Top 10 Best in Ear Headphones Under 100 of 2022 – Reviews

Expensive earbuds might be suitable for some activities, such as listening to the classical concert while enjoying a glass of Chardonnay or while mixing tracks at the studio, but they aren’t suitable for day-to-day use. Why? Because no one wants to take a pair of earbuds worth hundreds of dollars to the gym or while working the factory floor. They’re just too expensive.

Fortunately, in ear headphones under 100 are ready to jump into service. These headphones have a high enough quality level to give your favorite songs their due respect but are inexpensive enough that if they get dropped while you’re running, then all isn’t lost. All that has to be done is to find the best in ear headphones under 100 that will suit your lifestyle, budget, and music. Below are some of these headphones.

Best in Ear Headphones Under 100

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10Senso Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Delivering honest-to-goodness high-fidelity audio to the listener’s ears, these earbuds are not only inexpensive but they are a decent pair of headphones for music, audio books, and other audio sources. It’s equipped with a lithium polymer battery that can be quick-charged in under 2-hours, yet delivers up to 8-hours of listening enjoyment. Not only are these earbuds waterproof to the IPX-7 standard, but they are also comfortable and securely fit within the ear so they aren’t as quick to fall out as some other brands of earbuds. This pair of headphones uses the Bluetooth V4.1 standard and features CVC 6.0 noise-suppression which allows these headphones to connect to a Bluetooth enabled audio device, from up to 30-feet away, and do so without having to worry about calls interfering with the listener’s favorite song.

9Sound Peats Bluetooth Headphones With Mic

Made with magnets built right into the earpieces, so they can stick together and be worn like a necklace, these headphones are sure to be exactly where they are needed when they are needed. Two devices can be connected to these earbuds at a time and they have long-lasting lithium batteries that charge in about 2-hours and supply the listener with about 6-7 hours of listening pleasure. They not only fit securely in the ear but they are also very comfortable and come with a number of ear tips and fins to ensure the wearer has all of the options he or she needs to make these buds as comfortable as possible. Other features that can be found on them include an in-line mic, volume+/next track button, volume-/previous track button and a multi-function button. And since they have Bluetooth functionality, they can be easily paired with just about any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or other audio sources.

8Panasonic In-Ear Stereo Buds RP-HJE120-PPK

Available in a wide variety of different colors, these inexpensive stereo earphones are designed to provide the best audio experience possible but do it without a lot of the frills that more expensive headphones have. These buds are designed to be ergonomic and to comfortably mold themselves to the listener’s ears. They can take a maximum input of two hundred milliwatts, so they are perfect for MP3 players and other small audio devices. Music lovers who want a pair of headphones that deliver great sound quality and does it at a fraction of the cost that many other headphones do it might want to check out these Panasonic earbuds and see if they fit their needs.

7Marano M1 Bass Headphones With Mic

These in-ear headphones might be inexpensive when it comes to price but they aren’t cheap when it comes to how they are constructed. Their parts are made using high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy for their housing, 3.5mm gold plated jacks for increased connectivity and hand-inserted oxygen-free copper that makes these headphones more durable than many of their competitors. Also equipped with an in-line control that only features 1 button and a built-in microphone. These earbuds are perfect for busy people who want a low-priced headphone that is nice looking, durable and will last while they are using it for day-to-day activities.

6Maxtronic Ear Buds With Line-In Microphone

Made with a core of enameled copper wire and a coil of copper-clad aluminum wire, these headphones are manufactured to offer a good audio reproduction but to do it at a fraction of the cost of that other earbuds do it. They have 9mm dynamic driver units and a rated power of 3-milliwatts. While they aren’t designed to accurately reproduce every single note, they do reproduce enough of them to be used during your workout or while carrying out your day-to-day activities. And they not only have an in-line microphone but also feature in-line controls.

5Cyber Cart Stereo Headsets With Mic

With the ability to connect two mobile devices at the same time, these headphones are perfect for the audiophile who wants a few options when it comes to their music. They provide noise reduction, so the true nature of the music can shine through, and is lightweight and easy-to-use. Other features of these headphones include 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity, stereo sound, in-line microphone and in-line controls. These earbuds are ideal for individuals who need an inexpensive solution to their audio listening needs and should provide a great deal of listening enjoyment, no matter if they are used at work or at the gym.

4Vomercy Deep Bass Earbud With Built-In Mic

Seemingly designed for music lovers who live very active lifestyles, these earbuds are made using materials and construction methods that make them durable and long lasting headphones. They are made using premium materials and an innovative audio cable design that allows it to hold up to daily wear-and-tear better than many of its competitors. Durability and cable strength aren’t the only two things these headphones deliver, however. They also produce a high-fidelity sound that has clear mid-ranges and deep bass notes. All of this makes this a good headphone for phone calls and for listening to music.

3Cospor Magnetic Earphones With 3.5mm Jack

While these earbuds look like they are designed like any other headphone, in reality, they have a unique design that makes them very useful to the music fan or audio book lover. They have magnetic ear buds which stick together when they aren’t in use and allows them to be worn like a necklace so they don’t get tangled. They are also made using an ergonomic design that allows them to fit comfortably in the ear without causing irritation or popping out of the ear canal every few moments. But the best feature of these headphones, by far, is its sound quality – which delivers nice mid-ranges and bass notes.

2Wotmic Wired Ear Buds With Mic

Manufactured with a half-ear design that’s comfortable to wear and produces nice audio quality, these earbuds are ideal for anyone who enjoys taking their music with them and is designed to be durable enough for day-to-day use. They have a soft ear gel design that fits nicely in the ear and a flat audio cord that is tangle-resistant. Other features of these headphones include two in-line controllers and a microphone that transmits the human voice clearly. Since these earbuds have a 3.5mm interface that can be used with a variety of devices from tablets and smartphones to PCs and MP3 players, users should have no problem using them on a daily basis.

1PWOW Wired Stereo Earphones With Microphone

These wired earbuds are comfortable to wear and are designed to stay in the ear. After all, if the earbuds don’t stay in the ear, then the listener can’t enjoy their favorite tunes, audio books or make phone calls on their smartphone. It features a built-in mic and in-line controls which include a multi-function button and volume up & down. These headphones have a 3.5mm jack that can fit in any number of different audio devices from MP3 players to DVD players and smartphones. And it does it at the fraction of the cost that high-end models do it.


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How do you Purchase the Best In Ear Headphones Under 100 Dollars?

When most people are searching for earbuds, particularly ones that are inexpensive, they generally look at three different things to try to find the best ones possible. They look for the brand name, the design, and the price. Unfortunately, these 3 metrics are not going to tell the consumer if their newly purchased headphones are going to be decent or if they are going to junk. Why? Because none of these things have anything to do with the quality of the headphones.

Nowadays, many name brand models are putting out inexpensive headphones but just because they slap their name on it doesn’t mean that they have manufactured it. It’s a common practice for top brands to buy inferior earphones from China. And some of them are even using the exact same headphones as their competitors! Which is why the brand name won’t tell you anything.

The design metric may offer the person a few hints about how they fit into their ears and definitely how they look but they aren’t going to convey anything about the quality of the sound coming out of the headphones. Just because they look cool doesn’t mean that they are going to sound cool.

Cost of the headphones really doesn’t matter that much either, not when you are considering models under the $100 mark. I’ve seen $10 models that produced really decent sound and $80 headphones that sounded like complete garbage. Which pretty much makes this metric useless as well.

So how do you decide if a pair of earbuds are good or not? While I’m sure that some of my audiophile friends are going to disagree with me, in my opinion, there are three metrics which really need to be looked at when choosing one of these headphones. These are the Drivers, Decibels, and Features. Below are some things to look for using these three metrics.

The Drivers

When it comes to drivers, size really does matter. When choosing inexpensive earbuds, it’s important to choose the ones with the largest drivers possible. Of course, most earbuds have significantly smaller drivers than standard headphones in the first place, which is why they produce lesser quality sound. Over the ear headphones usually have 30-50 mm, drivers, while earbuds have 8-15mm drivers, so you can see why one really delivers quality sound and the other not so much. However, drive size is still important with earbuds so choose a pair that has the biggest drivers, so choose a pair that’s in the 14 to 15mm range.


Decibels are another important consideration and are usually measured using the dbSPL metric, otherwise known as Sensitivity. However, I’m going to keep it really simple for the purpose of this guide. The higher the decibels, the better the sound. However, you don’t want to go too high on the decibel range because high decibels can damage hearing. People should use caution and common sense when listening to their earbuds. They should use common sense and moderation when choosing a volume level.


Obviously, features are another important consideration to think about. If a person is going to be using their headphones only for listening to music, then they obviously aren’t going to need to buy a pair of headphones with a built-in microphone or inline controls. However, if they do plan on using the earbuds to make calls with their smartphone, then they are going to want to get a pair that has this feature.

Another feature that’s quite popular are extra tips and fins for the earbuds. These can be swapped in or out to fit the ear of the user and make the earbuds more comfortable for them to wear. Magnetic ear bud heads is another popular feature that allows the ends to be placed together so they can be worn like a necklace. This keeps the headphones close at hand and keeps them from getting tangled.

Obviously, there are a number of other features which can be found in modern headphones. The point is for the consumer to purchase a pair that has the features they need. If they do so, they will most likely be happy with the model they purchase for themselves.