Essential Gaming Gear To Make You A Better Gamer

Although the game itself is the key element to enjoying the time in front of the screen, other gadgets come in handy. Some help to improve your gameplay, others make the experience more immersive, whilst some are just plain fun to use. To help bring your gaming to the next level, we have created a list of some of the most important gaming gear that everyone needs.

With something for every budget and experience level, the following are the best products currently available.

Gaming Mouse

Whether you are doing competitive gaming or just want to beat the game itself, a gaming mouse is a vital part of your set up. A blend of performance and speed are important here as you don’t want any delay in the motion slowing you down as you go in for the kill. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can match them to your hand size and preference, even the weight can differ so you can grab one that you feel comfortable with. Look for a wireless RGB gaming mouse with 1 to 1 pinpoint tracking, millions of clicks and you’re off to a good start.

Gaming Keyboard

Another important piece of gaming gear for the PC player, look for tactical linear switches on the keys, RGB backlit keys if your budget can stretch that far, and it may even be a good idea to invest in a comfortable wrist rest to take some of the strain out of the intense, longer sessions. A mechanical gaming keyboard will give you better feedback and precision which is why they are a little different from regular keyboards.

Gaming Chair

You can get away with slouching in an office chair but the best gaming chairs are a far cry from the one your dad stole from the office. Because you are probably going to spend hours on end in your gaming chair, comfort is paramount. This is why you need adequate padding, a comfortable headrest, and back support. Adjustable armrests are important for getting the right amount of support and a water-resistant leather outer is always a good idea when you are working up a sweat.

Gaming Headphones

No matter what system you are using, gaming headphones help to bring any game to life and make the experience more immersive. Style isn’t as important although there aren’t many brands making ugly products now, quality sound and comfort are two important features to look out for. Ideally you will want your gaming headphones to be wireless but easily connected via a cable and have a decent speaker for you to go back and forth with your friends during a multiplayer game. Low distortion and compatibility with all consoles and gaming systems are a must.

Gaming Computer Desk

Your regular straight desk just won’t cut it when it comes to long gaming sessions so to add some comfort to your set up, a gaming computer desk is an important purchase. They should be big enough to support large screens and multiple systems with places to keep wires neat and orderly. The curved front allows the user to lean in and sit comfortably. Get enough room to spread multiple monitors and you will be on your way to getting the complete gaming set up.

Gaming TV

A lot of gamers like to use more than one gaming TV at a time and although this can make for a gaming experience like no other, it can take some time to build up. It can be best to start with one high-quality gaming TV and go from there so make sure your next purchase is a sensible one. A high refresh rate so everything keeps up with no lag and 4K resolution is important if you want to use the best possible and a low response rate. The size is up to you, whatever you can accommodate or afford, just make sure the quality is there first.

Gaming Controller

If you aren’t using a certain consume and your PC is still the go-to system you use, then a gaming controller can vary in quality greatly. Multi-functional buttons and responsiveness are key, as is the number of wireless hours you get on a single charge. Ergonomic shape is important and if you are unsure, you can always look to see what the world’s best eSports players use as a good yardstick.

Cable Management Sleeves

Keeping your cables neat is going to save you a lot of headaches. When you are trying to connect different monitors of systems, having management sleeves to hand is going to make the process go a lot smoother. Plus, it just looks better if you like neat gaming setups.

Can Buying The Best Gear Make You A Better Gamer?

Although quality gaming gear isn’t going to fire a direct headshot or put the ball in the back of the net for you, the best gaming gear can help you improve your skills. When you have a responsive mouse rather than a regular one, you can act and respond faster, the same goes for a mechanical keyboard with added precision and responsiveness.

Having better picture quality can help make certain parts of a game stand out and catch your eye faster and a comfortable chair can mean you have fewer distractions from aches and pains. As we said, they’re not going to. do the work for you, but the best gaming gear can certainly help.

Is A Gaming Headset Necessary?

Although you can get by without one, a quality gaming headset can give you certain advantages you will have to live without otherwise. You can hear which direction certain parts of the game are coming from and respond in kind, and communicate clearly with a teammate on multiplayer.

If you want to play late at night when the rest of your house is asleep, you will need a decent gaming headset or have to make do with the sound turned right down or off completely. 

How Much Is A Gaming Setup?

Your budget will dictate how much of a gaming setup you can afford from the get-go but if you are on a budget, you can purchase everything you need to get started for around $800. A high-end setup will start at around $2,000 then the sky is the limit for a lot of gamers. Anyone who has a budget for it can spend more on multiple gaming TV’s, and a higher spec of gear which will make the experience more enjoyable every time you fire it up.