Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones Under 100 of 2022 – Reviews

Headphones with wireless capabilities have transformed the lives of many people. It has freed them from their sources of music and has allowed them to head out into the world without having to be tethered to their MP3 players or CD players. They have also transformed the world of game play, allowing gamers to move more freely as they play their favorite games.

And since wireless headphones under 100 dollars are now pretty common, just about anyone can enjoy this freedom. Of course, it still depends on whether they can find the best ones that are out there. Which is the purpose of this guide. To allow music fans to seek out and secure the best wireless headphones under 100 dollars. And it will start with the following top ten models.

Best Wireless Headphones Under 100

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10Beyution Over-the-Ear Headset With Mic

While this headset isn’t specifically a wireless model because it can also be used as a wired headphone, its wireless capabilities are what really allows it to shine. It uses rechargeable lithium batteries that allow up to 8-hours of music to be listened to and also features a microphone that can be used for call functions, as long as its used in wireless mode. This headphone set can also stay in standby mode for up to 180-hours, which makes it useful for people who want to have their music close by but want to listen to it on their own schedule. Using Bluetooth technology, this wireless headset easily connects to most smartphones, laptops, and PCs.

9Skull Candy Uproar Headphone With Mic and Remote

Manufactured by a company that’s become a household name known for designing high-quality headsets, this Uproar headset can connect with just about any Bluetooth enabled device including MP3 players, smartphones, modern CD players, and PCs. It can then play music up to 10-hours on a full battery charge. These headphones feature and on board Mic and remove, so it’s easy to change tracks or taking a phone call. And since it’s available in a variety of different colors, it’s sure to go with just about anyone’s style, as they enjoy its faithful and crisp audio quality.

8Sound Peats In-Ear Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Combining the streamlined style and value of in-ear headphones with the functionality and convenience of Bluetooth headphones, these wireless headphones have all of the features that an audiophile would want. It fits on the listener’s head and is very comfortable to wear, even during extending music playing sessions. Each of the earpieces has built-in magnets in, so when it’s not being used they can be placed together and it can be worn like a necklace—making it convenient to take out in public. And since it used Bluetooth 4.1 and APTX, it will connect to two devices simultaneously.

7Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth In-Ear Headsets With Mic

Ideal for fitness enthusiasts who want their headphones to work as hard as they do, this pair of headphones has all of the features required to allow it to hold up to the rigors of the gym or for a daily run around the block. It’s durable and sweat-proof, so it can’t be damaged by sweater workouts and is even designed to stand-up against rain. It fits securely into most people’s ears and has magnetic earpieces that allow it to be conveniently worn around the neck. Other features of this headphone include 8mm speakers, bullet-shaped memory foam tips and the ability to connect to compatible Bluetooth devices.

6Mpow Thor Foldable Headphones with Mic

Equipped with a number of features that will make it a great headset for both audiophiles and casual music lovers alike, this Mpow Thor wireless headphones is a nice mix of style and function. It features 40mm sound drivers that deliver great bass notes and crisp high notes and a CSR chip with a low latency to improve audio output. Another great feature of this headset is that it charges in only about 3-hours but will play the listener’s favorite music or audio books for up to 8-hours. With a built-in mic, this headset is also good for making phones and can connect to compatible Bluetooth devices up to 33-feet away.

5Mpow H1 Over-Ear Lightweight Headphones

These H1 Bluetooth headphones have an over-the-ear design with fully-wrapped ear cushions that help to block out the noisy world and allow the listener to totally immerse themselves in their favorite songs or audio books. It’s lightweight, weighing only 7.5-ounces, and is lighter than many of the other Mpow headphones currently on the market. These headphones have an extended battery capacity that provides up to 20-hours of music and also have a microphone so they can be used to make calls as well. Other features of these headphones include a 3.5mm audio cable that can be used when the battery runs low and a foldable design that makes it easy to take on the go.

4Mpow Waterproof IPX7 Noise Canceling Headsets

These earbuds are not only waterproof to IPX7 standards, which means they not only are protected against sweat but are also protected even if the user drops them in water, but they are also durable enough to withstand day-to-day use as well. Durability isn’t the only thing these earbuds have going for them, however. They also have a wide range of features which will make them useful to just about anyone. They are comfortable and easy-to-wear, even for long periods, and have an average 9-hour play time on only a 1.5-hour charge. Other features worth mentioning about these headphones a CSR chip, improved ear hooks and a built-in microphone.

3Gejin Bluetooth 4.1 Noise-Canceling Headphones

This high-quality ear bud uses CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology that blocks out outside noises and allows listeners to enjoy their music without distraction. It’s also designed to be ergonomic so that it’s comfortable to wear for long periods and is also sweat-proof, so it can be worn while working out. And since these ear buds have a built-in microphone and controls that allow it to be used for taking calls. With only 2-hours of charge time, these ear buds can provide up to 6-hours of music listening or call time. All of the features pale in comparison, however, is its high-definition sound quality which provides high-quality high notes and deep bass notes, despite the sound drivers being smaller than over-the-ear headphones.

2Mpow 059 Over-Ear Hi-Fit Headset

These Mpow headphones are designed to not only deliver high-quality sound but are also manufactured to be comfortable as well. After all, it doesn’t matter how high quality the sound a headset’s speakers provides if the listener doesn’t want to wear the headphones in the first place. It also has a built-in microphone that allows hand’s free calling and passively cancels out outside noises. Other features of this headset include a 13-hour play time, a 2-hour charge time and 40mm drivers that provide beautiful sound reproduction. This makes these headsets great for listening to music while working out or for taking calls at the office.

1Rotuyes IPX7 Waterproof Headset

Manufactured with an IPX7 rating so that it’s waterproof and designed with V4.1 wireless technology that allows it to connect with devices up to 30-feet away, this headset is perfect for a wide variety of uses. Since it’s waterproof, it will hold up to sweat if it’s used in the gym and rain if it’s used while jogging. It also can be used to make calls at the office thanks to its equipped microphone and CVC 6.0 noise suppression technology. Other features of this headset include a lithium polymer battery that provides up to 8-hours of active use time or 240-hours of standby time and charges in under 2-hours.


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How to Find the Best Wireless Headphones Under 100 Dollars

When shopping for a wireless set of headphones, you would think it would be pretty easy and that it would be a pretty straight-forward experience. However, that isn’t always the case. That’s because there are a number of things to consider before you purchase a pair of these headphones, especially if you are trying to do it within a budget. While the technology behind these headsets has been around for quite some time now, improvements are constantly being made. Which makes it extremely important to take a few steps back and to look at wireless headphones in a fresh way. Here are some things that need to be considered.

The Different Types of Wireless Technology

While most people are familiar with Bluetooth when it comes to headphones, there are actually two other wireless technologies that are still being used today and the first one is infra-red. Yes, the technology that can be found in remote controls and is assumed to be extinct in headphones by many people still exists. While it might be alright for line-of-sight transmission of music, it isn’t very powerful and may have to be used at a certain angle to keep from dropping the audio source. Not my idea of a good time, so I would generally avoid these type of wireless models. The second wireless technology to speak of is radio frequency models. These are fairly powerful and have a range of about 150-feet but headphone models with this feature tend to be a bit more expensive than other types, so that really leaves us with just one plausible wireless technology to speak of and that’s Bluetooth.

While Bluetooth only has an effective range of 30-feet, which is 20% of the range of radio-frequency models, it does have a number of advantages. For example, it’s an inexpensive technology so $100 headsets are usually equipped with it. But that’s not its greatest asset, however. No, it’s desirable because it has the widest level of compatible with audio sources than just about any model of headphone. It can be paired with game consoles, MP3 players, laptops, PCs, televisions and a wide range of other devices. And this makes it a natural choice for inexpensive headsets.

Bluetooth Specification

While Bluetooth wireless devices have been increasing in popularity, there are a few problems with the technology – especially with Bluetooth specifications below 4.0. Devices equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 were notorious for producing poor sound quality that was harsh and heavy. It was also known for having a high latency, which means that there was a delay between the transmission of the sound and when it started picking it up. This could cause problems such as the audio on a movie not syncing up with the video and was terribly annoying. The reason for this is because Bluetooth wasn’t originally designed for high definition audio transmission, so it had to evolve over the years.

And that’s why it’s important to choose at least Bluetooth 4.0. That should be the minimum specification that you select. However, if you can you may also want to buy a pair of headsets that also have the 4.0 APTX or the 5.0 specification. The result would be a better sound quality and improved latency.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important consideration. After all, the whole point of wireless headphones is to give the listener the ability to move around a bit, an advantage which is ruined if it has to be recharged constantly. Most headphones built nowadays, at least among the quality models, have a battery life of 8 to 13 hours, although there are models that offer a longer battery life. Be sure to choose a model that takes anywhere from 1.5-hours to 3-hours. Also look at the standby time of the battery. Some models today have impressive standby times (a time it can sit stored without being used) of up to 240-hours.

An important thing to keep in mind when looking at battery life is how you’re going to use the headphones. If you are going to use them at a higher volume or at a distance that pushes their Bluetooth range, then the battery life is going to be shortened. Also keep in mind that if it’s possible to turn off Bluetooth on your headset model, then you should do so before you store it. Bluetooth is a notorious battery drainer.