Neat Gadgets For Any Boy To Enjoy

All boys love their toys and everything from gadgets to that present they asked for months ago can become a firm favorite for years to come. With so many to choose from it can be hard to decide what to get the kid in your life. This is why we have compiled a list of what is hot right now, and there is something for boys of all ages. To make sure you pick up something that they will love, take a look at our list of cool toys for boys.

Remote Control Cars

This is one of those childhood toys that never go out of fashion. Because of this, it is a safe bet for any boy, young and old. The older they are, the more speed they will likely need and enjoy but whatever you go for, look for long battery life and simple controls. A teenager might like something more technical with a longer range and because all remote control cars are going to come up against a fair amount of punishment, make sure it has a durable build that can withstand the bumps and grazes it will be put through.

Voice Changer

Built like a small megaphone, these fun toys do exactly what you think they do – change their voice. Boys love this sort of product as it helps them get up to a bit of mischief and the better products give you multiple voices to change between. Soe feature LED lights that illuminate as the kid speaks but expect this to have everyone in fits of laughter.

Make Your Own Slime

That sticky, colorful slime you see on kids’ TV shows can be made at home with these kits. Part science experiment, part fun, a slightly gross activity that boys love. Most kits are easy to use, do not require a lot of cleaning up after, and will last more than a single experiment.

Robot Dogs

Some of the world’s most popular toys for boys, robot dogs are great for teaching responsibility or for just having fun with. The better products feature voice recognition so the pup will beckon to the boy’s call and have a realistic motion. With different designs you can choose from something that looks more like a robot dog or the real thing but wither way, get a product that can chase and play to add to the fun.

Electric Motorcycles For Kids

Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, this is a great cool toy for boys, especially if they see their father pulling up in his. They should be easy to balance for younger kids and feature adjustable speeds to up the fun when they are ready. Some are fine for boys of 7 and up and whereas others are aimed at teenagers and beyond so you can find one for any age group. With an authentic twist-grip throttle, back break, and a dirt bike design, these electric motorcycles for kids are made for a mini adrenaline rush.

Laser Tag

One of those toys for boys that all Dads wish they could have had, they are a great way of encouraging your boy to exercise without the cleanup that comes with Nerf toys. Expect fun sound effects and even vibrating guns should one player get hit. You can turn your home into a mini laser tag haven so when their friends come round, they always have something fun to hand.

Air Hockey

Available in a large, table size game or even a compact, desktop version, air hockey is a great game that can be enjoyed by boys of all ages. A lot of the time, air hockey is available in different themes so you can match it to their favorite Disney character or sports team. This is also where you can get an all-in-1 game set that includes the likes of foosball, and table tennis among others.

Nerf Guns

All boys love to run around the garden and shoot nerf pellets at one another. When they have a decent gun and plenty of ammo, hours can pass in the blink of an eye, the sign of a fun time. The bigger your backyard, the better the Nerg gun will need to be for added range. It’s always a good idea to buy all the boys in your home a Nerf gun so they can create different games together.

Target Game For Nerf Guns

If you only have the one buy then a target can help them make the most of their Nerf Gun as they wait for the days their friends come over to play. Some of them feature different sounds to add to the fun and will even count how many times the target has been hit.

Giant Bubble Wand

This is one for the younger boys in the house but a giant bubble wand is ideal for those summer days in the backyard. Some products come with a booklet to help make even bigger bubbles but it is the sort of toy that has the whole family smiling. Most of the time, it is easy to make your own bubble formula so when it is done, you don’t have to throw away the wand.

DIY Catapult Set

This is just as much of a game as it is an educational tool that allows a boy to get hands-on. The rules are that you face off against an opponent, build your Catapult before the other, then sling bean bags to win the game. With real wooden pieces and fine for kids of 8 and up, it is one of the most popular cool toys for boys.

Themed Monopoly

Does your boy have a favorite TV show or football team? Monopoly is available in so many varieties now that they have pretty much every major team and show covered so you can give the gift of something that they already love. Plus, it means you get to play too so it is a good present for some parent and child bonding time.


What boy doesn’t like Star Wars? If they are already hooked then the chances are that they have asked for a lightsaber already and there has never been more choice. Whether he leans to the Dark side or the light, there is a lightsaber for both.