Top 10 Best MacBook Pro Cases of 2019 – Reviews

Seeing how Macbooks aren’t exactly cheap, you would do well to invest in a case if you haven’t already. These cases will protect your MacBook against any aesthetic or mechanical damage many electronic devices suffer from after being used for long.

Now, we should point out that there are many cases out there to choose from, and they each come with their own particularities. After taking into consideration everything the market had to offer, we put together a list of the ten best MacBook pro cases money can buy.

Best MacBook Pro Case – Reviews

10Decoded Slim Leather Cover

Decoded presents their genuinely attractive leather cover suited for your MacBook Pro. It securely fits and shields the laptop from dings or scratches. It is made from genuine leather that makes it more durable than faux leather items and which also wraps around your MacBook’s keyboard area to offer you a comfortable wrist rest space for easy typing. Correspondingly, it also has several drawbacks including not being waterproof, its cover somehow hindering proper laptop cooling, using subpar leather in its construction and offering fairly minimal impact resistance.

9GMYLE Hard Case Geometric Print

Getting a MacBook Pro pattern design cover as opposed to the typical solid color ones is quite challenging but GMYLE changes all that. It comes with an interesting geometrical design that is available in blue or pink tones. This hard textured case is both easy to detach and to re-install. It offers an easy and complete access to features and buttons giving you quite an easy time. Even though this case conceals the Apple logo from shining through it and comes with limited color sections.

8Speck Products Hard Shell SeeThru Case

Speck makes the list with hard-shelled cases that fit both Non-Retina and Retina MacBooks. In addition to being quite simple to snap off/on therefore easing their use, it is available in multiple colors. Moreover, the cover does not conceal device ports. It is nit free of setbacks with several such as their easily breaking clips, a satin-touch finish that wears down as time passes and instances of scratches caused by devices when removing the case, completing that short list.

7Kamor Felt & Leather Macbook Pro Laptop Case

For MacBook owners that prefer light sleeve protection over typical hard cases, the Kamor leather and fleet sleeve is the best pick. Despite not accommodating 17-inch older MacBook versions and only providing limited resistance to impact, this strikingly designed case is accompanied by a supplementary charger case all at a considerably fair price, which is what you would expect from a case of this quality.

6iCasso Hard Case Wood Pattern Cover

If you are looking for a combination of keyboard skin and cover for your MacBook Pro, this is your perfect option. If its standard wood grain style does not impress you, you can select other available patterns that suit your taste. Although its keyboard cover can at times disrupt laptop operations and the fact that it has weak grips on its bottom, this lightweight case is not just an affordable model but is fairly simple to install as well. It comes in sizes for both 15 and 13-inch Non-Retina and Retina models.

5Thule Vectros Bumper Case

While Thule might have made a name as a ski rack maker, the firm has shifted focus to the MacBook Pro and iPhone case market with their Vectros model. It comes with a durable construction and numerous shock-absorbing features. Moreover, aside from its scratch fields (optional), it shuts conveniently preventing the opening of the MacBook when bumped. Nonetheless, it comes with a share of setbacks among them its limited colors, tricky assembly process, bulkiness and a somewhat expensive price tag.

4BookBook Twelve South Leather Hardback Case

The BookBook case by Twelve South is the ideal item for all leather, book or bizarre case lovers. This case offers a unique book-like look for your MacBook and considering they are made out of genuine leather, they are also sturdy. The case is lightweight and comes with 2 hardback rigid covers that offer support. At the same time, this case also stands out by being capable of accommodating a wide range of tablets.

3HDE Matte Snap-On Case Hard-Shell Case

Make your laptop’s outlook more vibrant with the varied color selections courtesy of the HDE Matte case. The case’s discrete colors coupled with UK and USA flag color options give you the opportunity to profoundly express yourself. They are light-weight, simple to snap and also include foam feet, particularly on their bottom. However, these covers are not waterproof and offer little resistance to impact. Similarly, even with matching keyboard covers, you can expect bulges depending on the laptop model.

2Snugg MacBook Air & Pro 13 Case

Snugg is yet another sleeve option you can consider if hard cases are not exactly your cup of tea. Aside from offering 12 varied color options, it perfectly accommodates MacBooks of 13-inch size. Although it is considered a disadvantage, it is crafted off faux leather as opposed to genuine leather, which is a big plus for typical vegan shoppers. This case is splashproof and comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

1iPearl mCover Hard Shell MacBook Pro Case

If you still own a MacBook Pro (Non-Retina), an iPearl case is a wonderful selection. Besides boasting a hard shell both on its top and bottom, it also has legs that boost circulation of air under your device. It is a fantastic pick for anyone looking for a standard protective case while seeking to avert overheating. When it comes to disadvantages, the most notable is that it cannot accommodate Retina model MacBooks and comes off as slightly loose. Overall, it is also one of the most durable cases on the market today.

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