Useful Items To Have In Your Car

With plenty of room in the trunk for the essentials, there is no reason why all drivers can’t be prepared for an emergency. Although no one likes to think of the worst, it is good to plan for it, and the older the vehicle, the more important this might be. Still, for emergencies and convenience alike, different products can make life easier on the road. Some of the following you will hope to never need whilst others can just shave some time off of certain tasks.

Pet Seatbelt

If you are taking your dog on a short trip to the park, sticking them in a travel box doesn’t seem right. However, you still need to take steps to make sure he doesn’t jump out of an open window or bolt it the moment you open the door. A pet seatbelt helps any driver to hit the road with peace of mind, knowing their pooch isn’t going to run into traffic anytime soon.

Multi-Port USB Charger

Ever tried sharing a charger with your partner on the road? Good luck getting it when you need it unless you have of these. A multiport USB charger allows everyone in the car to charge at once with 2 and 4 ports being the most common. Even if it is only you in the car, it is always good to be able to charge a portable charger as well as your phone, just in case.

Spare Sunglasses

There’s nothing worse than forgetting and needing sunglasses. Not only is it harmful to your eyes, but when the sun is setting and low, it can be dangerous to drive without them. This is why it is always good to keep spare int he dashboards, even if they are cheap ones you found discounted at the checkout.

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

It’s always good to know when your tires are on the low side, and before you embark on a long journey especially. This can save you a trip to the gas station or make sure you pay a visit before you hit the highway. Not only does it make you safer but it is also economical. With the right tire pressure, your car will get more miles per gallon and improved breaking among other things. The best products have an LCD and are easy to use.

First Aid Kit

An essential in every car, you never know when you might need it, but when you do, you’ll be glad you thought ahead. Everything from bandages, to first aid scissors, are usually included and they are conveniently sized so they don’t take up much room.

Car Safety Hammer

This is one of those worst-case scenario products that no one wants to have to use, but these gadgets can be a real lifesaver. If you need to break a window in an emergency, a safety hammer can help you smash it with ease.

Hand Sanitizer

In the modern world, it is always good to be conscious about what you are handling before you touch the wheel again. You can never know when it is going to be of use but it could be the pump at the gas station to the change you handle but having hand sanitizer in the side of your door is always going to put your mind at rest.

Spare Clothes

Most people find it easy to prepare for a day at the beach but forget when going out for the day. Even a trip to the park can result in you having to chase your dog across the mud or find yourself getting cold when the weather turns. Keeping different items of clothing in the trunk means you are never caught short. This becomes even more important with children who can have an accident at any moment.


Messy kids can take their toll on any car, old or new, and even if you’re not precious about the interior of your car, no one likes sticky fingers. There could be large spills that require attention or you just need a refresh after that takeout you’ve just eaten on the go, wipes are good to have to hand.

Jumper Cables

If you’ve ever needed them before then you probably always keep jumper cables in your car as they can get you out of a tight spot. Not just you, but if you want to be the neighbor’s hero, then it is always. good to have them around. Everyone has left the lights on overnight but being able to get your car started asap means there is no harm done.

Bag For Life

Forgetting reusable shopping bags usually means you end up buying more. Keeping a handful in your car means you are never caught short, but they can also be used to store things in the boot such as your jumper cables and first aid kit, and they are kept out of the way. Save the world by not buying so much plastic and use excess bags for organizing.

Trash Bag

These are easily stored on the back of a headrest and means you can keep the whole car tidy. As close to an essential as you can get without being a lifesaver, especially if your partner is notoriously messy, or you have children to consider.

Car Jack

Much like the jumper cables, a car jack can help you get back on the road faster than you might think. Owning one is great, but you must also learn how to use it. Either screenshot the instructions from a handy online guide or open a video to follow step by step. A handy tip often given is to keep something sturdy like a small bit of wood in case you break down on the soft ground. This can support the jack so it is easier to use, and a lot safer.

Spare Tire

Although some people assume they are included in the car, this isn’t always the case. It is an important item to keep and usually stored easily. The problem is that a lot of new cars aren’t including them as standard as the less weight when they sell, the better for their mileage requirements. It is easy to pick up a spare and because they are generally saved for an emergency, you don’t necessarily have to go for a high-end model.