Top 10 Best PS4 Travel Cases of 2022

It has never been easier to take your Play Station console with you than with the help of a reliable travel case. While in the old days, you had no other choice than trying to accommodate your console of choice in a regular bag, the advent of new technologies gave rise to travel cases for a wide variety of electronic devices, with PS4s being among them.

After looking closely at what the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best PS4 travel cases money can buy right now, cases that stand out both through their construction and gaming practicality.

Best PS4 Travel Cases – Reviews

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10Hard EVA Travel Case for Sony PlayStation 4

Thanks to its hard cover, this particular case will protect your PS4 against any sort of unwanted shock or damage. It features two built-in straps to secure the console, four removable drivers to secure the Move Controllers, and two game controllers or other accessories. It also has a built-in divider with six disc pockets to divide the console from any other accessories you might be carrying.

9TekNmotion PS4 Messenger Style Carrying Case

With this travel case, you get no less than five additional disc storage space for better protection when it comes to your favorite games. Another thing to point out is that it features a high-quality material construction with double stitched seams for good measure. Given its design, this case is perfect for any type of travel, be it by air, by train, or by car. To this end, it enjoys a fairly compact design overall.

8USA GEAR PlayStation 4 Pro Case

You always want to check out the construction of any PS4 travel case you’re thinking about buying, which is where this particular case stands out. You see, this case enjoys a durable nylon fabric with a reinforced base and a scratch-resistant padded interior designed to provide safety and security to your console. At the same time, this case features two external pockets that are perfect for carrying any smaller accessories you might be packing.

7Playstation 4 / PS4 Travel Carrying Case

It is important for any PS4 travel case to be sturdy yet flexible, features that best describe this PS4 Travel Carrying Case from Accessory Genie. It features a durable, nylon fabric interior to protect your console against scratches, doing so without affecting the bag’s weight or flexibility. We say this because this case comes with a padded, adjustable shoulder strap that provides a comfortable and easy-carrying option for anyone who’s looking to take their console with them on the road.

6Hyperkin Polygon “The Rook” Travel Carrying Case for PS4

Due to its extra protective padding, this high-quality PS4 case from Hyperkin is bound to stand out among many in its price range. Among its many particularities, we find an extra protective padding interior, modular compartments for added flexibility, a 4 ft. adjustable shoulder strap, a big enough storage for six discs, and a lot more. Not only that but it also secures via two heavy-duty clips and velcro for a perfect fit.

5AMAGLE Carrying Case Travel Bag for PlayStation 4 PS4

This particular travel bag from Amagle stands out by having a main pocket that will hold any PS4 console, even the ones that have been personalized to some extent. Its inside mesh pockets offer a quite spacious solution for up to four game discs while its front pocket can hold two Dualshock wireless controllers, an AC power cord, and any HDMI & USB cables you might have. As you would expect, this case is fully padded so as to provide extra protection for your valuables.

4Hard Case PS4 Bag – Playstation 4 Travel Case

With this travel case, you get the full benefit of multiple compartments while still benefitting from a relatively compact case overall. In this regard, you get a main pocket that will hold your PS4 safely in place, an inside pocket to keep your games secure, and a front pocket to hold two PS4 controllers along with any cables & accessories you might have. All this, while still enjoying the high standard of protection that any fully padded case can offer.

3PS4 Travel Bag – Playstation 4 Travel Case

Similar to the hard case bag we just talked about, this PS4 Travel Bag will hold your PS4 securely in place inside its main pocket while still being capable of accommodating any additional accessories you might have. Speaking of which, this bag comes with an inside pocket to keep your discs safe and a front pocket for your cables and accessories. Not only that but the case itself is padded all over, making it unlikely for your PS4 to take any damage from drops or collisions.

2RDS Industries Inc Game System Case

If you’re looking for an affordable yet highly resistant PS4 case then look no further. The Game System Case from RDS Industries is built to offer both security and convenience while being both lightweight and easy to carry. Due to its convenient mesh inside, it will protect not only the actual console but any other PS4 accessories you might have.

It has to be said that it is also quite spacious overall, as it can accommodate two Dualshock wireless controllers, any PlayStation camera you might own, an AC power cord, and all the cords and cables that usually come with a console.

1GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

This isn’t just a travel case, mind you, but an entire gaming station, one that will enable you to set up any console you might have in just a matter of seconds. As far as its travel-related capabilities go, let us point out that it features storage bags for your controllers, power supplies, and any other accessories you might have.

At the same time, it features a removable center badge on the exterior of the case for future customization purposes. As for its interior, let us point out that it benefits from full LED lighting for added effect. Overall, it is perhaps the best PS4 travel case the market has to offer at this point in time.

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PS4 Travel Case Guide

For some people, the security of their PS4 when traveling is like carrying their baby from A to B. We get it, there is nothing worse than chucking your precious system into a bag and hope for the best. Thankfully, there are plenty of quality products to make transporting your PS4 and additional items such as controllers, games, wires, and beyond easy.

There is no point in buying a cheaply made PS4 travel case though as you can’t put a price on safety here. To help you make a sensible purchase the following guide will tell you what you need to look for.

What To Look For In A PS4 Travel Case


Yes, arguably the most important trait you need to make sure the travel case has is great padding. It should cover all areas, be thick and made from quality materials to give you that extra protection in case accidents happen. If you chuck your PS4 in the bottom of a bag and wrap it in a jumper, it’s not going to withstand a hard ground when dropped on the floor.


No one in their right mind is going to take their PS4 out of the house when it is tipping down outside, but sometimes you get caught short on the way to a friend’s house. When this happens, make sure you have adequate protection against the elements, making a waterproof PS4 travel case is a must.

Being water-resistant might not be enough although it is better than having no protection against spillages or rain.

Multiple Compartments

An important part of any travel case is the amount of storage it has. To make life easier, it is always best if it has multiple compartments to separate your games from your controllers and ensures wires do not get tangled so easily. When it comes to assembling your PS4, it will be a lot quicker when you know where everything is.


When carrying the PS4 travel case, it is always best to have something you can carry over your shoulder or has comfortable straps that make transporting it easy. Be sure to find one with adjustable straps. Not only does it make it more comfortable for you, but when you are walking with the bag too low, it will swing around and bump against your legs which is never a good thing.


To keep everything in place whilst in the travel case, a product that has straps to wrap the console will stop it from moving around and bumping into anything else.


Although this isn’t as important as keeping the PS4 dry and safe, the style might be a deciding factor for you. Thankfully, there are plenty of designs, colors, and styles out there for you to choose from. Some feature the PS4 logo and neat color combinations.

PS4 Travel Case Size

For some people, discretion is important. You don’t always want everyone else knowing you are carrying a PS4. There are a lot of products that manage to securely transport the console without being too bulky. As long as it doesn’t compromise on protection, the more compact carry cases have a lot to offer.

Playstation 4 Slim & Playstation 4 Pro Carry Case

Because there are different sized consoles out there, you need to find a PS4 carry case that will accomodate the version you have. Most products are good to go with all variants but it is always best to check the dimensions on yours before you make a purchase.

PS4 Carry Case Materials

These can vary depending on the brand but nylon always seems to be a popular material for PS4 carry cases. You can also find sturdily built plastic outers that have padded foam inside. These look like they mean business and although they are a bit bulky and not as appealing to the eye, they are durable.

Can I Carry My PS4 In The Original Box?

Whilst it will certainly fit comfortably, the rest of your games and accessories might not. Let’s not neglect the fact that it is also blazoned with the logo and draws a lot of attention to the console. A PS4 carry case is discreet and gives you better protection.


The main thing you need is for the carry case to be scratch resistant, waterproof, have lots of compartments and be good value. For many people, anything else will be a bonus but if you make sure you give your PS4 an added layer of protection, it should stay in the same condition it left the house in without a problem.