Top 9 Best Workout Headphones of 2022 – Reviews

While exercise is an important endeavor that keeps our bodies and minds healthy, it can also be quite lonely and hard to focus while working out. Which is why so many people decide to use workout headphones while they’re on the elliptical, treadmill or while jogging the deserted city streets at dawn. A good pair of headphones will not only provide the user with companionship but will also help keep them focused on their workout goals.

Before they can be motivated by their favorite performers, however, workout junkies are going to have to find the best workout headphones for their particular needs. One that’s comfortable to wear, does a great job of playing music and is reasonably priced. With those characteristics in mind, we’ve selected ten headphone models we think are really going to serve their purpose well.

Best Workout Headphones

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9Bear Two Wireless Sweat-Proof Earbuds

Shipped in a protective case and equipped with a number of features which makes it useful to just about anyone who is physically active. They are designed to be sweat-proof, which means they’ll hold up to even the most intense workout and have a long-lasting battery that can deliver up to 3-hours of music at a time. The sound which is produced by these earbuds are better than comparable models thanks to the technologies which have been integrated into them including Bluetooth 4.1 and CVC noise-canceling 6.0.

These headphones are also comfortable to wear for long workout sessions and are completely wireless so the user never has to put up with a tangled cable mess. And if the wearer wants to share their audio with another person, they can simply give them one of the earbuds to listen to while they use the other one. This makes them useful both in and out of the gym and should provide the wearer with a reliable way to play their favorite music or audio books.

8All Cart Sports Wireless Stereo Earphones With Microphone

These earphones are designed to deliver high-quality sound with crisp highs and powerful bass notes to the wearer and do it while they’re on the go. They are specifically engineered for those with active lifestyles and are made with a number of features which allows them to stand up to daily workouts. They are not only made from high-quality components but are also designed to be sweat-proof up to IPX7 standards. And they also have flexible earbuds which are not only comfortable to wear but also allow the earphones to stay in place. Finally, these headphones are also equipped with CVC noise-cancellation technology, a built-in microphone and inline controls that can be used for making hands-free phone calls, change volume and switch tracks.

7Bluephonic Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

These headphones are designed for busy people who are constantly on the go. They have Bluetooth 4.1 capability that can connect to an audio source up to 33-feet away and thanks to apt X compression can broadcast high-quality HD sound to the user. Since these headphones are equipped with a lithium-ion battery they can deliver up to 8-hours of sound on a single 2-hour charge and can display how much battery-life they have left through an iOS battery level display on the user’s phone, if equipped.

Sound quality is excellent on these headphones and they deliver deep bass notes, crisp high notes and a wide range of middle notes easily and effectively. Another great innovation that can be found on these headphones is its high-definition microphone which can be used to make calls and delivers user’s voice with crystal-clear clarity. And since these headphones conform to the IPX7 waterproof standard, users can rest assured that their sweat won’t destroy these headphones.

6Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones for Running

Sound quality is one of the top concerns of most people when they’re looking for a pair of running headphones. They want a pair that will deliver the rich low-end notes and the crisp high notes they want and without making their music sound tinny or like it’s coming out of a bullhorn. Fortunately, these Phaiser headphones not only deliver that level of sound quality but they also do it while adding quite a few other important features. These lightweight universal headphones deliver HD sound thanks to its high-quality speakers and can easily hook to just about any device thanks to it adhering to the Bluetooth 4.1 standard. Another thing that makes these headphones pretty good for runners or other athletes is that they are designed to be not only light but also to hold up to even the roughest of conditions. They can endure just about any workout and are also waterproof. Which makes them an ideal earphone solution for the athlete who just won’t quit.

5Phaiser Tecton BHS-730 Bluetooth Earphones With Mic

These sports headphones are not only a good pair of headphones that are ideal for active users, but they are sort of also a kit. What I mean is that they come with a variety of little accessories which make them useful to the user and these include a carrying case, 3-pairs of earbud tips, 3 pairs of wing attachments, 2 collar clips, a charging cable, 2 cable management clips and a user manual. Everything a person would need to get the most of their headphones and use them for their daily workouts or for that long commute to the office.

While the accessories are nice, the real beauty of these headphones are their features. They have 8mm speakers that are paired with the Bluetooth 4.1 standard to create a music listening experience that is not only packed with crisp highs and a good range of mid-notes but also has incredibly rich bass notes. They are also magnetic, so the ends stick together, thereby allowing them to be worn as a necklace and are completely sweat-proof. Everything the user would want out of a pair of good headphones. And all of these features are backed by a lifetime sweat-proof warranty that replaces them if they are every destroyed by sweat.

4Dislot Wired In-Ear Headphones

These noise isolating gym headphones can block out up to 90% of all ambient background noise and this can help the wearer to fully immerse themselves in their music while they’re working out. This is true whether they are trying to drown out the sound of machines being used at the gym or the sound of traffic during their evening run. This is all due to its unique design which helps to keep excess sounds from entering the user’s ears and at the same time keeps the earbuds firmly in place.

Another great feature which can be found on these headphones is that they are sweat-proof up to the IPX5 standard, which means that even your heaviest workout won’t short them out. And they also have a built-in HD microphone which delivers crystal-clear voice clarity and this is paired with a multi-function control which can be used to answer or end calls, pause or play music and fast forward tracks. All in a unit that delivers nice quality sound.

3Sound Whiz Noise-Canceling Waterproof Earbuds

These wireless headphones are not only trendy-looking but they also have a number of features which makes them useful to just about anyone who leads an active lifestyle. They are designed to be ultra-comfortable and have soft earbuds that provide stability in the ear and comfort even during long workouts. Attached to them are ear hooks, which also holds them in place. The design isn’t the only great thing worth mentioning about these earphones. They are also packed with a number of technologies which make them useful for music listening.

These earphones use CVC6 noise-canceling technology for making crystal-clear phone calls and also has Bluetooth technology that ensures the user’s favorite music or audio books are directed to the ears without delay or hesitation. And since these earphones use large 10mm sound drivers, listeners can rest assured of high-quality and full-bodied music. Other features which can be found on these headphones include the ability to pair to two devices, IPX7 water resistance and the ability to pair with numerous smartphones including iPhones 4 through 8, Samsung Galaxy phones and other Android phones.

2Shuhua Sports IPX7 Earbuds

Form, functionality, and style all come together in these high-quality headphones that are not only durable enough to handle even the most active user’s lifestyle but also has the features people need out in the world. It’s designed to fit securely in the ears with a fantastic ergonomic design that keeps them comfortable and ear hooks to hold them in place. They are also treated with a waterproof nano-coating that ensures that they are waterproof up to the IPX7 standard, which means the user’s next heavy sweating session won’t damage them.

Another feature which can be found on these headphones is a quick charge battery that can power the headphones for up to 9-hours at a time and a built-in microphone that can deliver crystal clear speech quality on phone calls. Other features which can be found on these headphones include the ability to connect to two devices at the same time and CSR noise-canceling technology.

1Mpow Flame Wireless Headphones

Designed to hold up even under difficult conditions, these wireless headphones are the perfect companion for just about any runner or gym rat. It’s made be waterproof up to the IPX7 standard and is made from high-quality components that it can hold up well to daily use. They’re equipped with soft earbuds that fit comfortably in the ear, and also held in place at the same time thanks to its flexible ear hooks. Durability, comfort, and style aren’t the only hallmarks of these headphones, however. They also deliver great sound quality.

Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, high-quality sound drivers, and a CSR chip, these headphones will deliver the sound quality that people expect from a high-quality pair of headphones. And since they have a lithium polymer battery that can be charged in under 2-hours, yet provide up to 7-hours of playtime, they are not only useful in the gym or while on the run but can be used for the majority of the day. Other features which can be found on these headphones include the ability to connect them to a variety of Bluetooth enabled devices and passive noise cancellation.


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Choosing the Best Workout Headphones

Headphones that are meant for working out are more common than they used to be and users now have a lot more options then they did even just a few years ago. However, that doesn’t mean that every model that’s marketed as headphones for workouts are actually good for that purpose. However, if you take the following into consideration, then you should be able to pick the ones most suitable for this purpose out of the ones currently available. Here are a few features to look for in headphones meant for workouts:

  • IPX5 or IPX7 Waterproofing
  • Wireless Capabilities
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Technology
  • Soft Ear Buds
  • Built-in Microphones
  • Inline Controls