Top 10 Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs of 2019 – Reviews

Given the state of motion sensing technology in regards to household appliances, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to presume that almost all household items will have motion detecting capabilities in the near future. For the time being, one would do well to consider investing in motion sensor light bulbs to replace traditional light fixtures.

We say this because not only are these lights more comfortable to use on account of their touchless operation, but they are also known to use much less electricity than their standard counterparts. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best motion sensor light bulbs on the market today.

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs – Reviews

10Brinks 7120B 110-Degree Motion Par Security Light

The powerful Brinks 7120B security light is a handy motion-activated device that uses two bright LED bulbs with a cumulative light output of 300 lumens. The creative design of the lights enables them to cover up to 400 square feet and move vertically in angles not exceeding 135 degrees. The icing on the cake is its tough IP65 build that makes it weatherproof, thereby increasing its resilience.

9Health Zenith Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Lights (HZ-5411-WH)

This is a top-of-the-line pair of motion sensor security lights that can not only detect motion that is as far as 70 feet away but also comes with adjustable sensitivity settings and a light timer.

In addition to offering you optimized security settings, the two 120W bulbs can illuminate even the darkest nights to give you a crisp view of your surroundings. Furthermore, you will find these sensor lights to be much more durable than many other fixtures in this price range.

8iRainy LED IR Motion Detector Security Light Bulb

Equipped with PIR motion detection capabilities, the energy conserving iRainy LED a security bulb is a must-have gadget for home security purposes. Its low power consumption makes it very eco-friendly but not at the cost of its ability to detect and illuminate at a moment’s notice. Not only that but it is also one of the cheaper and more reliable versions on our list, especially considering its overall quality.

7First Alert Motion Detecting Light Socket (PIR725)

If you’re worried about having to change your lighting to accommodate this handy motion detecting light socket, don’t be. It attaches easily to your existing light sockets to provide motion detecting capabilities for a radius of up to 12 feet.

The socket also features a 360-degree rotation and is built sturdily to guarantee long-lasting performance and durability. In fact, these are some of the most sturdy motion detecting light sockets out there.

6LAMPAT Solar-Powered Waterproof Motion Sensor Light

Extra bright and extra resilient, this solar-powered LAMPAT motion sensor security light is one you can rely on to provide security even in times of power outages. It has an appealingly short installation time and process coupled with a super bright LED bulb with illumination capabilities of up to 80 lumens. The security light comes with an inbuilt Li-ion battery that depends solely on the sun for its power.

5OxyLED LED Wall-Mounted Motion Sensor Night Light

This motion-activated LED sconce light features an eco-friendly LED bulb and an intelligent motion sensor that only turns on the light when it is dark outside. What’s more, the light is capable of detecting the amount of light in the atmosphere and adjusting its brightness to save energy and to provide as much light as is necessary. Its resilient stainless steel build makes it less susceptible to damage from exposure to the elements.

4Fulcrum 20031-101-6 Wireless LED Motion Sensor Porch Light

Ingeniously designed to activate whenever motion is detected up to 25 feet away from your porch, this motion detecting security light is a great way to beef up your home security. It is perfectly bright and features a weatherproof build that incorporates photocell technology which keeps it from turning itself on during the day. The porch light also has an impressive detection angle of up to 100 degrees.

3Amir Motion Sensor Light

Featuring some of the brightest LED bulbs on the market, this trio of highly sensitive motion-activated security lights are easy to install quickly wherever you need them thanks to their magnetic base which can easily be attached to metallic surfaces.

They can detect motion that is as far as 10 feet away and illuminates with powerful beams of light that give you a crisp clear view of your surroundings.

2Mr. Beams MB390 Motion-Activated Spotlight

Although slightly larger than the rest of the options on our list, the MB390 lights are considerably more powerful thanks to its high-output LED lights that can produce a maximum of 300 lumens.

The motion-activated light runs on four D-cell batteries and can cover a maximum of 400 square feet. It is also built extremely well to ensure it withstands harsh weather conditions and to last a lot longer than most.

1Mr. Beams Battery-Powered MB723 Motion-Activated LED

This is another powerful trio of motion-activated LED security lights which are activated using elaborate motion detectors built into them. These lights are capable of detecting motion from a distance of up to 15 feet away and come with an automatic shutoff feature that turns them off if no motion is detected for 30 seconds.

Their bright LED lights have a maximum light output of 10 lumens and a 50-000-hour running time, which is no less than what you should expect from high-end motion sensor lights these days.

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