Top 10 Best Wireless Speakers of 2019 – Reviews

Wireless speakers have grown a lot in popularity over these past few years and understandably so. These devices can connect to almost any Bluetooth-activated device, including most smartphones and tablets on the market today.

Given their compact and portable device, people seem to be drawn to them more and more as our society’s love for wireless devices grows further still. Having said that, let us find out what are the ten best wireless speakers money can buy.

Best Wireless Speakers – Reviews

10CRAIG CHT941 Tower Speaker System

Popular with music lovers across the globe, CRAIG CHT941 is both a Bluetooth-enabled and portable wireless speaker boasting an HD (high-definition) audio system which works well both outdoors and indoors. It is powered by batteries (12-hour playtime), comes with 2 x 3W high-performance acoustic drivers which significantly boost sound quality and also comes with an inbuilt microphone that allows you to complete hands-free calls.

It also boasts professional tuned NFC 50mm drivers which generate dynamic and clear audio, besides boating top-grade technology (Bluetooth 3.0) which pairs with numerous device types.

9Proscan PSB350BT Wireless Sound Bar

The Proscan PSB350BT Wireless Sound Bar is a black themed durable Bluetooth speaker that generates full-range and clear sound both outdoors and indoors. It is travel-worthy and compact characterized by an activation system (novel voice) which eliminates manual pairing necessity. It also enjoys a surprisingly versatile construction that recommends it for almost any Bluetooth-activated device.

8Sony HT-CT80 Soundbar Home Speaker

You can expect this particular soundbar to perform just as well as any high-end speaker out there, not just because of its features but thanks to its overall construction as well. We say this because the HT-CT80 is perhaps one of the most durable home speaker systems ever made. Connectivity-wise, let us point out that it will connect to virtually any Bluetooth-activated device and that it will showcase a truly impressive sound quality.

7iLive ITP152B Vertical Sound Bar

For anyone that wants to enjoy superior quality sound devoid of cluttering space, this portable, compact outdoor wireless speaker packed with Bluetooth 4.0 advanced technology fulfills the requirements.

Furthermore, this quality speaker system features state of the art audio drivers that boost sound quality to an impressive standard, not to mention projecting immersive and loud listing outdoors and indoors experience. Finally, it enjoys a construction that makes it not only setup but easy to store as well.

6Samsung HW-J370 Wireless Audio Soundbar

A wireless, portable and Bluetooth-enabled speaker, this speaker is for anyone that wants to play loud music anywhere. The Samsung HW-J370 speaker also comes with a battery-powered powerful design which continually runs for an uninterrupted 30 hours. Its accompanying NFC speaker is both clear and loud. Moreover, it also comes with a microphone that allows hands-free calls and a white plastic casing that is not only striking but also durable and stain-resistant.

5LG Electronics SH7B Sound Bar

A powerful and compact Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, the SH7B Sound Bar enjoys an ingenious design which generates concise highs not to mention improved bass. It is simple to make use of, comes with an inbuilt microphone to allow hands-free calling, and has total high-performance acoustic drivers which further enhance its sound quality. It is also accompanied by a 2000mAh rechargeable 10-hour battery and superior quality components.

4Samsung HW-J355 Soundbar

Coming in with a superb, portable design, the Samsung HW-J355 is a never failing wireless speaker. Besides form featuring a Bluetooth adapter which reliably pairs with a host of devices, it is also clear, loud and comes with a characteristic 3.5mm jack for ear installing. Moreover, besides allowing listening of Mp3music through it inbuilt memory slot, it also allows carrying out hands-free calls effectively and at minimal tussle.

3Pyle 300 Watt Bluetooth Soundbar

To have a fulfilling sound experience both indoors and outdoors without spending a fortune, Pyle 300 Watt Bluetooth Soundbar is an ideal budget speaker that exhibits a Bluetooth 5-watt wireless adapter which is compatible with virtually any Bluetooth accessory. Other than this, it comes with a superb connection range (30 ft.), is durable, and has an exclusive passive radiator not to forget its speaker driver (5w) that boosts dynamic sound ranges as enjoyed by the user.

2VIZIO SB3851-C0 Sound Bar

Both durable and equipped with a powerful and reliable Bluetooth connection that allows media streaming between various gadgets, SB3851-C0is among the finest available speakers. Aside from being durable, it also generates quality sound with clear highs and an immersive base.

What’s more, it is characterized by a black aesthetic theme which is fade-resistant not to mention a portable compact design that is useful for frequent travelers. Finally, it has a connect-and-utilize system that is quite convenient not to mention its innovative design that is fairly durable compared to its competition and complemented by a battery pack (5-8 hour functional time) characterized by an exclusive status indicator.

1PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker

This particular speaker is a Bluetooth-enabled exclusive model equipped with enhanced digital technologies which not only connect with but also works amazingly well with a host of modern devices. It boasts a stunning black theme, is durable and has a quality speaker system which produces loud HD sound (6W + 6W) with a deep and pristine base.

It has 40mm premium drivers that boost both its outdoor and indoor sound quality to an impressive standard. Additionally, this speaker is not only exceptionally receptive (up to 33 feet) but it is also quite affordable given its impressive features.

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