Gaming Earbuds Vs Gaming Headset

Part of enhancing your gaming is by creating both an immersive yet convenient experience and a big part of that is sound. Not only is surround sound going to make that thrilling part of a horror game more chilling and those multi-players more fun, but there are tonnes of other features available with a quality product. However, there are two main options that a lot of people argue over. Both types have their fans and there are plus points to both. To help you decide which is best, we’re going to compare gaming earbuds to headsets.


This one will always go to the gaming earbuds, and it is easy to see why. When the hours take their toll, a gaming headset sure can start to feel uncomfortable. Even the best products that are designed for extended use can feel heavy and feel sore. This is why a lot of users like to have both at their disposal. When a headset becomes too much, switch to gaming earbuds that will feel as though they weigh virtually nothing by comparison.


Because they are built sturdier with quality materials, a gaming headset is going to cost more. If you are on a budget and have just splurged on the console itself, you can save a little money with some quality gaming earbuds. With a headset, you are going to creeping close to, if not over, the $100 mark. Most people will see this as a worthy investment but when you don’t have the budget, $20 can get you set up.


To be honest, this shouldn’t come into the equation so much. Yes, earbuds can be thrown in your pocket or tucked away easily into a drawer, but a headset won’t take up too much room and it is easy to find a place for it. When you are using them regularly, you don’t always want to hide them away anyway.

Sound Quality

Earbuds will do a good job of bringing the sound closer compared to when you are turning the volume down late at night but there is no replacement for a headset. The crisp audio and surround sound via the likes of Dolby makes them an easy winner. Also, there are specialist console headphones designed for chat and other benefits so when you pick up an Xbox headset or one for the ps4, you are unlocking some of the tailored features and capabilities that other types do not offer.

The driver is all-important and a headset with anything of 30mm and above is going to give you excellent quality in your ears.

Noise Cancellation

When you are gaming and your family chatting away loudly, it isn’t easy to block them out. When you want a truly immersive experience, noise-canceling headphones are great because they mean you don’t have to ramp the sound up too loud and still get excellent audio quality. A headset is naturally good at this because they are often closed-cup headphones whereas an earbud will let in more sound from outside. However, most of the time this is not a major issue when at-home.

Sweat Resistance

Both products should be built to withstand a bit of sweat but because they are designed in the way that a lot of sport-styled headphones are, earbuds give better protection from sweat. This makes them more durable when the summer months are in full swing and it is hot.

Communication Quality

There is no replacement for a designated headset microphone as not only can it provide better quality sound to the receiver, but it can be adjusted so it is in the ideal position to pick up your voice. For capturing your sessions this can make a big difference. Any multiplayer mode will be enhanced by having a mic to make communication clearer although earbuds do have a mic and it is usually kept out of the way.


Ever tried wearing a headset on hours on end? If not be pre-warned, you will need a break at some point. Just like any audiophile who loves their headphones for listening to their favorite tunes, there comes a time where your ears and head need a rest. This is not so bad with gaming earbuds as they do not rely on pressure to stay in place.

Tournament Wear

During the competition, it can be pretty noisy which is why you will want to pick up a headset with noise cancellation. They look more professional like you take yourself seriously, and if. it is a multiplayer game you are taking part in, the designated microphone will be put to good use. If you rarely stray far from home for your gaming or are just at your friend’s place, this is not so important.


This is more common. with a gaming headset but traits. such as battery life and signal length play a big part. This is one of the main downsides to a gaming earbud as they are not often available wireless and can make your movements restricted. Be sure to find a product with a long wire so you don’t have to move too close to the monitor.

So, Which Is Best?

It is difficult to compare gaming earbuds and a headset as they are almost built for different purposes. This is why it is a sensible idea to have both to hand if you have the budget, a headset is a good place to start but when the discomfort kicks in eventually, have earbuds to hand to make a quick switch. Still, they can be put to good use if you are only looking for one and if you can put up with the wires and don’t need them. such high sound quality to enjoy your gaming, it is a good way to save some dollars.

What About Mainstream Headphones?

If you are a casual gamer and like to listen to music more, then these can be a good option but anyone who likes multiplayer and games more should consider a dedicated gaming earbud or headset. Both a gaming headset and mainstream headphone will be a similar price so it is better to consider what you will use them for the most as both can be used for gaming and listening to music.