How To Improve Your Gaming Experience on PS4

The world’s technological leaps have come at an advantage to gamers in ways that often go underappreciated. It wasn’t too long ago that 8-bit gaming was the height of it all and although we’re glad the likes of old consoles paving the way, we still want to find ways to make our gaming even more immersive. Some of the following tips for creating a better at-home gaming experience with a PS4 might seem obvious, but unless you have checked every box, you might find yourself missing out on some of the best ways of upping the intensity on the likes of Resident Evil or giving yourself an advantage on COD multiplayer.

Remote Play

Sometimes you just want to extend the time you can play by making it possible no matter where you are. Since the introduction of remote play, being able to transmit the game to another device makes a world of difference. The convenience factor means your smartphone or tablet can help you grab some extra minutes on the go.

PS4 Headset

If you’re worried about disturbing your partner as they sleep then a headset is one of the first items you should invest in. However, be sure to purchase a quality, product as they differ greatly.  Surround sound is a must to enhance your gaming experience and a wireless headset can make it more comfortable without leads restricting your movement.

Communication is also a big factor for quality gameplay so if your multiplayer skills are lacking, you can give yourself an edge by purchasing one of the best PS4 headsets going.

Capture Devices

Sometimes watching back can help to improve your skills or just being able to record and post online can improve the total gaming experience. Look for a product that gives you quality playback of 1080p and if possible, a product that allows other console users to get in on the action too. Streaming video can help you to build up a following and who knows where that could lead.

Controller Charging System

The better this is, the less time they are going to take. Although almost everyone has multiple controllers so they do not have to spend a second waiting for theirs to recharge, it is always good to invest a little more to get a higher quality product. The DualShock controllers tend to run out of juice far too quickly so being able to get them up and running again as quickly as possible is always a good thing.

Quality Gaming Monitor

If you want to improve your gaming experience on any console, then you should start with your monitor. A regular flat screen might already be dated and with so many excellent products out there, it can help you get crisp, clear visuals, and since they are built with gaming in mind, they can help reduce eye. fatigue through blue light controls.

A low motion blur and speedy responsiveness can help give you an advantage that you never had. Not to mention, the visuals on the leading 1080p products just look incredible.

Use Rest Mode For Downloading

Any content you are downloading will stop when you switch the PS4 off. This means it will take longer and won’t be available the next time when you’re ready to go. Instead of switching it off completely which will cut the internet, put it into rest mode by going to settings, power-saving settings, set features available in rest mode.

There are other features you can unlock here such as the ability to charge wireless controllers so everything is good to go on your next session.

Gaming Glasses

Even with a quality monitor, long gaming session can take their toll on your eye health. If you want to extend the time you spend at your PS4, it is best to take care of yourself along the way. Thankfully, quality gaming glasses can make a big difference. By reducing a lot of the harmful glare and UV, not to mention blue light, they can allow you to keep playing without impacting your health.

Most of them are pretty stylish in design, although most of the time, no one is going to see you taking advantage of these useful products.

Upgrade The SSD Card

Speed is often the name of pretty much every game so for faster response time, you need a little outside help. Thankfully, updating a PS4 SSD card is a lot easier than with the likes of an Xbox and can provide hundreds of GB’s that free up space and reduce those infuriating load times.

They are more affordable than a lot of people. think and can make a PS4. feel like a new console when they are installed and ready to go.

Add A Custom Wallpaper

Although this isn’t going to directly improve the gameplay, etc but it can make for a unique experience and allows you to tailor your console to how you like it. You’ll need a USB stick to save an image from your laptop or PC, then plug it into your PS4, go to settings, themes, select theme, custom, select image, and there you should see USB storage device. The rest is easy so you can customize and change it whenever you like.

Adjust Audio/ Visual Settings

Not only can this make your experience more efficient, but by tailoring the sound and visuals you can enhance your overall gaming experience. Sometimes, a monitor is set to cinema mode rather than gaming be sure to check this and the resolution, making sure it is optimized for gaming. Some people are even playing with the wrong TV size settings so check on this to make sure you are getting the most out of it.

Close Apps Not Being Used

This could be slowing your gameplay down but it is an easy fix. By holding the PS button you can access the menu and choose which apps you wish to close. With so many. apps available, pretty much everyone has something they don’t need open. When there is no need to ask your PS4 to multitask, don’t.

Mute Notifications

Everyone loves a bit of multiplayer, but when you are focused on one game, a notification popping up every few seconds can be distracting. You don’t always want to know when half the world is online so to be able to fully concentrate, turn notifications off.