a price that’s far less than what some of the name brand models are charging for their headphones.

9Edifier Audiophile H840 Over-the-Ear Headphones

These inexpensive headphones are designed to provide professional quality sound to its wearers but do so while also being reasonably priced. They have 40mm sound drivers which offer premium quality sound reproduction and have been fine-tuned at the factory to deliver crystal clear highs and deep lows. These headsets also have 3.5mm gold-plated audio plugs that provide a rock-solid audio connection and a 6-foot cable that gives the wearer some room while they are listening to their favorite tunes, movies or audio books. Other features of these headsets include quality leather headrests, a steel reinforced headband and soft leather ear muffs that are comfortable and are made for prolonged use.

8Labvon Bluetooth Lightweight Headphones

Some budget headphones are designed only to be used to listen to music and nothing else. Fortunately, these are not those type of headphones. These headsets are equipped with advanced features that are often only found in more expensive models. They are designed with advanced noise canceling technology which blocks out ambient noise so that the wearer can focus on their audio and it has high-quality sound drivers that deliver great sound quality. Other features that can be found in these headsets include soft leather ear pads, a built-in microphone that can be used for calls on the individual’s smartphone and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide up to twenty hours of listening time.

7Mpow Bluetooth Water-Resistant 7 Wireless Earbuds

These discount headphones not only have some of the features that higher-end models have—such as a 7-9 hour run-time on a lithium battery that only takes 2-hours to charge and a rich range of sounds thanks to a tuned audio driver, but it also has features that many models don’t have such as being water-resistant to IPX7 standards and offering improved ear hooks that hold the earbuds securely in place during any physical activity. Other features that can be found on these remarkable headphones include a comfortable design, a CSR chip, and CVC 6.0 noise-suppression technology built-in.

6Wotmic Wired In-Ear Headphones

Individuals looking for low-cost headphones might want to gravitate towards these wired in-ear models. That’s because they deliver crisp and clear sound with a heavy bass sound and a nice mid-range of notes. They are also equipped with inline controls and a microphone that not only allows for hands-free calling but can also be used to pause or play the wearer’s music. These headphones also have an ergonomic design that uses ear hooks to hold them in place and have a variety of different ear-tip sizes available so users can choose the ones that fit their ears most comfortably.

5Cyber Cart Stereo Headphones With Mic

These low-priced headphones have a number of features which make them worthwhile to buy. They are wireless, so they connect to your favorite music device using Bluetooth and when they do they provide a pretty good sound quality. They also have inline controls that allow them to take initiate calls, turn music volume up or down and select the next track or the previous track. Equipped with a built-in microphone as well, these headphones offer good call quality as well. All of these features make these headsets worth every penny and allow them to compete with more expensive models.

4Best Got Kid’s Headphone With In-Line Volume

Ideal for children of all ages, these affordable headphones have the features which will make them invaluable during long gaming sessions or while listening to music. They feature a removable 1.3-meter audio cord with a 3.5mm gold-plated jack connector and a built-in microphone. It also has in-line controls that allow calls to be answered and music to be paused or played. The best feature of these units, however, is their sound quality which is better than many other economy headphones and allow the listener to get the best audio experience possible, all without having to spend a ton of money on it.

3Status Audio CB-1 Monitor Headphones

Although at first glance they appear to be just another pair of thrifty headphones, these style of closed-back headsets are actually designed for professionals to use in the studio or for the audiophile who wants to get the most bang out of their music without having to spend a fortune on a headset. They feature large, 50mm sound drivers that have a neutral sound signature that’s ideal for mixing music, listening to voice-overs in films or for live track recording. They come with two detachable cables, one straight and one coiled, with twist lock functionality. Other features include the ability to fold-up and comfortable easy-to-wear and ergonomic ear pads.

2Cospor Wired In-Ear Ear Buds

Reasonably priced headphones may seem like a dime-a-dozen, which in many cases they are, but every once in awhile a pair comes along that really is fairly impressive and this is such a pair. They have magnetic speakers which help keep the ear buds together, when not in use, and allows them to be worn like a necklace around the wearer’s neck. They have a nice in-ear design that allows them to fit in the wearer’s ear nicely and is comfortable even during heavy-duty use. Other features of these earbuds include a standard 3.5mm jack, high-definition stereo sound, and in-line controls.

1Mpow 059 Over-Ear Wireless Headset With Built-In Mic

Available in a variety of exciting colors, and built with an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable as well as fashionable, this headset is perfect for the audiophile who wants to look good while they are jamming out to their favorite bands. It features a hands-free calling feature with a built-in microphone and can be used wireless when connected to compatible Bluetooth devices. Other features of this headset include passive noise isolation, 13-hours of run-time on a single battery charge and a 40mm sound driver. Everything a person would expect to get out of a pair of quality headsets without having to take out a loan to do so.


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Best Headphones Under 100 Dollars

A sure-fire way to start an argument on any online forum or social media account that’s dedication to audio devices is by suggesting that there’s little difference in the sound quality between expensive high-end headsets and inexpensive low-budget models and we aren’t going to get that debate started here. After all, there is a major difference in the sound quality between these two camps, but if you’re looking for a budget-priced model you probably already know that fact. When you purchase one of these lower-end models, you just aren’t going to get the high highs and the low lows, or even the mid-ranges, that you would expect from the most expensive models on the market. However, you can get a pair that produces a decent sound quality and is fine for most people other than the snobbiest of audio aficionados. Let’s take a few moments to go over some tips for buying the best headphones for you at a decent price.

How They’re Used

Before considering any feature on a pair of budget headsets, it’s important to consider how they’re going to be used. If you just need a pair of earbuds to listen to your audio books while you take the bus to work, then you probably won’t need a name brand or high-end brand of headphones. Probably an inexpensive pair will do you just fine.

While it’s always nice to have a gadget with a lot of high-tech features, it’s not always necessary for our listening experience, so try to keep expectations reasonable and you should be able to make level-headed decisions that will enable you to buy the best ones possible in your price range—which brings us to our next point, the budget.

The Budget

Yes, I know that this article talks about headphones for a hundred dollars or less, but that doesn’t mean that we already know our budget. Within that 100-dollar range are a number of sub-ranges which can make a significant difference in what we’re going to walk away with and how much we’re going to spend. For example, there are $1 headphones available at most dollar stores, but they have horrible sound quality and will often flatten out with the smallest volume increase.

Likewise, there are headphones in the $10-$20 dollar range, the $21 to $50 dollar range and the $51 to $99 dollar range. And the quality of the headsets in each of these categories can differ greatly. Decide which of these categories you can afford to work in and look for models in those categories. And once you set a budget, stick with it. It’s too easy to start adding necessary features and ending up with a very expensive set of headphones.

Noise Canceling Features

Let’s be honest, do you really need noise canceling headphones? And if you do, do you really need active noise cancellation or will passive noise cancellation do? Answering these two questions will determine how much you spend on a pair of headphones. If you’re going to need active noise cancellation, then you are going to have to spend a little bit more to get it. A cheaper option is passive noise cancellation, which is really just a fancy way of saying that the ear pads are thicker and block out some sound, but it will also make the units a little bulkier than models without it. And if you do need noise cancellation features, then you are pretty much excluding a large category of earbuds, which just so happen to be some of the cheapest options available.

Wired Vs Wireless

Most of the really inexpensive models on the market are wired headphones, as wireless capabilities add a little bit of extra cost—although, it doesn’t add as much as you think. Wireless models have become cheaper and cheaper over the years and now there’s really not a whole lot of price difference separating wired and wireless models. It is something to think about if you’re really trying to get to rock bottom prices. If you don’t need wireless, then go with the cheaper wired versions. After all, every dollar counts.

Sound Quality

As I stated previously, it’s my firm belief that just because you’re trying to save a little bit of money on a headset doesn’t mean that you are going to have to give up on sound quality. That’s not the case at all. Sure, you aren’t going to have quite the audio range with budget models as you going to have with name brand designer models, but you should still be able to have a pleasant listening experience. Just be sure to purchase headphones that have either 40mm or 50mm sound drivers. And yes, low-end headsets do have sound drivers this size, you just have to look for them.

Let’s Wrap It Up

It doesn’t have to be hard to find a good pair of head phones for under a c-note. As long as you do your homework and pay attention to what you’re buying. Inexpensive headsets are quickly becoming the norm nowadays and there are now a ton of models to choose from. Surely, there’s a model that will fit your needs.