Must Have Headphone Accessories

It doesn’t matter if you have just bought a new pair or want to upgrade your old ones, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your headphones. With the right accessory, you can unlock new features, share your tunes with more friends, and make the most out of those earbuds or on-ear headphones. Even if your current set isn’t exactly audiophile worthy, there are products to bring out some of the bright highs, thudding bass, and improve the clarity, you just have to know what to look for. If what you have is missing that one feature you really want, you might not need to splash out on an expensive new pair. The following are some of the best and most popular headphone accessories going.

Headphone Splitters

Although we all like a little quiet time, there isn’t a better way to share your tunes with your friends than with a headphone splitter. If you are using public transport and don’t want to disturb others, or just want to use the immersive sound. of quality headphones at home with others, these are a great gadget to buy.

Even the best headphone splitters are inexpensive and can give the user the ability to share with up to 5 people at a time. This is rare, with most products opening up an extra slot or two for a male jack to plug into. Some are conveniently placed on a keychain so you always have the ability to share wherever you are.

Headphone AMPS

Although most people who invest a bit of money into their headphones will feel that their sound is so good, it can’t possibly get better, but with a headphone AMP, it can. These neat devices can be used to fine-tune and enhance the sound of laptops and phones. Plug your headphones in to ensure there is added clarity between the different instruments and use it to improve frequency response. Much like a headphone splitter, some models can also accommodate multiple headphones at the same time.

Add Bluetooth

If your current headphones don’t have this function, then there are ways of adding it. With a Bluetooth transmitter, it is possible to transform simple headphones into the wireless kind. This means you can pick up audio from a TV, phone, PC, you name it, and listen in your headphones. A common feature is being able to use the device as a microphone and as long as it offers decent connectivity at a good length, all you need is a 3.5mm jack and you are good to go.

Add A Mic

Any gamers in the house will know how hard it is to find quality gaming headphones, that also comes with a decent mic. To get the best of an audiophile quality sound, and be able to game hands-free, use a modulator microphone to solve the issue. Some give you the option to mute, turn the volume up and down, but even the basic products are useful for quality sound when communicating.

Headphone Case

This is an important addition for anyone who has spent a little on quality headphones. Being able to protect them will ensure they last longer as some are more fragile than others. When you are dishing out $100’s on headphones, you want them to be the only pair you need to buy for a while, a case can help make this possible.

Lightning Port

Anyone using a new iPhone will know that some headphones just aren’t compatible unless you have the right gadget at your disposal. A lightning port adapter makes it possible to use most headphones and listen to your favorite playlist from your phone. Although Apple includes an adapter, it is said that this won’t always be the case, don’t be caught short, and have your headphones collect dust.

Gaming Headphones Hook Holder

First, you will need quality gaming headphones to hang, but as long as you do, you can keep them safely out the way, but within reach when you are ready to use them again. This can help keep the wires out the way and is especially convenient if they never leave your room.

Audio Adapter

Using an interface for home recording or playing a keyboard without disturbing others? Then hook your headphones up without having to buy an expensive studio standard pair. An audio adapter can convert your regular jack to 6.5mm or whatever else your set up requires. For a fraction of the price, an audio adapter makes this possible.

Extension Cord

If you are hooking your headphones up to your home speaker system and it doesn’t quite reach where. you want to sit and listen to your chosen playlist for the day, an extension cord can help. As simple as it sounds, it gives you an extra meter or two (or three) and the freedom to listen where you want.

Which Is The Most Important Accessory?

This depends on what you need, if you don’t have Bluetooth connectivity and you want it, then a Bluetooth connector is going to be of use. Otherwise, anyone who likes to listen to music with their partner or friends will get a lot of use out of a headphone splitter. Audiophiles who want to get the most out of their headphones will be sure to enjoy a headphone AMP.

All of the above can save money on buying new headphones that have certain features, but most of all will enhance the listening experience. Remember that headphones jacks are the 3.5mm size when looking for certain accessories.