Top 5 Best Laser Keyboards of 2022 – Reviews

Often referred to as travel keyboards, laser keyboards or virtual keyboards as they are sometimes referred to, provide the perfect, practical solution to your typing needs whenever you’re traveling or when you have almost no space to spare on your desktop.

These keyboards usually work on any flat, opaque surface, and are compatible with virtually any devices out there, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, or PCs. The best thing about it? You can fit them inside a backpack or a briefcase without anyone being none the wiser.

After taking into consideration everything the market has to offer at this point in time, we put together a list of the five best laser keyboards money can buy.

Best Laser Keyboards

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5LAMASTON Mini Laser Keyboard Projector

This small yet highly efficient laser keyboard projector is one of the most practical out there and we’ll tell you why. It is not only compact as far as design goes but also wireless and ultra-portable as well. This new stunning laser projection standard keyboard comes with a QWERTY English keyboard and allows easy connection through the USB and Bluetooth depending on whatever works best for you at the time.

The keyboard runs on a hardworking and dependable rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer battery which offers long hours of usage. To your advantage, it operates using virtually any up to date operating system including Windows VISTA, XP, 7 and 8; Phone 7 iOS4, 6 and 5 and anything between Android 3.1 going up. Not only that but its drivers are constantly updated by the developers who strive to make it work well on newer platforms as well.

The keyboard can work for both home and business settings and is accompanied with a comprehensive user manual to guide you through how best to use it, especially for first-time users who might struggle with some of the particularities of laser-projected keyboards.

4ShowMe Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard

ShowMe makes the list with a wonderfully designed laser projection keyboard that links to a variety of devices such as Laptops and iPads using its exclusive Bluetooth feature. It is a flawless virtual laser projection exclusive keyboard made to offer both simplicity and convenience as well. Not only that but it is also quite small as far as laser keyboards go, making it perfect to take on the road.

Forget the irritation and boredom that comes with using a typically puny keyboard, simply whip out this laser keyboard, get your Smartphone ready, and get typing. As long as the surface the keyboard being projected to is relatively flat and opaque, you aren’t likely to run into any issues using it.

What’s more, it operates in a similar manner to a standard laptop keyboard, offering similar sensitivity and as such easing the transition from physical keyboards to what appears to be the future standard for typing on portable devices.

3Brookstone Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Contrary to what you would expect with typical laser projection virtual keyboards, this Brookstone Technologies branded keyboard comes with a red-coloured laser projection light which shines surprisingly brighter making the keyboard much more distinct. In terms of connectivity, the keyboard connects to accessories and devices using standard Bluetooth technology.

Moreover, you can work with it even when you are on the move with no worry at all since it comes equipped with a rechargeable standard Li-on battery allowing continuous use devoid of plugging it into a USB socket.

For those not used to using holographic types of keyboards, the Brookstone Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard boasts an auto correct feature which makes getting accustomed a smooth sailing and effortless task.

The world is continually changing on a daily basis and laser-projected keyboards look like they’re here to stay. Unlike the old days, businesses can now be successfully and easily carried out through mobile devices; and in line with this, investing in laser projection virtual keyboards will soon become a necessity. If you need a faster, easier and more efficient way of working on your documents and responding to your unending work emails, then this is the way to go!

Aside from a sleek and amazingly compact design, this particular keyboard is ultra-portable by design, which means being on the move is no excuse to abruptly halting your businesses. Not only are its projected keys very sensitive and responsive, but they also allow you to type ‘virtually’ at a much faster speed than you would with the use of a traditional keyboard.

2Celluon EPIC Full-Size Ultra-Portable Virtual Keyboard

As the name suggests, this is a truly EPIC full-size keyboard in every sense of the word. The Celluon ultra-portable virtual keyboard can work perfectly and effectively with any device and accessory that operates under Android 4.0+, iOS4+, Windows XP and above, Mac OS X 10 and above or even the Blackberry 10. As a matter of fact, its software gets constant updates to stay compatible on emerging platforms with no limitations whatsoever.

It is also equipped with an inbuilt Polymer Lithium-ion battery which provides a total of 660 mAH for a total of 3.7V. This gives you an added long-lasting battery life so that you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries or plugging it in regularly.

Last but not least, this laser projection keyboard allows you to adjust the sensitivity, sound feedback, and display brightness to your desired levels. This seems like a pretty great feature considering the versatile use such a keyboard can have.

1Wireless AGS Bluetooth Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard

This amazingly little magic piece is nothing short of amazing, at least as far as laser keyboards are concerned. Not only is perfect if you are looking for a keyboard compatible with any of your devices ranging from iPad, iPhone, Tablet or even Smartphones, but it also provides a more user-friendly interface for you to enjoy.

Connection-wise, this keyboard relies mainly on Bluetooth and it is thus essential you ascertain that the device it is intended to be used on is actually Bluetooth enabled. This might change in the future if we are to believe what its developers are saying but you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up.

Portability is by far the most important aspect such a keyboard can have and let us tell you that AGS’ Bluetooth Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard is as portable as they come. Compact and lightweight, you can take this keyboard with you almost anywhere as long as you have a pocket to spare. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best laser keyboards on the market today.

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Laser Keyboard Guide

As with a lot of new gadgets, a laser keyboard can make a lot easier especially for commuters and those on the go. However, they are not all built the same with some rushed to market to try to jump on the trend. This means it is important for you to find out what a laser keyboard should be capable of to find a quality product.

The following guide helps you to get your hands on something that isn’t going to let you down, so that report or email you need to send can get there on time.

How Does A Laser Keyboard Work?

They are easy to use and connect to your phone wireless or via USB, using an external device that is compact, projecting a keyboard onto any flat surface. It works like any real keyboard, using the sensors to detect which letters and buttons you are pressing before typing it up on your device.

They are great for writing long emails or typing up something that you know is going to take a while.

What To Expect From A Laser Keyboard 

Energy Efficient

If the battery doesn’t last, neither does your ability to write on the go. The better laser keyboards will have a decent battery life so they are up to the task. Some can plug into your phone to charge so this isn’t always the most important but the better-made laser keyboards will have good battery life.

Adjustable Brightness

This is a must for a laser keyboard as it means you can use it in different light conditions. Sometimes you can’t predict how much light you are going to have and being able to turn this up means you can still type when the sun is going down.


This is a neat addition you will find with some laser keyboards although you might want to take off the sound when pressing the keys. Still, some double up as a Bluetooth speaker so you can use it to take calls or play music.


Don’t expect this as standard but if you can get your hands on a laser keyboard that has an auto-sleep function it can save you a lot of energy. This usually comes in the form of the brightness dimming when it hasn’t been used in a while which can also alert you to the fact that you are procrastinating.

Mouse function

The better laser keyboards will have this and it allows you to take control of the screen so you don’t have to touch the device. A convenient and when done well, useful feature.

Portable Device

One of the best things about a laser keyboard is that it should be so compact and lightweight that it goes everywhere with you. The portability is key here so anything too bulky will not do. However, it still needs to have a bit of weight behind it to stand up so any bumps on public transport of shaking through tapping don’t tip it over.

How Fast Can I Type On A Laser Keyboard?

Being able to keep up as you type is an essential trait of a laser keyboard. Because it picks up the interruptions to the light being projected, it is not going to be as fast as a regular keyboard (remember the key is convenience here – not speed), but some of the better brands will be able to keep up with a good rate of typing.

A standard rate appears to be around 400 characters a minute which is more than enough for most people as the keys are smaller.

How Much Room Does A Laser Keyboard Need?

You need to keep the projector close for it to work so you won’t need to take up too much room. If you’re on a train, you’re not going to have to lean on the person next to you to get the most out of it.

Can I Use A Laser Keyboard For Gaming?

A laser keyboard is convenient but not best suited to gaming. Because it will not be as responsive as a lot of games need to get the most out of them, it is best to keep your games in the palms of your hands.

Can A Laser Keyboard Replace A Regular Keyboard?

For all your work needs, it is best to use a regular keyboard as a laser version might not be fast enough to get all your work done. It saves you space and makes it easy to type on the go but in terms of using it full time in your home office, it’s not as suitable.