Top 10 Best Polaroid Instant Cameras of 2022 – Reviews

While there are some who would consider Polaroid cameras a thing of the past, there is still a high demand for these once revolutionary cameras these days. The main reason why these particular cameras are still popular is because of their ability to develop a finite photograph in just a couple of minutes, which none of the many digital cameras on the market can do, no matter how expensive or cutting edge.

If you’re in the market for a reliable Polaroid Instant Camera, there are a few versions for you to look at, some better than others. To give you some pointers, we put together a list of the ten best Polaroid Instant Cameras out there for you to look at.

Best Polaroid Instant Cameras – Reviews

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10Polaroid Sun 660 Instant Film Camera Autofocus

If you are looking for a Classic Polaroid camera, then this camera is bound to fit the bill. It utilizes a typical 600 Polaroid film similar to other famed classics and comes equipped with automatic focus system which eases its focus on far placed objects or individuals. Also worth mentioning with respect to distance, the 660 Polaroid Camera utilizes a Sonar AF Polaroid system, an inbuilt electronic flash and offers a 3-feet minimum focus.

9Impossible Polaroid 600 Square Black Camera

It should be noted that this camera is a typical old model version of the standard One600 – a camera renowned for its reliability and features. It uses the characteristic instant film (Polaroid 600) and also comes with an LCD digital picture counter.

Moreover, it allows easy access courtesy of its feature setting model display. Finally, not only does it facilitate the effortless taking of quality shots at close proximity (even up to 3 feet), it is equipped with an auto flash that allows you to illuminate pictures any way you wish.

8Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera with ZINK

On their debut, Polaroid cameras made a mark courtesy of their Zero Ink Printing Technology – a feature incorporated in the Polaroid Z340 as well. It uses a sensor (14MP) with a digital zoom (4X), a reader for SD Cards an LCD screen (2.7 inches). This camera has the capacity to instantly capture and subsequently print 3 x 4 full-color photos in less than 60 seconds and as such should be a wonderful selection for taking unlimited superior quality pictures.

7Polaroid One600 Pro Instant 600 Film Camera

Polaroid One600 Pro resembles the One600 in many ways but is designed for a more professional use, hence its rarity. Precisely constructed to aid you to take perfect shots albeit distance or lighting, this camera is a wonderful choice for all outdoor pictures.

It comes equipped with the standard instant photo gratification boasting manual-based exposure control, a focus-free lens that facilitates quality shots even when capturing close objects ( even up to 2-feet close), an LCD digital counter and an auto flash to illuminate pictures as you wish.

6Polaroid One-Step 600 Instant Camera

With the capacity to capture clear pictures even on long distances, One-step 600 comes in a contemporary design plus a focus-free system. It also boasts an exclusive automatic flash allowing a capture range between 2 and 10 feet not to forget the instant images- a Polaroid signature feature. Moreover, this camera provides selectable close-up standard lenses that allow shots ranging from 2 to 4 feet from the focus and uses a 600 Polaroid film to make 3.13 x 3.13 exposures.

5Polaroid One 600 Ultra Instant Film Camera

Similar to its other 600 brand models, One 600 uses Polaroid 60 standard instant film. It also utilizes a typical focus-free lens that enables taking of quality shots on very close objects (even up to 2 feet) from its focus point, a digital picture counter (LCD) and an auto flash system that allows image illumination any preferred manner. Despite ceasing production courtesy of the company, features such as its feature setting exclusive display and instant photo gratification make it an amazing option.

4Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera

Designed in a compact and sleek form, this camera boasts most of the trademark capabilities allied to Polaroid. It gives better gripping for picture capturing with its hand strap (dual position) and a self-timer. Moreover, its feature list includes red-eye reduction, auto exposure, film counter (digital) and an auto flash complimented by override technologies; and most importantly, it gives you a classic old-school Polaroid standard feel.

3Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

This Polaroid camera has a model image sensor of no less than 10 MP, along with a 3-inch LCD display which allows easy image framing and reviewing. Its incorporated printer operates a ZINK technology to allow capturing, editing, and full-color image printing, all under a minute. Additionally, it allows image uploading to all your preferred platforms on social media, which is quite impressive as far as Polaroid cameras go.

2Polaroid 300 Instant Camera PIC-300

Take your pictures and develop them on a superior-quality PoGo Zink exclusive Photo Paper within minutes with the Polaroid PIC-300 camera. This is a newer version of the common instant camera Polaroid models, although in a smaller and more enhanced look. It comes with automatic a flash provision, an electronic shutter (1/60 sec), a self-adjusting capacity, and an auto flashing ability, even in low lighting conditions.

1Polaroid Instant Digital Camera with ZINK

This Instant digital Polaroid camera comes accompanied by 10 PoGo ZINK Polaroid Photo Paper sheets will facilitate the development of significant photos with no major investments on your part. It features tear-proof, peel-off, water resistant, and smudge proof prints along with an automatic optimization feature for an enhanced image quality.

The camera is battery-powered (lithium-ion battery) and boasts an adapter/charger (AC), plus an accompanying USB cable for good measure. What’s more, between snapping to sharing, it takes just under a minute per print.

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