Top 10 Best Modern Pocket Watches of 2022 – Reviews

Despite going out of fashion for a while, pocket watches are making quite a comeback these days and understandably so. Regardless of their shortcomings, pocket watches play a crucial role in the fashion industry, their benefit being more of an aesthetic one albeit quite practical still.

Now, we should point out that pocket watches are usually quite intricate and clever as far as their construction goes, which makes finding a good one rather difficult. After taking into consideration everything the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best modern pocket watches money can buy.

Best Modern Pocket Watches

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10Gotham Men’s Gun Metal Pocket Watch

Gotham Men’s Gun Metal Pocket Watch is a classic open-faced men’s pocket watch that features a polished brass casing perfect for engraving purposes. With a railroad style white dial including 12 black and 24 red hour markings, this pocket watch comes with Precision Japanese analog quartz movement.

It also includes a 15-inch link chain that is silver-toned featuring an attached clip for your belt. This pocket watch also comes along with a deluxe carry case with a draw string and a gift box, an instruction manual, and a lifetime warranty card.

9Mudder Vintage Quartz Pocket Watch

Perfect for those men who are passionate about pocket watches, the Mudder vintage is one among the best collectible and valuable accessories that are both vintage-like and extremely stylish. Featuring a silver-toned body with a necklace chain, this pocket watch for men is made of premium grade stainless steel and guaranteed to withstand quite a bit of abuse before showing signs of damage.

Highly durable, lightweight, and attractive looking, the Mudder Vintage would make a great birthday present for your father. For those who do not like to carry any extra weight, the chain that comes along with this pocket watch enables you to hang it around your neck for easy transportation. The chain can also be attached and securely looped onto your trousers.

8DDStore Hollow Roman Pocket Watch

The DDStore Hollow Roman is considered the lightest pocket watch available on the market right now, owing to its 60-gram weight. This pocket watch can be used both by men and women thanks to its unique design and craftsmanship.

Extremely stylish and highly functional, the watch works smoothly and comes with a Hardlex glass dial window. This dial window is scratch proof, stain proof and resistant to oxidative outer damage. Made from premium grade alloy, this pocket watch is not only good to look at but works great too.

7AMPM24 Skeleton Pocket Watch

Featuring a unique skeleton theme, this stylish men’s pocket watch comes in an attractive dangle pendant design. Made from premium grade copper, the watch comes with a beautiful finish and is stain proof, rust proof and resistant to outer damage.

Featuring a lightweight, compact and portable design, this pocket watch is easy to carry and perfect for traveling. It also comes with a convenient chain that matches the pocket watch, a storage box, and special instructions on how to tune the watch.

6Gotham GWC15042SBL Pocket Watch

The Gotham GWC15042SBL is a silver-toned, polished men’s pocket watch featuring a stunning blue sunray dial with 24 hours markings in white Arabic numerals. This elegant pocket watch comes with a 15-inch link chain with an attached belt clip holder that is silver-toned.

This pocket watch also comes with a drawstring pouch and a gift box, an operating manual and a lifetime limited warranty. Perfect for daily use, it is extremely light in weight and can be carried around with ease, or even worn around the neck.

5TIRIO Magic Half Hunter Pocket Watch

The TIRIO Magic Half Hunter is a steel hand wind mechanical pocket watch that features a unique Renaissance look. Made from scratch proof mineral glass, the skeleton dial is hollow and features bold Roman numerals. Thanks to its stainless steel outer body, this watch is ultra durable and is very easy to read.

It also features a metal chain that is 320mm in length and a dial with diameter measuring 48mm. Unlike other pocket watches of its kind, owing to its complex and stunning design, this pocket watch is a fascination to many pocket watch fans.

4Jian Company Classic Pocket Watch

Featuring a 14-inch long chain, the Jian Company Classic is a smooth hunter pocket watch made from imported materials. Equipped with a mineral glass window lens, this pocket watch comes with a clip to help secure the chain to your trousers. Thanks to its gold color and brilliant finish, this watch adds that extra bit of style and class to your everyday life.

The exterior is made from polished chrome plating and the watch features quartz movement with an easy time setting button and a special button to release the casing. The dial is white in color and features unique filigree hands with elaborated Arabic numerals.

3Mudder Classic Pocket Watch

Featuring a stunning, elegant white classic dial, the Mudder classic is among the most refined pocket watches for men available. Including precise Japanese Quartz movement, this model can be easily read in all light conditions with no limitations to speak of. Boasting black Arabic numerals, this pocket watch is easy to read, durable, stylish and very vintage-like.

It also comes with a silver chain that includes a clip at the end to ensure it’s secure and safely in place. Thanks to its waterproof design and construction, it is perfect for any kind of weather and comes with a deluxe matching storage carry case for easy storage.

2AMPM24 WPK062 Pocket Watch

The AMPM24 WPK062 is a bronze pendant pocket watch that features a dragon and phoenix theme. Uniquely designed and crafted, this elegant pocket watch benefits from a precise quartz movement of the highest standard.

This watch will easily complement both casual and formal wear and would add to your overall charm and elegance should you choose to combine it with a stylish, avant-garde look. Furthermore, the chain helps with easy transportation as it is both durable and stylish.

1Mudder Classic Smooth Vintage Steel Mens Pocket Watch

The Mudder Classic Smooth is a black themed vintage pocket watch for men, uniquely designed and crafted with a premium grade stainless steel cover. Featuring a contrasting dial that is white in color and easy to read, this classic pocket watch is quite stunning to look at.

Worth mentioning is that the white dial comes with black Arabic numerals that stand out and enhance the overall look of the watch. Made from high-quality alloys, this waterproof watch comes with a durable chain that makes it easy to carry around. Not only that but it also features an ultra smooth casing for good measure.

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Modern Pocket Watch Guide

Describe it as retro, a throwback, or whatever you like, modern pocket watches look great and for many people, work as a statement piece. If you’re checking the time, you don’t want to be caught dead with something that looks as though you won it in a machine at the arcade.

Not only that, it has to perform well enough to be worthy of your time (ahem) but this is easy to get right if you know what you are looking for. The following guide details everything you need to consider when buying a modern pocket watch.

What To Look For In A Modern Pocket Watch


When it comes to the chain and case of the pocket watch, you need it to be made of quality materials. Otherwise, not only will it not last so long, but it will look cheap and you’ll want to keep it in your pocket. The most common materials you should look for include 14K gold, stainless steel, silver, and nothing plastic.


Although they aren’t always as durable as a wrist watch, the window of a modern pocket watch should still be scratch resistant, easy to wipe clean, and often made of mineral, sapphire, or Krystina crystal.

Movement Duration

Because most modern pocket watches (and the classics for that matter) require manual winding to keep them ticking, you need a product that has a decent time between needing winding again. At least 24-hours is a good start.

Brand Reputation

An easy way to make sure you purchase a good product is to find a modern pocket watch made by a reputable brand. With so many new brands on the market, it can be hard to tell which ones are built to last. For most people, it starts with a reliable brand and a lot of people only trust names they know.

A famous watch brand is more likely to use their decades of experience to create a quality product than those who are starting out.


This is massively important and although a lot of purchases should focus on functionality, a modern pocket watch often draws people in with the way it looks. The watch face color might be important to you or the case and chain. Even the type of numbers on the face might sway you as some prefer roman numerals.

It’s never a bad thing finding a watch you like the look of first, just make sure it has a reputation for being durable and made well.

Modern Pocket Watch Jewels

A lot of experts will tell you that the jewel count inside a pocket watch is what can determine the value and quality. Not only are they good for enhancing the mechanism and efficiency of the timepiece but reducing friction is their main purpose.

Different types can be found and depending on the product, you might find it has 7, 11, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 24 & above.

Modern Pocket Watch Warranty

Because there are so many intricate parts, most companies offer a warranty when you buy one of their modern pocket watches. This protects your purchase which hopefully you’ll never need but some are susceptible to fixable errors. In this case, you’ll be glad you went for a watch with a warranty.

Wearing A Modern Pocket Watch

Although the design is having something of a resurgence, it doesn’t mean that you can wear it however you want. There are certain things to remember before you start to let it hang from your waist.

Keep it secure at all times as having it dangling from your trousers can cause it to scuff and although most are scratch resistant, they aren’t bullet proof.

A good place to wear it is inside the pocket of a jacket as they can be fixed to your clothing. Above anything else, make sure it is easy to pull out when you need it.

Don’t Overwind 

The better the upkeep, the longer the pocket watch will last. One common way of shortening the lifespan is by overwinding and it is easy to do. Everything from the hands to the inner mechanisms will be affected so be sure to never put excessive strain on when winding.

Pocket Watch Maintenance

Something people who haven’t owned a quality watch before might be unaware of is that you have to get them serviced to ensure the parts work fine. The regularity will depend on the brand’s advise but check what the manual says and make sure you get any issues seem to, especially if you are still within the warranty time.