Top 8 Best Remote Control Cars for Kids in 2022 – Reviews

Traditionally, remote control cars have always been the best possible gifts you can give to a child, be it for Christmas of for their birthday. For young children, the very idea of being able to control a toy remotely is nothing short of wizardry, which is why they draw so much enjoyment out of it.

It therefore comes as no surprise that they are among the most popular gifts for children everywhere, toys that work to not only entertain your children but to also stimulate their cognitive development in the process. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best remote control cars for kids you can get in this economy.

Best Remote Control Cars for Kids – Reviews

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Forget typical remote controlled cars, give your kid an adventurous experience with the X9 Quadcopter with a Quadcopter Drone. While other cars are stuck on rough terrain, this ingenious RC car will simply fly over it. The wheel comes supporting extension rods (4) which are embedded with rotor blades designed to lift it.

The car also has 2 modes – fly and land, in addition to expert and beginner models for full control. Moreover, its quadcopter capacity allows it to complete a full 360-degree flip. Although the complexity of this car is good for the imagination and hand-eye coordination of your kid, it is ideal for kids around the age of 12.


If you have an 8-year-old kid that wants an off-roader that is easy to control, then the Newer 2.4 Hz Racing Car is what you need to buy him. It has sturdy rubber tires that boast deep treads to assure superb traction over all types of terrains whether rocky, sandy or tarmac. For every wheel is a self-sufficient suspension system that boosts ground contact.

Moreover, it is equipped with shock-proofing technology for safeguarding all complex electronics housed by the crawler. Finally, it has a powerful motor that can propel this crawler on steep grounds getting to 90 degrees. With this crawler, your kids boost their hand-eye coordination and work on their imagination.


While simple toys may not excite older kids, Monster Truck RC Off-road Electric car is the ideal gift for your teenage kids. Boasting speeds of 35mph+ and a highly efficient and powerful motor (GP Brush 390), this is only recommended for kids with exceptional reflexes. Additionally, it also comprises ball bearings, steering servos, S-truck technology, and suspension system and a 2WD system.

With this, it guarantees brilliant performance, handling and even control. Its radio transmission (2.4 GHz) covers a 100-meter radius as it runs on sponge inserts-filled rubber tires making it an ideal racing vehicle. This car does not only help your kid in developing problem-resolution skills but also enhances their creativity.


On its 2013 debut, Veneno broke the world recorded for most expensive in the category of production cars selling at staggering $4.5 million. For the majority that cannot afford it, experience the hype that comes with it by purchasing its replica 1/24 scale model for your kid.

It comes with a similar design and styling as the original with a 10mph maximum speed. Other than its amazing radio transmission distance covers a 30 to the 40-meter radius, it conversely needs a flat and smooth surface for smooth riding owing to its low ground characteristic clearance. Other than imparting imagination, role-playing and hand-eye coordination abilities, it can serve as a stunning display piece.


Boasting 2 very powerful driving motors plus and a similarly powerful steering powerhouse, R/C Rock Crawler is a terrain conquering beast for kids between 8 and 15 years. It is equipped with large tires having deep treads to guarantee maximum grip in addition to anti-skid. It can function in virtually all terrains including the beach, grassy settings, and rocky grounds among others.

Finally, its tri-channel transmitter accommodates 3 kids playing simultaneously each with their Maisto RC vehicles. Its streamlined body and large tires are suitable for all terrains. It works well in helping kids boost their imagination and hand-eye coordination.


Designed for kids with a minimum age of 3 years, HAK101 Invincible Haktoys Tornado Twister is among the best remote controlled toy cars for preschoolers and toddler. It is equipped with an exclusive 3-point standard ax system that ensures it continues to run as other RC cars do even on your kids tumbling the car upside down- a unique feature that sets it apart from other RCs.

In addition, besides its numerous effects from its LED lights, a 2-3 hour charge can allow a 15-minute playtime. Its LED lights illustrations together with stunts make it an exciting RC car that can not only spark creativity in your kids but also boost their imagination while developing their brain.


Best for kids between ages 3 and 6, My Easy Fischer-Price RC Vehicle is designed to offer toddlers, preschoolers and fairly young kids the opportunity to enjoy and experience the joys of playing with remote controlled cars. It assumes an F1 racer car design although it is refined to suit toddlers.

As such, it does not have small components or sharp edges that can injure young children. It is controlled by blue radios that comprise arrows for direction, therefore, easing its use. It is a wonderful way to enhance the hand-eye coordination of your kids, their motor skills, and spatial intelligence. Moreover, the bright colors also play a role in assisting color recognition.


If you have an 8-year old that gets excited at the site of the ‘prancing horse’, then the Ferrari LaFerrari 1/14 Scale Model Car is the ideal gift for them. It is equipped with exclusive features resembling the original Ferrari such as an ergonomic steering wheel, signature butterfly doors (which open just like the typical scissor-type doors of real Ferrari cars), and a sturdy construction that enables them to take a fair amount of abuse before showing any signs of damage.

We should point out that its remote covers a 30-feet radius, during which the car can reach a considerable 10 mph speed. Last but not least, it boasts a self-sufficient spring system and completely functional lights for good measure.

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Remote Control Cars Buying Guide

A remote control car makes an excellent gift or an investment into your weekends as you enjoy the fun-filled driving and community that comes with owning a quality remote control car. Of course, there are so many different types and aspects to consider when buying your first, or even second product and the recipient is just one part.

The more experienced owner will want something a little more high-performing that can be taken off-road to compete on tracks. This will come with its own requirements that go well beyond good handling. A lot of RC’s are purchased for kids and are a great way of getting some quality bonding time between parent and child.

Whatever you think of remote-controlled cars, we have clarified the traits and aspects you should consider before buying.

Remote Control Cars: The Practical Stuff


Some of the design is a matter of opinion. Younger children will only care about the colour of their remote-controlled car, although you want to be sure to get this right before buying! Slightly older kids, and adults alike will probably want a specific type of vehicle, whether this an RC sized sports car, monster truck design, or a traditional looking RC, these are all things to take into consideration.

Battery Life

It doesn’t matter if you are racing them or just taking it down the park, a quality RC needs to have good battery life. something that lasts half an hour might be enough for a quick trip out every now and then, but if you intend to race your remote-controlled car, you’re going to need something that lasts a bit longer.

Something else to consider is charge time. You will inevitably spend more time waiting for it to charge but if done overnight, you can always use it when you want to. Our tip would be to use a rechargeable battery, and most quality RC’s come with them.


This is where you need to be sure you are buying an age-appropriate RC. Younger kids that are prone to putting small objects in their mouths should be kept away from batteries and small parts.


This is more about the materials used but keep in mind that most RC’s will come up against a certain level of abuse. They will crash, fall, bang and move at high speeds as they do so which is why it is important to find a durable product. The last thing you want is for it to stop working on the first use so keep an eye out for a warranty as well as the quality of the build.


Because most RC enthusiasts use their RC around other people who take theirs for a spin, you need to make sure it has anti-interference technology. The last thing you want is to lose control and crash at speed for something that can easily be avoided.

Remote Control Cars: The Fun Stuff


Anyone looking to race their RC will know how important speed is. Acceleration can be vital and the rasping noise of the device as it works hard can be addictive. The faster they go, the more you are going to need a responsive RC that has good handling so keep in mind that although the manufacturer says it can go fast, there are other factors to consider as well.

The Remote

How you control your RC is all down to the type of remote it uses. the standard remotes are often easier to use, and more forgiving for less experienced drivers. Still, there are others that get more complex where the user can control the throttle with more sensitive control.

Consider your skill level at this point and keep an eye out for vehicles that can be controlled via Bluetooth as this means you can use your phone. This will no doubt be a challenge for younger children. They might prefer a button controlled RC that is simple and can be more enjoyable.


Some RC’s are designed to be taken off-road and can be used on both sides meaning it can flip upside down and still drive without the need to turn it over. These are often made more durable as more stunts mean more bumps.


When buying a remote-controlled car, you need to consider what terrain you are most likely to use it on. Are you taking it on a dirt track where it is going to need 4WD or is it going to spend most of its life on the tarmac paths around the local park? In order to get the most enjoyment out of an RC, you need to make sure it can keep up with the demands you put on it.