Top 10 Best Pocket Flashlights of 2022 – Reviews

A good flashlight isn’t easy to find, especially with the wide selection available nowadays. The major problem here is the fact that the market has been absolutely flooded with sub-par models over the years, most of them originating from markets that don’t value operational standards or structural integrity too much.

For this reason, you might find it quite hard to figure out which one to buy unless you’re an expert on the matter. To save you the trouble of having to go through everything the market has in store, we put together a list of the ten best pocket flashlights money can buy for you to look at.

Best Pocket Flashlights – Reviews

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10ThruNite Ti3 XPG2R5 LED Flashlight

Even for a typical pocket flashlight, this model comes off as quite small. It works under a LED (longlife-20 years) light bulb that uses a standard AAA battery. With respect to luminosity, it produces 120 lumens. Even with an expensive price tag and lacking a focus that is adjustable, this metal-made flashlight with a miniature OP reflector remains a wonderful lighting option for anyone who doesn’t mind spending that extra buck.

9J5 Tactical Flashlight LED 250 Lumen Ultra Bright

No other accessory will offer you better compactness at such low pricing other than the J5 flashlight. Aside from operating using an AA battery or a rechargeable (14500) cell purchased separately, the fact that it is energy efficient is what sets it apart from the rest. This model utilizes a typical LED bulb that offers 250-lumens worth of luminosity and provides three diverse light modes. The catch of this flashlight, however, is its characteristic zoom adapter. Although it comes in handy by allowing the user to control where the light focuses, it also falls off quite easily.

8Coast HP1 LED Flashlight

Coast HP1 is another useful, compact and small pocket flashlight. It has a properly built aluminum construction and is surprisingly corrosion and water resistant. It offers a slightly lower luminosity of 190 lumens that lasts an approximate 75 minutes as is powered by a rechargeable lithium (14500) cell or an AA battery. Even though on using a typical AA battery allows it to give a meager 96 lumens, it’s easy to use the power button and adjustable focus makes it a reliable lighting option.

7Hausbell 7W Mini-LED Tactical Flashlight (2 Pack)

Hausbell comes next on the list with a small-sized small pocket which can be utilized on a typical key chain. Despite the 7-watt simplicity the flashlight has, it still boasts an astounding 300 lumens output by use of LED bulbs. The flashlight comes with a focus that is adjustable and is made from metal covered with a black-coloured coating.

Moreover, besides its small clamp that eases secure storage, this flashlight comes in a 2-pack provision and for a low price. The only drawback with this model is that its battery spring gets loose and is difficult to fix. Nonetheless, with the model being waterproof and only needing an AA battery or a typical rechargeable (14500) cell, it is really something worth investing in.

6J5 Hyper-V Tactical Flashlight

Next on the list is the Hyper J5 tactical flashlight that is not only perfectly bright but also quite compact. Under the powering of 3 standard AAA batteries, it can provide a 400-lumen output. It is also characterized by an energy efficient LED bulb that reserves the light considerably. Although its switch can be annoying, features such as its metallic body, a focus that is adjustable and multiple modes of lighting make it a must have.

5Lighting EVER Mini LED Flashlight

Lightning EVER makes the list as a small, compact flashlight that is surprisingly pocket-fitting despite being powered by 3 standard AAA batteries. It boasts of a focus system that can be adjusted and provides a light output of up to 140 lumens. It has a lightweight made aluminum body that is characterized by a black-colored coating. Despite its focusing lens appearing as quite loose its waterproof design and the fact that it comes with an amazing adjustable focus makes it a decent choice for a flashlight.

4Streamlight 66318 Micro Pen Light

If you need a reliable appliance that boasts a compact design, then the 66318 Stream light is your ideal choice. Its sleek design resembles a pen and is carved off of impact and water resistant aluminum material. It is accompanied by 2 standard AAA batteries that power and a typical nylon holster. Its maximum illumination output clocks at 90 lumens; a characteristic that is boosted by the model’s LED bulb that is energy efficient meaning it lights up for approximately 6.5 hours.

Nevertheless, it compromises on the button quality with their flimsy and hard to press aspects forming its major flaws, yet still an impressive flashlight as far as its other features go.

3Streamlight 73001 Keychain Mini-LED Flashlight

Small-size factor has been a dominating feature in this list and Stream light 73001takes the levels even higher! It is comfortable when placed in a pocket and also compact enough to be applied to a typical key chain. It has a metal and plastic material mash-up besides requiring only 4 coin cells (IEC-LR41) that light it up for a continuous 8 hour period.

The major drawback with seen with the flashlight is its unimpressive brightness of a mere 10 lumens. Nonetheless, it will come as a console that its LED high energy effective light boasts a characteristic average 100,000 hours lifespan.

2Streamlight 88033 ProTac Flashlight

Streamlight makes the list yet again this time with the 88033 ProTac model. It boasts a waterproof, durable aluminum lightweight construct. To power its LED bulb to its characteristic 155 lumens output, it needs 2 standard AA batteries. Although it is quite exorbitantly priced for a typical pocket flashlight, features such as a focus that is adjustable, a characteristic strobe mode and a typical C4 LED which has an approximate 50,000 hours lifespan.

1J5 Tactical Flashlight V1-PRO 300 Lumen Ultra Bright

Wrapping up the list is a flashlight that is seen among the most reliable ever built – the J5 Tactical flashlight. Besides from being among the brightest out there, producing a 300-lumen output when powered by a standard rechargeable (14500) battery cell, it is both well-built and quite inexpensive.

What’s interesting about this particular flashlight is that it will only reach its maximum output with its rechargeable battery, although it can also accommodate AA batteries. Furthermore, this flashlight is aluminum built and waterproof, features that recommend it for anyone who spends time outdoors on a regular basis.

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Pocket Flashlight Guide

A pocket flashlight can be an essential piece of kit to keep in your toolbox or within reach around the house in the event of  a power cut. A universal product, it’s always good to take on camping trips and hikes. Because there are so many available, you need to make sure you know the best pocket flashlights, from the cheap imitators.

The poor quality products are made from cheap materials and have a reputation for breaking easily but our guide is your best way of buying one that lasts. Everything from power to brightness is discussed.

Why Do I Need A Pocket Flashlight?

Because the big, bulky flashlights that most people have aren’t as portable, pocket flashlights are becoming very popular. So many people like the convenience of having a small, yet powerful light at the ready for hikes as they don’t weigh your bag down.

Other people like to carry them in their bag when they are walking home at night as it gives them a sense of security. The good thing about a pocket flashlight is they can be left in your toolbox or with your fishing equipment and are ready to be used when you need them. With plenty of additional features, they are versatile and more robust than you might think.

What To Look For In A Pocket Flashlight

Depending on yoour intended use, some of the below traits will be more important than others. Features like brightness are universal, so pay attention to this no matter what you need a pocket flashlight for.


All pocket flashlights should be convenient to carry but they do vary in shape. Some are no bigger than a pen whilst others are a bit bulkier, feeling sturdy in your hand. If you re looking for a pocket flashlight to take on a hike, then you might need something more lightweight than someone who wants to keep it with their tools.


This should be important to every user as it is the main function. Depending on your use, a lower brightness might suffice. At 100 lumens a pocket flashlight will be powerful enough to help you find your way around your house in a powercut. Otherwise, something over 250 lumens will help you make your way back to camp when hiking and there are plenty of products that offer 1,000 lumens.

A lot of the time, a stronger brightness means a bulkier product. However, these are still compact and more convenient than a full-sized flashlight.


The small size is the main attraction but for a lot of pocket flashlights, the convenience doesn’t end with being portable. There are pocket flashlights that have hooks to attach the light to your keys so you take it everywhere.

Some will have a rechargeable battery and others have a clip on the handle so they can attach to your trousers. If you are worried about how you would react in an emergency, then some pocket flashlights come with an SOS feature.


There are pocket flashlights that work continuously for hundreds of hours and others can maintain a charge for months when not in use. Of course, any pocket flashlight with changeable settings will drain the battery quicker when using the maximum beam strength.

Most will take common battery sizes allowing you to take spares but if you are going away for a long camping trip, we suggest you find something with longer battery life. There are lots of pocket flashlights with a battery life of well over 50-hours so find something that fits in with your needs.

How Durable Should A Pocket Flashlight Be?

Because they are designed to be used into the great outdoors, a pocket flashlight should be pretty durable. Whether it is stored in your pocket, or the zipper of a hiking bag, it should be impact resistant and durable enough to withstand a drop from a normal height.

Although most of them have some level of slip-resistance, accidents happen but any pocket flashlight with a bit of credability will be made from quality materials.

Plenty of pocket flashlights are waterproof, making them good for people who want to use it whilst night fishing, or for finding their way in the rain.


You can usually tell a quality pocket flashlight by how well it does the basics. A good amount of lumens and a lengthy battery life is a good start.

Now that you know what to look for, you can find the ideal pocket flashlight to take on your next adventure.