Top 8 Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds of 2022 – Reviews

Noise canceling earbuds are a great modern innovation. While no headphone can block out all outside noise, models made today do a pretty good job. Many of them use advanced technologies to give the listener the kind of audio experience they want and deserve. All that they have to do is find a pair that fits their style, needs, and budget.

And it’s there where things can become difficult for the consumer. There are many different brands producing a lot of different headphones, so it isn’t easy for people to determine what is the best noise canceling earbuds for them. Fortunately, we can make it a lot easier for these people by giving them the top ten models currently available.

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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8Oucomi Wired In-Ear Headphones

These headphones are designed to offer the user top quality audio without all of the distractions of outside noises. They have an ergonomic design that features soft earbuds that seal in the sound while they’re being worn and ear hooks that keep the headphones in place. These earbuds also come with a variety of different ear tips which enables users to use the one that fits the best. Another feature that can be found on these headphones includes a built-in microphone, a call button and a 3.5mm audio jack that makes it compatible with a wide variety of different devices include MP4 players, CD players, and tablets.

7OVC H15 Wired Earbuds With Mic

These earbuds have a unique and patented design that makes them different from other noise cancelling earbuds. They are manufactured using two separate sets of sound drivers. They use 6mm sound drivers for playing music and 13.6mm dynamic drivers for canceling out incoming sound. This results in better noise isolation for the wearer and a better audio experience. And if that’s not enough, these headphones also come with a number of other features which are equally compelling. Some of these include a built-in microphone, a bass enhancement feature, a remote with controls that allow the user to skip tracks and change the volume, and a rechargeable battery that provides up to 60-hours of playtime on a single charge.

6Sound Peats Bluetooth In-Ear Wireless Earbuds

These headphones have all of the features that many users look for in a pair of earbuds. They use Bluetooth 4.1 and apt X technology that allows them to not only connect easily with up to two devices at the same time but also to deliver high-fidelity stereo sound. In each of the earpieces are magnets which allow the earphones to be worn around the neck when not in use and high-quality tangle-free wire that attach the two ends together. Easily charged in 2-hours or less, these headphones can give the user up to 7-hours of playtime on a single charge. Other features which can be found on these headphones include an inline microphone and volume controls and a unique design that fits comfortably in the wearer’s ears.

5Bose Quiet Comfort 20 Headphones

These headphones block out a portion of the outside world so that the listener can fully immerse themselves in their music, but also features an aware mode that lets the user tune into the outside world when they need to and at the push of a button. They’re wired and are compatible with just about any device that accepts a 3.5mm audio jack as a connection. While these earbuds do an excellent job of filtering out some of the outside distractions of the real world, their real beauty is their ability to deliver high-quality sound directly to the user’s ears. Digital audio quality designed to entertain and impress.

4Bear Two Wireless Stereo Earbuds With Mic

These wireless earbuds not only deliver high-quality sound and excel at blocking out some of the distractions of the outside world, but also come with a stylish case that allows them to be easily stored when not in use. These headphones use Bluetooth 4.1 technology, so it can be paired with just about any compatible device and also features CVC 6.0 noise canceling technology as well. They are also equipped with a high capacity battery that allows the user to enjoy up to 3-hours of music on a single charge. And they are also designed with echo canceling technology that prevents some of the annoying feedback that can be found with lesser quality earphones.

3APIE Corded In-Ear Headphones

These wired earphones use high-quality 6mm sound drivers with magnetic neodymium iron boron magnets that drive excellent sound quality and allow the listener to immerse themselves in their music or audio books. These headphones are also equipped with a tuning technology that suppresses high-frequency squeals that can be found with other earbuds. Other features which can be found on these headphones include a gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack, a sensitivity of 110-decibels and a frequency response of 20Hz to 24000 Hz. This means that these headphones are not only stylish but also deliver high-quality sound that will delight just about anyone.

2COWIN HE8D Bluetooth Earbuds

These earbuds feature active noise-canceling technology that constantly monitors the sound volume and quality and makes adjustments as necessary. They deliver high-definition true-fidelity sound that’s driven by a 1.57-inch driver and is in a unit that’s sweat-resistant and designed for day-to-day use. Another key feature that can be found on these headphones are high-quality rechargeable batteries that provide hours of playtime on a single charge. Other features which can be found on these headphones include magnetic charging technology, state of the art Bluetooth technology and a microphone for making hands-free calls.

1Aelec Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

These headphones are designed for people on the go and have a number of features which make it suitable for active lifestyles. It’s made to be sweat proof so that intense workouts won’t get the best of them and are designed to be ergonomic and to fit comfortably and securely in the wearer’s ears. These headphones also have a 7-hour battery life on a single charge and battery status is automatically display on the iOS phone screen. Other great features which can be found on these headphones include Bluetooth 4.1 technology with EDR that delivers high-quality stereo sound with deep bass notes. These headphones also have a built-in microphone and controls that allow the user to adjust volume or to skip to the next song.


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How to Choose the Best Noise Canceling Earbuds

These types of headphones have really become a godsend for many travelers. That’s because they do a great job at drowning out the constant low-pitch drones that many travelers have to put up with, which includes the sound of a jet engine or the sound of a train. However, that doesn’t mean that they drown out all sounds. In fact, if you’re expecting your headphones to drown out the sound of a crying baby or people talking, then you are probably going to be disappointed. Which is why the first step in finding the best pair of these type of headphones is tempering your expectations. Just remember that no matter which brand you choose, they are not going to filter out every noise. After all, they aren’t magical.

Another thing that people should think about before purchasing a pair of headphones is whether they need active noise cancellation or passive noise cancellation. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, passive noise cancellation works by trying to seal the ears against outside noises and don’t actually get rid of it. Active noise cancellation, on the other hand, allows the headphones to “listen” to outside noise and then create a waveform that’s the exact opposite of that sound in an attempt to cancel it out. Once you’ve determined which type of noise cancellation you need, you can then work on finding the headphones that contain the features you need it to contain.

Quality of the Noise Canceling Technology

Let’s face facts, the higher the quality of the noise-canceling technology that’s incorporated into the headphones, the higher they are going to cost. This is especially true if you are trying to get high-quality sound in the headphones as well. While those $30 or $40 headphones may be good for environments that are already on the quiet side, don’t expect them to handle noise work environments all that well. Many of the best models on the market today are in excess of $100 or more.

Wired or Wireless

Another thing that has to be determined is whether you need a wireless pair of headphones or a wired pair of headphones. In all honesty, this really depends on your personal preference, so there is no right or wrong answer here. If you choose a wireless model, be sure to choose one that at least conforms to the Bluetooth 4.1 standard and uses apt X technology. If you’re choosing a wired pair, be sure to choose a model that’s ergonomically designed and won’t pull too much on your ears.

Battery Life

If you choose a wireless model, then you are going to want to choose one with the best battery life as well. Bluetooth headphones use a lot of power by themselves, but when you factor in the active canceling audio processor and microphone, then you are really going to be using some juice. Which is why it’s imperative to choose a model with the best battery life possible.

Sound Quality

Noise cancellation isn’t the only thing you’re going to want out of a pair of headphones. After all, the best noise cancellation isn’t going to be good for much if the audio coming out of the headphones is crap. So be sure to buy a pair of headphones that produce high-quality sound and has sound drivers that are 6mm or bigger.

Additional Features

After you have sorted out the sound quality of the device, the quality of the noise cancellation and whether it’s wired or wireless, now is time to turn your attention to other features. Some of the more common features that can be found on these headphones and earbuds nowadays include multiple ear tips, ear hooks, and inline controls. Notice that I didn’t mention a microphone because on active noise cancellation systems there should already be one on it. The microphone picks up external noises and compensates for them.


As you can clearly see, finding a good pair of headphones equipped with noise-canceling technology doesn’t have to be an ordeal, as long as you do your homework first and shop some of the top brands available. Hopefully, this guide has given you the tools you need to make an educated purchase that you’ll be happy with for years to come and will give you the audio bliss that you’ve been searching for in a pair of earbuds or headphones.