What Are The New WatchOS 7 Features?

Although the latest noise out of Apple is that their current set up updates are going to be plentiful, it seems to the case of quality over quantity. Having reviewed the new features, they seem to be more useful than the Walkie Talkie function (although some people liked it!) that could only be used among Apple Watch users. We may have to wait until fall to use them, but get to know them early so you can be an expert the moment they are made available. Some of them are reflective of the times, as you will see, whilst others are welcomed additions for other reasons.

When Will WatchOS 7 be Released?

The latest software additions will arrive in fall and anyone with an Apple watch 3 to 5 running on iOS 14 will be able to make use of the features, as long as they. are paired with an iPhone 6S or later.

Announcements have been made online rather than in front of a live audience due to social distancing measures but. there should be no delay to the release of the latest features, expected sometime in September 2020.

A Roundup of The Incoming WatchOS 7 Features

No Limit To Watch Face Complications

Another word for small bites of information that can be displayed on the watch face, complications have so far been limited. Although this has been a neat way of customizing the face, users have been limited to one complication from a single app so only the odd shortcut and additional bit of data like the weather are useable. So, more than one useful compilation can be set up so you can get multiple weather info bites on the watch face.

One of the more practical yet useful additions it will make navigating the front screen easier since the interface is also going to be simpler. Access Edit mode by long-pressing the watch face then tap the location of the complication you’d like to edit. From there, the available additions you can make will come up.

Sleep Tracker

Expect the new Sleep App to be more intuitive and versatile than others available, with it offering the ability to track sleep cycles, quality, but also offer features to help the user prepare for sleep better. Winding down has a big influence on how we sleep so this is likely to be a welcomed addition for many people. Whilst many users will already use available apps to track their sleep, Apple has yet to enter the market in this area.

What it means is that users can get a complete assessment of their overall health with the other fitness apps and features they already have on their wrist. Comparing data can show how exercise or daily activity might influence sleep.

Apples Sleep Tracker works when the user sets a bedtime and an alarm for the morning. In the time leading up to the designated bedtime, it will turn on ‘do not disturb’ mode, and a wind-down screen will also appear. As long as the watch has sufficient charge throughout the night, it will reveal sleep breathing patterns and small movements to determine quality when you wake.

Face Sharing

Like a social connector for watch faces, users can create and share their customized faces with family and friends. It means they can be shared via social media, on websites, and with their contact list. This can help users to find a useful combination of complications that they may otherwise have not considered and saves a lot of time scrolling through the many watch faces that are available.

They can be sent via iMessage and can be trialed via a preview before you commit. There will also be a list of apps to download with every design so it is easy to get all the relevant complications set up so there are no blanc spaces.

In the past, users will have seen a design they like, they have to build it from scratch. The new update takes a lot of effort away, simplifying the process.

Workout Types

For many users, this will be the most useful addition when it arrives. Being able to add Dance to a workout type can make customizing and reviewing your cardio a lot easier, fine-tuning some of the data through its detecting of movements. Now labeled as Fitness, all your usual metrics are still available, this just allows anyone who dances for their cardio to get accurate readings.

Handwash Detection

The sort of app that may have made a massive difference in the past can still be useful when it arrives. This allows WatchOS 7 to detect when the wearer is washing their hands and help to ensure they get a full 20 seconds of scrubbing to keep bacteria away. It uses a motion sensor to activate but can also detect the sound of a soap dispenser and running water.

Parental Controls

Outside of the announcement, other features are going to make their way onto the new update, most notably the parental controls. Since many parent upgrade their Apple Watch, passing their old ones to their young ones, this is a welcomed addition. Age-related access is a big one, as is the screen time features but expect more on this to be announced when the time arrives.

Key Fob Feature

Only compatible with certain BMW models for the now, the new update allows Apple Watch 5 users (and beyond) to accept requests for car key permissions via the wallet app. This is likely to develop over time since the technology is relatively new itself, with more car manufacturers taking advantage. It’s not likely to be so useful for now, but perhaps a sign of things to come.

There are other small features to arrive such as the ability to get Siri to read messages out when you have headphones connected and the ability to translate conversations. This shows that whilst there are only a handful of major changes, there are plenty of exciting features to come.