Easy Methods For Deterring Thieves

Although no one likes to think about such an event, it is always a good idea to work towards preventing a burglary. Certain methods are better than others and part of what can stop a would-be thief from seeing your property as a target are small changes. Not everyone has the budget for a full-blown security system but with a few simple changes to your home, it will be almost untouchable. Some of the most common ways for a thief to gain access are easy to remedy, the rest is just making sure they aren’t drawn to your home. Here are some of the easiest yet effective methods for deterring thieves.

Remember To Lock Up

Ok, this sounds simple, and it is, but forgetting to lock windows and doors stops your home from being an easy target. For most burglars, that is all they are after and won’t bother trying to gain entry once they realize they have to force their way into a home. With a large portion of burglaries occurring in the day via the front door and ground floor windows, it is a good idea to make sure you have everything locked if you are in the backyard or going out.

Never Use Personalised Keychains

If you have your phone number or address on your keychain then you are asking for trouble. Unfortunately, as it sounds, if you lose them, they might end up in the hands of someone who senses an opportunity. If you are currently using keys with your house number, address, or other personal information on them, get a new keychain.

Change The Locks

If you have just moved into a rental property, then you can never be too sure about who has in there previously, and who has keys to your home. This can be the case for a property you have just purchased as you don’t know who has keys. The same should be said about locks that seem loose or easy to jimmy open with a little encouragement. Because a thief may have attempted and failed a break-in, it is a good idea to check the condition of locks from time to time.

Use Motion Sensor Lights

As soon as there is a chance they can be seen, a lot of thieves will run. Protecting your house with motion sensing security lights is one of the simplest yet most effective changes you can make today. The best products are those that detect motion at a decent distance so they do not even come close and last a long time. There are solar-powered options that charge in the day, but the more powerful beams tend to come from products that connect to mains.

You can also purchase motion-sensing lights for the inside of your property as an additional deterrent.

Don’t Flaunt Your Possesions

The temptation for some people when they buy their latest must-have is to put it straight online, but unless all your social media accounts are set to private, and you know you can trust everyone you know, you can’t be sure of who is watching. Even still, anything left in plain view through a window can entice a burglar so keeping them out of sight is a good habit. Similarly, if you have just purchased a new laptop, try to not leave the box on the curb for everyone to see.

Be Sensible When It Comes to Your Garage

A good way of ensuring no thief tries to get into your garage is by stopping them from seeing inside. This also applies to a basement but by installing curtains and keeping them drawn, you can stop them from seeing your high-tech mower and expensive bikes. This is another place to remember to lock as it could provide an easy way for a thief to get their hands on some expensive goods.

Trim The Shrubs

Where they can avoid detection, a thief is more likely to approach. By keeping a well maintained outside area you will put them off your property. Also, unkempt trees and bushes can be a sign that the owner is away for a long vacation, even when you’re not. Have a friend mow your lawn when you are away if going for longer than a week or two.

Use A Household Safe

These don’t have to be expensive but they are an excellent way of storing valuable documents and small belongings such as jewelry. These are the sort of things a thief will grab on the go so if you need somewhere to put any money and other small yet valuable items, a household safe is one of the best places. Make sure it is fixed to the ground so it is not easily taken and ensure it has a reputation for being solidly built.

Use Smart Bulbs

A motion-sensing lightbulb is good, but a smart bulb can be even more useful. When you are out late but hadn’t planned on it, being able to turn a smart bulb on from anywhere can make it look as though someone is in. This will stop many potential thieves from nearing your home.

Dummy Alarm System

A state of the art CCTV system can be expensive, but the mere sight of an alarm system on the outside of a property can be enough to deter a burglar. The majority of cases where a thief spots such a system (fake or not) they move on. So, this makes it an inexpensive yet effective way of securing a home. Don’t go telling everyone you know that it isn’t real as you never know who will find out.

Gravel The Drive

A thief relies upon not being detected and will want to make as little noise as possible. An effective way of keeping them away from your home is by installing gravel around the outside, this can be enough to alert a dog or be enough on its own to send them away empty-handed. This might not be as cheap as some of the other methods but it is a common sight outside many homes for a reason.

Get A Beware Of The Dog Sign

This doesn’t have to come with a German Shepherd but it is another cost-effective and proven way of discouraging thieves. If you already have a dog then you’ll know that they can be one of the best deterrents for raising the alarm but this is never a reason alone to bring one into your home. When getting a sign, maybe purchase on with the picture of a large dog on it, just to make it even more effective.