Camping Gadgets To Add To The Adventure

Nothing can replace the fun of the great outdoors but some neat camping gadgets can make your time in the wild more comfortable. Some are more practical than others but we have found a handful that you may not even realize were in existence. Each one is built to help you get something extra out of your time under the stars. Whether you are looking to spend some serious time away from it all or are just taking the kids for a mini-adventure, the following can all be of benefit.

Personal Water Filter

When you need a drink, and the water bottle you took from base is looking a little low, you can find yourself in a spot of serious trouble. This is where these need camping gadgets come in handy. They use internal filters and can often come in the form of a thick straw that you place directly into the water. It cleanses the liquid before it reaches your mouth to purify it and remove harmful bacteria.

There are no batteries involved or filter tablets to carry and it is the sort of life-saving device that every wild camper should have on them.

Portable Coffee Machine

If the thought of camping fills you with dread because of the lack of home comforts then some products can make you feel right at home. Because no one should have to go without their morning fix, portable espresso machines are a great camping gadget. Some products even take Nespresso capsules and make a fresh, hot coffee when you push the pump to extract coffee at a pressure of 8 bars.

Most products are lightweight and made specifically to lighten your load but give you great coffee every day.

Windproof Lighter

The campfire is a sacred part of what makes camping so great, but when the wind picks up, they can be near impossible to light. Because of this, a windproof lighter is an essential camping gadget that no one should be without. They can provide a strong and powerful flame that won’t distinguish under a moderate to strong wind and will light a stove, fire, or melt plastic under an emergency. Most windproof lighters attach to a keychain and can come with other neat features such as an LED light.


The traditional penknife is great and all, but with so many parts to it, they can be bulkier than you might need. A multitool can come in a flat design that packs a lot into a small space. Some have serrated edges to help you saw, others a ring pull, screwdriver, wrench, and a whole lot more. They can be as small as a credit card but when you can’t buy your way out of a tricky situation, these gadgets are great.

Portable Mosquito Repellant

Once you get tagged by one, you often become a target for multiple mosquitoes so it is best to keep them all away before they start to feast. These products are easy to use without the need for chemicals, using a safe, pulsating signal to keep bugs and mozzies at arm’s length. You can find solar-powered products or those that have a long battery life, whatever it takes to keep them away.

Solar Paneled Charger

Although everyone wants to connect with mother nature, it can be hard to go without your phone for too long. Even if you are camping with family and enjoying the time away from your screens, it is always a good idea to keep a reliable power source handy incase your need your phone in an emergency. The gadgets aren’t exclusively for your smart devices, they can also be used for other USB camping gadgets and come in different sizes which makes them more powerful.

Portable Shower

That’s right when you aren’t using the comfort of a campsite, you can still stay clean even when sleeping in the wild. Using a foot pump at a sprout you attach to a branch they can even be heated using solar power so you don’t have to dread a cold one before you set off on a morning hike.

Solar Tent Fan

When the nights get sticky but you can’t open up the door in case a floor of insects pour in, a solar tent fan can help keep you cool. Tents get humid, there’s no getting around it but these neat camping gadgets hang to the ceiling via a hanger and go for hours. Some are even chargeable via USB (see why that solar-paneled charger can really come in handy) and there are even models that come with LED lights.

Changing Room

Although these are going to add a bit of bulk to a hike if you are setting up camp and staying in once place, these products can add a level of privacy for you to change in comfort. They give you plenty of space, are easy to assemble, and don’t weight a lot. These can be used in conjunction with a portable shower or just to get changed without having to arch your back in a tent.

Air Conditioner

A lot of people will say this is a nonessential piece of kit and this might be the case, but it can sure make a camping stay more comfortable in the night. The better products are capable of bringing the temperature right down so a stuffy tent is more bearable and allows the user to sleep in comfort. Expect hours of air conditioner coolness but it will come with a steep price tag.

Portable Toilet

Camping gadgets are all about convenience and there are no better than a portable toilet. They use chemicals to keep the waste safe and can last for a family for over a week without needing to be cleaned out. For a comfortable place to do your business without having to dig a hole in the ground, a portable toilet is a must-have.

Solar Powered Light

The idea that a light you need to use in the dark can be solar-powered can seem a bit strange, but they work. When you are struggling with finding the bathroom in the night around camp, these products help to make an awkward part of camp life more comfortable.

Dry Bag

You never know when the weather decides to take a turn for the worse, or you may even drop essential items in the river as you’re crossing. This is where a portable dry bag comes in handy. They seal everything inside and can be completely submerged and are available in different sizes.

Now you’re ready to add a handful of the best camping gadgets to make your next trip memorable for the right reasons.