Top 10 Best Neck Heating Pads of 2019 – Reviews

People have been using warmth as a way to alleviate joint and muscle pains since the dawn of time, which explains why heating pads are so popular to this day. Used as a means to perform thermotherapy on virtually any affected area of a person’s body, heating pads provide a good alternative to standard medicine. After taking into consideration everything the market has to offer at this point in time, we put together a list of the ten best neck heating pads for you to look at.

Best Neck Heating Pads

10Sunny Bay Washable Neck Heating Pad

Uniquely designed to take the shape of the back of your neck and stay in place, the Sunny Bay Washable Neck Heating Pad is 2 inches thick and filled with rice. This neck pad can be frozen to help in the reduction of body temperature or any kind of swelling and heated to help with blood circulation and reduction of tension in the muscles and joints.

Featuring a special anti-pill covering that provides insulation when applied to the skin; it keeps the heat or cold intact. Made from premium grade materials with a washable cover, this heating pad along with the zipper, is microwave safe.

9My Heating Pad- Hot/Cold Neck and Body Wrap

Relieve and rejuvenate your neck, shoulders, and sore parts of your body with the latest My Heating Pad- Hot/Cold Neck and Body Wrap that aids in relaxing sore muscles, pain, arthritis, stress and all kinds of discomfort. This heating pad is extremely easy to use and can be heated in the microwave.

Uniquely crafted, this product is handmade and features soft comfortable fleece material on one side and long lasting cotton fabric on the other. Measuring approximately 1.25 inches thick, 15 inches in length and 16 inches wide, this hot and cold neck and body wrap is eco-friendly and safe to use.

8Thermotech Automatic Digital Moist Heating Pad Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulder

Designed to target the neck and shoulder area, the Thermotech Automatic Digital Moist Heating Pad Heating Pad is a one of a kind product that uses moist air to provide quick comfort and effective relief. It is considered as a professional grade heating pad that comes equipped with 4 different temperature settings and 4-time settings.

Featuring a flannel outer covering that can be washed and reused, this heating pad comes with an automatic shut-off function that turns off the device when the amount of time selected, lapses.

7Neck & Shoulder Wrap – Herbal Heating Pad by Nature Creation

The Neck & Shoulder Wrap – Herbal Heating Pad by Nature Creation is the perfect therapeutic product that aims at relieving pain and stress and enhancing the relaxation levels of the body. This product can be used to keep you cozy and warm on a cold winter’s day or cool during summer.

It works best on injuries, sore muscles, tension, joint pains, tendonitis, etc and ensures quick relief. This herbal heating pad is made from 100% natural materials, is eco-friendly, microwave safe, and can be reused.

6Sunny Bay Extra Long Heated Neck Wrap

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Sunny Bay Extra Long Heated Neck Wrap is made to fit your shoulders and stay in place even when walking around. This heating neck wrap works great with reducing shoulder aches and pains, providing relief to neck muscles and tension.

Filled with natural rice, it contours the shape of your neck ensuring all areas are reached and taken care of. The heat that is emitted from this neck wrap stays for more than 30 minutes and helps to increase the blood circulation in your body. It features a high-quality fleece covering that helps to keep the heat insulated, and the filling in the wrap does not shift, providing efficient therapy.

5My Heating Pad, Neck/Shoulder Wrap Hot/Cold

Specially designed and crafted by a chiropractor, the “My Heating Pad, Neck/Shoulder Wrap Hot/Cold” comes equipped with 7 different channels that evenly distribute heat to various parts of the body when selected. It aims at the neck, shoulder and upper back area applying gentle pressure on stress, tension, arthritis, joint aches and pains and sore muscles.

Perfect for utilizing for hot therapy this heating pad helps to reduce stress and relax the shoulders and neck area. Made from high-quality fleece materials on the exterior with cotton on the side, this heating pad is environment-friendly and antiallergenic.

4Herbal Concepts Comfort Neck and Shoulder Wrap

Uniquely designed and crafted to revive and revitalize the flow of therapeutic energy, the Herbal Concepts Comfort Neck and Shoulder Wrap can recognize the various pressure points to help with providing instant relief and restore energy. This heating wrap offers a blend of pressure and temperature along with herbal essence to various parts of the body and specific zones. Perfect to use when you have had a long tiring and stressful day, this neck and shoulder wrap would help you reenergize and relax your muscles bringing you to complete ease.

3Sunbeam Xl Renue Heat Therapy Wrap

Featuring a digital LED control unit, the Sunbeam Xl Renue Heat Therapy Wrap comes equipped with 4 variable heat settings, a 2-hour automatic shut-off function, a 9-foot long power cable and a washable pad. Thanks to its snap closure, it can be adjusted to give you the best, most comfortable fit.

The pad is made from high-quality soft RoyalMink and is machine washable. Measuring 25 inches x 25 inches it covers the entire neck, back and shoulder area offering quick and effective relief from tension and stress.

2Chattanooga Theratherm Digital Moist Heating Pad, Neck/Shoulder

Featuring an imported flannel covering and made with high-quality materials, the Chattanooga Theratherm Digital Moist Heating Pad provides powerful therapy using moist heat to give you relief from pain, sore muscles and swelling caused by strain. This heating pad has been designed to be utilized on the back, shoulder area, knee, wrist, stomach, and foot.

The special flannel exterior helps to retain the moisture from the air when the temperature rises, releasing the heat onto the skin, providing quick relief. This device also comes with a special digital controller that enables you to control and program the temperature and time settings as desired by you.

1Sunbeam Renue Heat Therapy Neck/Shoulder Wrap

Among the many pads out there offering quality and high performance, the Sunbeam Renue Heat Therapy Neck/Shoulder Wrap is without a doubt one of the very best. Specially designed and tailor made to fit the shoulder and neck area, featuring a magnetic closure with weighted edges, this heating wrap fits comfortably well.

Featuring 4 different heat settings and a special automatic shut off function that turns off the pad after 2 hours, this device is extremely convenient and easy to use. It can provide dry sauna heat or moist steam room type heat for effective relief.

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