Top 10 Best iPad External Storage of 2019 – Reviews

No matter how big your iPad’s storage may be, you’re always going to need an external storage of sorts to store or backup your data. Although for the most part regular memory sticks are good enough, when it comes to iOS-compatible devices, the list gets slightly narrower.

Even so, the same functioning rules apply to iOS-based drives as standard sticks or any other storage devices. To give you a better idea of what to look for if you’re in the market for a storage device for your iPad, we put together a list of the ten best iPad external storage drives on the market today.

Best iPad External Storage

10Manun OTG Flash Drive External Storage Flash

This compact yet highly capable external storage from Manun can promptly free up storage space on your device – be it an iPad or iPhone. In fact, it also works with WinOS or Android devices of any kind, a versatility that recommends it as one of the best out there.

Furthermore, this external storage pen drive is particularly convenient for live camera fans because it allows direct viewing and storing of any image or video formats from it devoid of any playback issues. Finally, its small size allows you to carry it anywhere without taking up any significant space in your pocket or your briefcase.

9i-Flash Device HD Memory Data Storage Device

What makes this particular storage device stand out is its a 3 in 1 design – it is a voice recorder, document viewer, and text editor. With these characteristics, the device is exceptionally secure for every private file you need to be stored. With respect to customer acclaims, this is a convenient and true life saver! It is a wonderfully secure and easy way to boost the storage space in your mobile device including music, videos, photos, and documents.

8Naztech Xtra 16GB Drive

Coming with a collective storing capacity of approximately 128GB, this drive allows you to store varied content from photos, videos, music, and documents among others. It comes with a lighting connector that boosts versatility since it is well compatible with diverse iOS devices. It allows fast and easy file transfer saving you immense time and hassles and conveniently even to and from your laptop.

It has a sturdy build complemented by durable aluminum and a wonderfully sleek design that ensures that it is not damaged easily even after accidents. It affords the options between using USB and or lightning connectivity all by a simple flick. In addition, to ease connectivity with different types of files, it has an exclusive that you can easily download.

7iDiskk Lightning 128GB Flash Drive

This 128GB flash drive is a wonderful accessory for anyone whose iPhone or iPad storage cannot accommodate every bit of data, information, and file you have. It offers you the opportunity to ease your phone storage and manage your personal data easily through the phone. It allows you direct access to your stored data not to mention direct storage of items such as photos.

It is segmented into 6 characteristic parts including files you have created in your device, files present in your subsequent i-Easy external Drive, contacts, photos and even settings. Moreover, it enables you to manage files between the external storage and local storage and subsequently allowing you to view all your data and content in every major format.

6PhotoFast EVO i-FlashDrive

This peculiar flash drive enables you to safeguard all your materials and only allowing those you permit to gain access. How? You own the passcode. Security is among the greatest features of this i-phone flash drive. It allows you to protect your files either individually or a group of files collectively.

Moreover, you can explore the characteristic folder lock to boost security.It also comes with an exclusive app-i-Flash drive which is fast and quite simple to use. With just a single button click, you can instantly back up every image you have. What’s more, you can also backup contacts and your calendar automatically.

5iPhone Lightning Flash Drive 64GB

If you are looking for an exceptional external memory for your Apple mobile device, then this iPhone / iPad flash drive is your safest bet. It works wonderfully resulting in added iPhone functionality. It allows easy data and content transfer between it and other devices devoid of plugging it into a PC or syncing it with iTunes. It is easy and simple to use saving you and saves you significant efforts and time.

4SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive3

Thanks to a characteristic lightning connector, you can now free significant space off your device and subsequently transfer content easily. Its exclusive lightning connector is fairly flexible allowing you to plug it in even where your iPhone has a case. Moreover, with its standard USB port (3.0) transfer of files becomes conveniently easier and faster although you also have the option of the slower USB 2.0.

The disc comes with an app-iXpand Drive than not only facilitates easy and quicker backups but also supports numerous video formats including AVI, WMV, MOV, and MP4. With this, you can store and easily watch all your favorite content from it. Finally, if you are worried about the safety of your content, this drive has a special password-protection software that allows you to safeguard all your sensitive material.

3SanDiskiXpand128GB Flash Drive

SanDisk makes the list again, this time with a 128B flash whose standout feature is its encryption feature that boosts the security of all types of files across Ipad, iPhones, and computers, therefore, guaranteeing secure transferring of vital information you have stored on your mobile device.

It has a durable and compact design that safeguard the connector even when not necessarily in use. Additionally, it also has a flexible standard lightning connector that facilitates simple plugin on different iPhone cases. Depending on your preferences, SanDisk offers you the choice between 16 to the 128GB worth of space to free your mobile device space.

2SanDisk Connect Wireless 32GB Flash Drive

This is a ground-breaking device that allows you to share, store and steam content-Wirelessly! What’s more, this pocket-sized device is precisely designed for portability and convenience enabling you to enjoy using it without any internet connections, connectors or even cables for a continuous 8 hours on a single full charge. Interestingly, SanDisk offers you the option of linking it directly to any Wi-Fi networks available not to mention that it is also able to supply its individual Wi-Fi connection.

1HooToo iPhone Flash Drive

This iPhone external storage device is designed to offer both functionality and durability. It is a versatile device that allows data transfer between iPhone devices by means of either iCloud or data cable to its 32GB capacity. And with speeds of 80MB/s and 30MB/s for its reading and writing speeds respectively when in use a USB 3.0 standard port, it can be considered quite fast.

Moreover, besides allowing music and movie transfer courtesy of its exclusive streaming app-iPlugmate, it is also convenient since it allows easy and direct music listening and movie watching from drives. Nonetheless, for boosted connectivity, be sure to remove the phone case. Finally, to safeguard it, it has an exclusive cap which is tethered to it to minimize the risk of losing it.

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