Most Fun GoPro Accessories

As fun as they are on their own, a GoPro can be made even better with an additional accessory or two. Certain sports and activities can benefit even more from the use of a neat gadget to play with but some are pretty universal. Although they can already be used to record your adventures, a GoPro alone might seem a little limited once you start using some of the helpful equipment to make home movies more exciting. To make sure you aren’t missing out on any of the fun, check out our list below.

Surfboard Mounts

The chances are you’ve already seen many people hitting the waves with their GoPro and more often than not, they’re using a mount. This puts the camera exactly where you need it to capture all the action. For quality POV shots that show the highs and lows of surfing, they are a must-have accessory. A lot of the time, they can be used to mount a GoPro to a kayak or a boat deck so you can take them on a variety of marine adventures.

GoPro Floaty

Any time you want to take a GoPro onto the water, you’ll want to have a backup plan in case it falls out of your grip. The thought of losing memories forever and a beloved GoPro should be enough to make this a worthwhile purchase. That extra layer of security helps you to be less worried about a sinking camera.

GoPro Microphone

Anyone who takes their outdoor adventures seriously knows that a GoPro can have a hard time picking up quality sound from time to time. Take no chances with wind interference and upgrade the mic (the included system isn’t the best). The best GoPro mics are Omni-directional and usually clip-on with a USB connector. Plug in and go is what most people want so setting up doesn’t take long. Make sure it is compatible with the type of GoPro it is to be plugged into before purchasing.

Quik Key

If you can’t wait until you get home before accessing your files, a GoPro Quik Key makes it possible wherever you are. For all the files on your MicroSD card with easy access when connected via USB to several smart devices, all you need is the right app and you can see if the footage you have is up to scratch.

Display Mod

Making it easy to takes selfies is an essential piece of kit for any Vlogger out there. By giving you a screen to look at you can make sure you are well within the frame and take professional-looking footage compared to hold and guess approach. It will require a media mod to work which does add to the expense but you get the benefits of both to enhance the standard of your video and sound.

Protective Housing

Anyone who likes to snorkel will find that they get enough protection from the GoPro without any need for more protection, but a diver will think differently. Because greater depths mean additional pressure, purchasing protective housing is a sensible idea. Not only will it extend the range to over 50m with some models, but protective housing also gives another layer to prevent bumps and falls from breaking the GoPro.

Rechargeable Battery

These are made. for specific models so it is important to start by checking compatibility but a spare battery is an important addition to any trip. It doesn’t take long for a full charge to start flashing as near-empty. Install a fresh battery and the GoPro can go for twice as long.

Waterproof Solar Charger

Anyone camping will know that a long trip can mean being conservative with the use of a GoPro. However, this doesn’t have to be the case when you purchase a durable solar charger. These make the most of the daylight hours, helping to keep the battery topped up and if you drop it in water or it starts to tip it down, don’t fret, there are waterproof versions.

Compatible Selfie Stick

Go for an authentic GoPro product where you know you’ll get good use of it without a hitch. Some even come with a built-in tripod so when you’re done taking videos and images at arm’s length, you can set it up to capture content with added stability.


If you are traveling then this is the sort of GoPro accessory that will be the first item to go for. To capture those memories that will last a lifetime, there is no better place to keep all your video making essentials as a protective cover will ensure that no matter how you travel, on and off planes, or hiking up mountains, everything will be as it should when you unpack.

Quality SD Card

Everyone needs a spare so you don’t have to file through and pick out the videos and images you can delete in a hurry. If you’re going to do it, make sure you pick up an SD known for capturing high-quality videos including 4K. And don’t forget to grab as many GB’s as possible.

GoPro Screen Protector

Most people are worried about their kids having sticky fingers, touching their devices but when you’re out in the great outdoors, just about everything seems to cause a screen to smudge, or smear. One scratch on the screen and it can be expensive to repair, a protector gives it the chance of lasting longer and can even protect it from glare on a sunny day.

GoPro Fetch

Animal lovers of the world can enjoy the adventure through the eyes of their dog thanks to these neat accessories. The harness is easy to attach and made from comfortable materials and offers two mounting positions on the chest and back and is easy to take off when you and your pet are done for the day. Some people use them to see what their pooch gets up to in the day, but climbing a summit from a different POV is where the fun starts.

GoPro Smart Remote

One of the gripes a lot of people have with the GoPro is that it needs to be controlled close up, but no more. A smart remote makes it possible to access the controls from 100’s of feet away and can capture images, video, and even be used to control multiple cameras simultaneously if you have them available. This is the sort of GoPro accessory that makes it easier to give a video a professional feel.