What Is A Laser Keyboard? (And Do I Need One?)

Technology moves fast and sometimes you stop and think would I benefit from using such a device? Certain things make life easier and one that is built for convenience is a laser keyboard. You may have seen someone using one on their commute or just read a lot about them, but to help you decide whether they are a good idea, we’re going to take a look at what they are if they are any good, and whether or not it is worth getting one.

So, What Are They?

Sometimes known as a projector keyboard, they are exactly as they sound. By projecting a laser onto a surface, they use sensors to pick up the typing of the user and can be used to type into a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. When you are tight on space or don’t want to take your work laptop out, they can be connected via Bluetooth to replicate a keyboard, including the size.

What Are The Benefits Of A Laser Keyboard?

They Work On Any Surface

As long as it is flat, a laser keyboard can be placed anywhere at any time. This makes a morning commute easier and can help you type that email before you get in the office so you are off to a headstart. You can place a large book down, or use the table or tray on a train or coach to type away.

Easily Compatible

Because most of these keyboards are set up to connect via Bluetooth, pretty much anyone can use them. If this is an issue then look for a product with USB connectivity that can make it easier to set up with a laptop within seconds. It is best to match it to the device you are most likely to use it with.

Long Battery Life

This isn’t an issue when you use a USB connected laser keyboard but even still, regular products last a long time as long as you look for a battery pack with a minimum of 800 mAH. You can usually get hours out of it and because this is modern technology we’re talking about, most are fast to charge to full.

Excellent Value

Rather than investing in a smart keypad or an alternative way of typing, these gadgets are conveniently priced. It is a competitive market, making the value available appealing so you can expect to find a quality product for a fraction of the price of the alternatives.

Much Faster Than A Phone

When you are messing around looking for symbols or trying to type long emails efficiently on a phone, using a keyboard is much easier. It is also a lot faster and although they are not quite up to the speed of a regular keyboard, most products allow the user to type approximately 400 characters a minute. Unless you are trying to type the end chapter of a novel in double quick time, this is more than enough and helps you to stay efficient.

Added Features

A lot of laser keyboards are far more than you might think. Some come with Bluetooth speakers making them a convenient way of getting work done but also listening to the ideal soundtrack as you type. Others are more practical, giving the user a laser mousepad as well and many allow you to adjust the size of the keyboard to match the space you have or to just make it more comfortable to type.

Some can even be set up to be used as musical instruments so you can type out drum beats via a virtual studio.

Saves Time

Not only is it faster than a phone but they are conveniently sized so if you are approaching your stop on your commute, you can quickly place the device in your pocket. Otherwise, you are forced to pack up early in anticipation of your station so you can get a little more done on the way to work.


Because these products were first designed to combat information theft from spyware that can detect the keys types in a standard keyboard, they are a safer way of inputting passwords. If safety is a major concern then this can add an extra layer of protection that other types of keyboards cannot.

Energy Saving

A lot of products have a sleep mode that will detect when there is no activity for a short time. This will usually come back on the second it detects motion again so it will not slow you down.

Adjustable Brightness

Although not every product will give you this, you should look for one that does. a laser keyboard where you can tweak the brightness means it won’t matter what the light conditions are, you can type away. The brighter you can get it, the easier it will be to use when there is a lot of light around.

Do I Need A Laser Keyboard?

This depends on your intended use anyone who has spare time on their morning commute can benefit from using a projector keyboard, The convenience makes them easy to get on with and there are plenty of moments where you have an urgent email to send and only a few minutes to type it. For work purposes, they are becoming a common sight on the train in the morning for a reason.

If you are looking for something to make gaming easier, then this isn’t an ideal product. Because you might find the responsiveness to not be as sharp as you need, and it might slow you down and make gaming frustrating. The responsiveness is not something that effects typing with most products.

Although they are great gadgets to have, they are not so good for full-time use as the speed is not the same as a regular keyboard but for the most part, they can help you to save time, get some extra work done conveniently, and are fun to use.