Can Wireless Speakers Sound As Good As Wired?

Being able to blast your tunes out in whatever room you like, or take it to the beach, poolside, or wherever is a major plus point, and it’s all down to modern technology. They come in different forms so everything from a tower speaker to a soundbar to match the wired versions and of course, there are always portable speakers as well. Because the technology is relatively new, it is a perfectly valid question to ask if the sound can match up to the wired types.  We’re going to take a closer look at whether or not they can come close, or better their wired counterparts.

Sound Quality of Wired Vs. Wireless Speakers

Now, it’s easy to say that a $300 wireless speaker is going to sound better than a $50 wired product, but that’s not what we’re for. To get a true sense of how they compare, it is important to consider similar models. The consensus is usually that wires help to transmit more signals faster so the sound quality must be better thanks to the higher fidelity, which was true, but not necessarily now.

Of course, it is going to be difficult for a wireless speaker to match the constant signals but they are getting closer to the point where most users cannot notice any difference. Advances in both WiFi signals (and the technology itself), as well as the fact that Bluetooth is better than ever, and able to handle greater amounts of data means they can transmit a more rounded and detailed sound.

Even the technology in the speakers means they sound the best they ever have. To help you make a decision, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both wired and wireless speakers.

Wireless Speakers Pros

Less Invasive

Because they are not restricted by wires, neither is your home. The central unit can go wherever, but the speakers are not going to be a hassle to place discreetly, disrupting the ambiance of the room.

No Hazards

Small children have been known to pull wired speakers to the ground, causing irreparable damage that is both expensive and frustrating. The same goes for pets – you try keeping a cat or dog away from a wire forever.

Easily Portable

That’s the whole idea sure, but being able to place them where you like means you can pick a spot that has ideal acoustics, to enhance the sound even further. This is one way that they hold up well against wired speakers as you are not going to have to stick to a part of the room that is close to the central unit.

Modern Technology

Another pro has to be the fact that you get the benefit of great sound, something that has only gotten better over the years. For what you get, there is good value to be had, even from some of the leading brands in the business.

Inbuilt Microphone

This isn’t available with all products but some come with a mic that makes it possible to take or make calls over the speaker. This is handy as it means you can be alerted to an incoming call when connected to your mobile so if the tunes are loud, you won’t miss anything important.

Long Battery Life

Some people are put off by the idea of wireless speakers because they think the battery won’t last so long, but this isn’t true. A lot of products can go well over 24 hours of continual use without needing a charge.

Wireless Speaker Cons


Although most products ensure they always have a reliable signal, this isn’t always the case, especially with older models. The problem can be because of a poor WiFi connection or even other technology in your home when in use. This can make the signal weaker or even disrupt it completely with some products.


This is part of the issue with a lot of new gadgets and technology, but you do get what you pay for. Expect to have to part with more for these products, compared to the similar wired models. This is much the same with wireless headphones and wired types.

Charge Time

These products all need to be charged in order to work. and although it doesn’t take long, it is important to make sure they can still be used when plugged in.

Wired Speaker Pros

Sound Quality

This is one of the major points where they have the edge. With a wireless product, the benefit is convenience. However, to most people, the difference is not noticeable, but with the elite speakers, you may be able to pick up subtle nuances.

No Batteries

Although rechargeable batteries are. easy to come by, some wireless speakers do require the use of them which can be inconvenient. Because of this, a wired speaker gets the edge but it can be remedied with a rechargeable speaker.

No Interference

Because they are connected via wires, the signal is not going to be an issue apart from rare cases. The same goes for a lack of WiFi, if it goes out, the speakers are still good to go.


Compared to wireless products of the same or a similar model, a wired speaker tends to be less expensive. You may be able to get more for your money when choosing a wired product.

Wired Speaker Cons


As obvious as it sounds, the main plus point that gives these speakers their superior sound is also their downfall. The detriment being that it restricts the placement can cause someone to trip. and even be pulled down and damaged by accident.


Again, those wires are going to be cause for concern. Having to hide them discreetly is difficult which means the user is likely to have to live with them in their view.

Not Portable

The opposite of what makes wireless speakers so good. The user is restricted by how long the wires are which can mean they are not placed in the ideal spot acoustically.

So, Which Is Better?

This is all about personal preference as what will be one person’s ideal home speaker system will not be the same as someone else. The main thing to consider is what do you want from the product, convenience and quality sound, or a slightly better sound? For the purists, that extra enhanced sound quality will be all-important, but otherwise, you can get a great tune out of wireless speakers, as long as you purchase from a reliable brand.