How To Treat Shoulder Pain At Home

There is nothing worse than the aches and pains of a hard day’s work and when you get through the door, you just want to be able to relax for the evening. Shoulder pain makes this near impossible and when left untreated, can steadily get worse. Certain remedies can be administered from the comfort of your home so when you feel that burning or shooting pain in your shoulder, it doesn’t have to be something you grit your teeth and live with. Some are more effective than others, be we have compiled a list of a handful of solutions to help you live in comfort.


As simplistic as it sounds, sometimes you can stretch to get rid of shoulder pain. Sitting upright in a chair for good posture, cup your elbow in the opposite hand and a circular motion, roll your shoulders down and back with the hand on the worked shoulder side placed on the shoulder. Hold when you feel the stretch for between 10 – 20 seconds and do the same on the other side. Try this 3-4 times to see if it helps to take some of the pain away.

Anti-Inflammatory Meds

Found over the counter, but not the steroidal type, these can be in the form of the commonly used ibuprofen or naproxen. Make sure your physician approves before taking but these are generally some of the same ways of taking the edge off quickly and conveniently. Be sure to read the label and safety instructions before taking it. This will mask the pain more than it will heal it but when you need a fast solution, they are a good option.

Hot Shower

Heat is one of the most effective ways of treating shoulder pain so if you can crank it up in the shower, it can help you to get back to sleep if you are woken by the pain. You don’t need to stand there for long, just enough time to take some of the soreness away.

Salt Bath

Another way to use your bathroom is to run yourself a salt bath. These are leaning towards traditional methods but warm water and bathing salts have been found to combine well for any type of cramps as the salt helps to comfort the skin.


Although this can be difficult when you are on your own if you have a partner, ask them to massage the sore area. A few minutes of rubbing can help to work deep into the painful area. Anyone on their own with ongoing shoulder pain should use the services of a professional, either a sports therapist or masseuse will help.

Shoulder Heating Pad

These are becoming increasingly popular for an at-home remedy to soreness in the shoulder and come in a variety of forms. Most products offer different functions such as massage of different intensity to penetrate the pain deeper than other types. By treating the pain on muscles and joints, the better shoulder heating pads are most effective on the medium settings and can either be an electric product with multiple uses or a microwave. These are good because they are portable so you can wear one on your commute if the pain is particularly bad in the morning.

Use Ice

Although many people will turn to heat, ice is another useful tool that is easily available at home. By placing an ice pack under a pillow, it can soothe the area as you lie and you only need around ten minutes for this to come into effect. Otherwise, it is possible to use ice during a massage but be careful not to leave the ice on the skin for long as it can cause frostbite.

Cold gel or a freeze spray product can target the area, taking the edge away for a while but these can be hard to spray accurately onto the area if you are on your own. They reduce blood flow and swelling to the area and are good to have available for other aches and pains as well.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Inflammation such as tendinitis can lead to pain around the joint of the shoulder as the connecting cords between muscles and bone causes pain, showing in signs such as swelling. Anytime you have overused the shoulder this can occur and the recommended remedy is rest and ice packs.

A tendon tear is another common issue and although t is one of the most severe, it can vary in how bad it is. It can be something that happens as you get older or from the excessive strain put on the area. Expect weakness, a lack of mobility, and swelling. To treat a tendon tear, you will need plenty of rest, ice pack treatments, and ibuprofen to take the pain away.

An injury can cause bursitis and repetitive movement in the shoulder area can be a leading cause. Any tenderness or restricted movement can be a sign that these tiny cushions filled with fluid between the bone and joint tissues are suffering from inflammation. Resting and anything from a shoulder heat pad to ibuprofen is going to help.

How Do I Get My Shoulder To Stop Hurting?

Any of the above methods can help and are easily done at home. You might not have a shoulder pad to hand or cooling ice gel but they are two useful items to have around. Resting the areas is important if you think it is an injury caused by physical activity as it will need time to heal. Common activities that can cause such pain include sports such as football, baseball, tennis, wrestling, and volleyball among others.

Even hutting the gym too hard can cause you to strain a shoulder. In which case, it is best to stay clear of the squat rack until you have given it the proper time to heal.

How Long Does Shoulder Pain Last?

It depends on the severity and type of pain and injury. In some instances, it can take 2-3 years to fully recover but common shoulder pain tends to lessen within days and go away within weeks if treated properly. Be sure to get plenty of rest to speed the recovery process and it will take much longer to heal if you are still attempting the same activity that caused the pain in the first place.