Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones for TV of 2022 – Reviews

If your late night television viewing is disturbing your partner or you want to watch what you want to watch without disturbing the entire household, then you might want to consider buying wireless headphones for TV. These type of headphones come in a variety of different styles with a number of different options and can help give you the television privacy that you desire.

And if you think that your particular television won’t work with a pair of these headphones, or if you think they are too hard to set up, then you need to dispel both of these notions immediately. These types of headsets can be used with just about any TV and they can often be set up in only a matter of moments. Now that all of your excuses have been dispelled, it’s time to consider the 10 best wireless headphones for TV.

Wireless Headphones for TV

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10Sony MDRRF985RK RF Headset

These headphones quickly and easy set up to and provide cord-free listening using FM technology. They have large 40mm sound drivers that allow the full range of sound from your favorite television programs and dramas to be transmitted to your headset and also has and has a headband that’s easy-to-adjust and very comfortable. Another key feature of these headphones is they have a noise reduction system that weeds out extra noises from the signal that could interfere with crystal-clear audio transmission. It’s also set up with automatic tuning that ensures that you get the best signal reception possible.

9Artiste Television Headphones With UHF RF Transmitter

These headphones can not only be used with television sets but can also be used with stereos and computers as well. It uses UHF RF technology with a 2.4GHz signal that can penetrate walls and floors up to a 100-feet, unlike headphones which rely on radio or Bluetooth technologies. This allows it to be used not only in the same room as the device but all over the house, and even outside if the mood strikes. Which means that you never have to miss a second of listening to your programs no matter if you’re doing the dishes, washing the car or gardening.

8Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear RF Headphone With Charging Dock

These headphones are lightweight, easy-to-use and come with a wireless transmitter that also doubles as a charging dock. It uses 2 AAA NIMH rechargeable batteries and can be used from a distance of approximately 300-feet, even through walls, floors, and other obstructions. A key feature of this device is that is can connect along with additional headphones so multiple users can purchase headphones separately and use them with its wireless transmitter. In fact, up to 100 other headphones can be connected to the transmitter for additional people. Other features of these headphones include the ability to connect to devices using either a 3.5mm or 6.3mm headphone jack or by using an RCA cable.

7Cowin E7 Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones With Microphone

Designed to be used with Bluetooth enabled TV transmitters, which are sold separately, these headphones can provide high-quality sound and wireless freedom. They have large 40mm sound drivers that deliver a nice range of mid-notes and nice deep bass notes. It also has 90-degree swiveling ear cups which have protein ear pads and are comfortable and long-term use. Other features of these headphones include 30-hours of playtime per charge and active noise-canceling technology which helps block out surrounding noise and allow the listener to immerse themselves in their favorite TV drama. When used with the proper accompanying equipment and in particular situations, these headphones are a good pair to use for watching television without disturbing the people around you.

6Mono Deal Wireless Universal TV RF Headset

With an intelligent transmitter that comes equipped with an auto turn-off feature and also doubles as a charging stock, these wireless TV headphones are a good choice for husbands who want to listen to the game while their wives are sleeping or for the hearing impaired to use instead of cranking up the television volume. It features 3 RF signal channels that allow interference-free reception, even though floors, ceilings, and walls. All up to a distance of 164-feet. And it can run up to 25-hours on a single battery charge. Other features of these headphones include a low-latency to eliminate audio delay, soft comfortable pads and large 40mm sound drivers that are equipped with built-in bass boost.

5Avantree Wireless Plug & Play Headset and Bluetooth Transmitter Set

These plug & play wireless Bluetooth headphones and transmitter set have everything a person needs to listen to their television or personal computer, no pairing required. The transmitter can be connected to a television using either optical jacks, 3.5mm jacks or using RCA jacks. The Bluetooth headphones connect immediately to this transmitter and will work up to 40-hours on a single charge and send audio up to 90-feet. The headphones don’t have to be used with the transmitter, however. It can also be paired separately with a smartphone, a game system or a laptop. This set is good for gamers and anyone who needs to connect wirelessly to their television.

4Noontec Hammo Headphones With Docking Base

This headphone and docking base allows users to listen to their favorite television programs wirelessly without having to worry about disturbing others. It can be connected to televisions which have either an RCA audio out jack or a 3.5mm audio out jack. It uses digital wireless technology that’s resistant to most RF interference and is superior to other wireless technologies. With a low latency, listeners can rest assured that the audio will match up perfectly with the video on your television without any of the lag that’s common with other types of headsets. This ensures accurate and clear sound that will enable the user to enjoy their TV programs or movies in a whole new way.

3Mpow Thor Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones With Mic

Although they would have to be paired with a compatible transmitter to use the Bluetooth portion of this headset, it is also possible to connect them to a TV using an audio cable and plugging it into a 3.5mm audio out jack on the television. However, using one of these two methods to listen to TV broadcasts isn’t the only way to use this headphone. Users can use it to play music, which is sharp and clear thanks to their 40mm sound drivers, or to listen to a show they are streaming on their phone. And speaking of phones, since these headphones also have a built-in mic, they can be used for hands-free calling.

2Sennheiser RS 175 RF Headphone System

This wireless headset and transmitter system is a good solution for anyone looking to listen to their favorite shows and programs privately. They can be connected to the TV via an optical port or through an analog 3.5mm audio out jack. When connected, these headphones have a range of approximately 90 to 100-feet, although obstructions such as walls may cause interference with the unit. This headphone also features surround sound and bass-boost listening modes and is fairly easy to set up and use. One final thing to mention about this headphone system is that a second set of Sennheiser RS 175 headphones can be used with this transmitter, although it would have to be purchased separately. This allows 2-people to listen to the same TV program at the same time.

1Mpow 059 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones With Built-in Mic

While these headphones aren’t specifically designed for TV listening, they can be used for that purpose in a number of different ways. The user can purchase a Bluetooth enabled wireless transmitter separately, which could then be attached to the television or it can be attached to a television using the TV’s headphone out jack. This headphone has really comfortable memory-protein ear cushions which are designed to simulate human skin texture and a battery that can provide up to 20-hours of listening time. It also has a padded headband that can be adjusted to fit the wearer’s head and also has a foldable design.


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What to Consider While Buying the Best Wireless Headphones for TV

While headphones that attach to smartphones, MP3 players, and stereo systems can be purchased and set up without much thought, that isn’t necessarily the case with television headphones. There are a number of things that need to be considered before purchasing these type of headphones to ensure that the whole process is as easy as possible. Here are some features that you should look while you’re purchasing these headphones.

How Do They Connect to the TV? 

One of the main things that have to be sorted out before you purchase a headset for your TV is how it connects to the television. At first thought, it seems pretty easy, but on closer inspection, it can be a bit tougher than anticipated. Some headsets work with some TVs right out of the box, others need special transmitters and connectors, while still others may not even work with older televisions. For example, a pair of Bluetooth headphones isn’t going to work with a television (unless it happens to have Bluetooth) without some form of transmitter that connects to it. This can be a Bluetooth transmitter or even a sound bar or a streaming device that has Bluetooth enabled.

Some headsets, however, already come with a base unit that attaches to the TV. But even in this case, you have to make sure that the base unit is capable of connecting to your TV. Some base units need a digital audio port to plug into, while others can use an RCA jack or even a 3.5mm stereo out jack. Just be sure that when you find a model that will connect to your TV, you take the time to find out if it comes with the cables needed to make the connection or if you have to purchase them separately. Once you’ve done that you can then consider if the unit broadcasts audio in the way that you want it to.

How Do They Broadcast Audio?

When it comes to how audio is broadcast from your television to a pair of headphones, you basically have three different categories to choose from. There are Bluetooth models, RF models, and Infrared models. Of course, all of these options have their own pros and cons, so it pays to take a little bit of time to decide which one works for you. Here are some of the pros and cons of the various broadcasting methods.

Bluetooth Headphones


  • Can pair easily with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Frequency is secure
  • Have limited interference


  • Audio may be lag on older Bluetooth devices
  • May need a special transmitter
  • Better suited for listening on mobile audio devices than TV

RF Headphones


  • Often has a longer range
  • Multiple headphones can be used on a single transmitter
  • RF signals can travel through walls


  • May be susceptible to interference

Infrared Headphones


  • No radio interference
  • Good sound quality
  • No audio lag


  • Limited range of use
  • Requires a clear line of sight
  • Can’t transmit through walls

Battery Life

Another thing worth looking out is just how long the batteries last and how they are recharged. Some of these headphones will only last about 4-hours on a single charge, while other may last 24-hours or longer. It all depends on the type of headphones you choose.

It’s also important to consider how the batteries are recharged. While many models comes with a base set that charges the batteries when the headphones are “parked,” other models use rechargeable AA or AAA batteries that have to be taken out and thrown in your own battery charger. Be sure to read product description carefully before purchasing.

One Last Detail

There is one last consideration to make before purchasing a headset that’s going to be used for watching television and that’s sound quality. Some models are plain models that just deliver mono sound and may not have the sound quality you want, so be sure to be careful. Also, even if you get a model that supports advanced sound features, it still doesn’t mean that you’re getting that quality of sound if you’re not using the right kind of connection method for supporting digital sound. For instance, you can expect to get high-definition surround sound while using a headphone jack on your TV. It’s just not going to happen, so consider the equipment against your particular needs. If you do that, then you’ll get the pair of headphones that you want and will serve you well.