Protecting A Mac From Some Of The Most Common Risks

As with any expensive purchase, you want to be able to make it last as long as possible and when it comes to a Mac, there are plenty of things that can cause them to fail, break, or just not perform to the level they should thank, when you aware of them, you can work to protect yours. Although a virus is not something that will slow your Mac, the following just might impact it negatively. Most of them have simple fixes to ensure you aren’t looking for a new one any time soon.


Call it sunlight, UV rays, call it what. you like, but the sun is a major culprit for some of the major issues. When left by a window a Mac is likely to work harder in the summer months, and the fan can pretty much spend its time in overdrive a lot of the time because of this. Direct sunlight is never good for technology, especially when you are already putting demands on it by running multiple applications at the same time or downloading content. The solution is to move your Mac out of an area where it is going to be hit by the sun for hours on end.


Although spending good money on a Mac for all the reasons that make them popular is fine, the fact is, the value is what makes them so attractive to thieves. Instantly recognizable, it doesn’t take much prior knowledge to know they are worth something. It is not uncommon for a thief to leave other laptops when they are around and only take the Mac, such is the resale value.

Store them away as well as you can and when in public, never leave it out of your sight to go and order another coffee.

Hard Handling

A Mac might be built to last, but this is when resting on a table, without being thrown around a bag, knocking against the other items. Even an old Mac deserves to be treated properly. Not only will a MacBook case make it easier to transport safely, but it can protect it from thieves who might otherwise be able to access the device by taking a chance when you’re not looking. A hardback case can also add a little personalization to your Mac, and add water resistance. Speaking of…


It’s hard to get work done without several coffees or by staying hydrated throughout the day. No one likes to be precious about what they let near their Mac but there is something to be said for acting with caution when it comes to fluids. A keyboard cover can help to prevent some of the damage but otherwise, using a reusable coffee cup with a small sipping hole can reduce some of the damage.

Dust and Debris

On its own, dusty doesn’t seem like it can do a lot, but when it builds up, it can spell bad news for a Mac. The same goes for the likes of pet hair and other debris so you could be more at risk of having a damaged Mac than you realize.

When they collate, they can cause blockages in the fan which leads to overheating. A Mac might be half blocked already and you wouldn’t even realize. Be sure to check the fan isn’t struggling because of this every few months and it can be good to invest in a specialist vacuum that removes small particles from laptops and Macs.

Dropping It

A tad on the obvious side, but it is always a good idea to make sure to carry the Macbook properly, with both hands to make it less likely that it drops. Some of the most common ways to destroy a Mac involves it falling onto the hard ground or down the stairs. Be sure to tuck the power cable out of the way so no one drags the Mac onto the floor accidentally.

A lot of the time, a Mac can withstand the odd fall and will put up with a fair amount of abuse but there is a limit as to what they can bounceback from.


Although this tends to be less common than the risks that come with a PC, it still exists. The more information someone has about your logins and other details, the easier it can be to cause damage and the same can apply to dodgy websites you know you shouldn’t be on. No one wants to end up with stolen information or to have it deleted because they didn’t have anti-malware software installed.


Unfortunately, as much as everyone loves their kids, they are one of the leading reasons why a Mac ends up broken way before its lifespan should be up. Locking the office might be a good idea as soon as they learn to walk, or keep pens and other items stored away so they cannot scribble away or cause damage. If you want nice things, sometimes you have to keep them away from children until they are old enough to understand their importance.

A Lack Of Backups

It is. not uncommon for a user to delete files they wished they hadn’t or to lose all their photos because they didn’t back them up before their Mac either broke or was stolen. No one likes to think about the worst, but it is a good idea to plan for it. When it comes to valuable files and those thousands of photos stored on a Mac, it is always a good idea to keep copies.

Thankfully this is an easy fix. With an external hard drive you can not only keep your files in another place, but they can also be password protected so no one can access them except you. Otherwise, iCloud storage is extremely useful. The issue is that you have to pay for a decent amount of storage whereas an external hard drive gives you a lot of memory for a reasonable price.


There are so many ways a Mac can be at risk in everyday life, but thankfully most are easily avoidable. A little common sense can help, but so can a couple of small investments to help make sure a Mac lasts the many years they are supposed to.