What Is The Best Type Of Headphones For Exercise?

If you are the type of person who can’t do any exercise without the use of motivational music to put a spring in your step, then you are going to want the best sound possible. However, some types of headphones are better suited to the rigors of exercise than others. Whether it is for a long run where you are working up a sweat or a workout at the gym where you need them to be comfortable, some headphones are ideal. You’re not going to get a lot of joy out of bulky closed cap headphones when exercising but most of the others are worth considering if you get the right model.

Best Headphones For Cardio:

Bluetooth Earbuds

In terms of convenience, these are hard to beat as not having a wire waving around as you pick up the pace is a major plus point. They are usually kept together by a wire that fits around the back of the neck, out the way, and is waterproof. The playback time will be important here as if you are working your way up to a marathon, you don’t want to be left short halfway. through your run.

The best Bluetooth headphones for running all have excellent clarity with crystal clear vocals and punchy beats. Fast charging is to be expected with some brands giving you half a charge from 20 minutes of charge. The main benefit is that they stay in place well and don’t weigh a lot so remain comfortable for long periods.

Best Headphones For The Gym:

Bluetooth earbud headphones also double up as a good option for the gym, but certain products are better designed for the demands of stability than others. If you want to consider an alternative option, then it is possible to get a quality sound from other types of headphones. Earbuds can work when the product stays in place well and must be sweat proof. The issue is they may not offer such long playtime but as long as they have a reliable signal, they should be fine for most gym sessions under 3 hours.

Best Headphones For Swimming:

Submersible headphones are now a thing, so you can enjoy your favorite form of exercise with your favorite playlist. Because music can be motivational, swimmers have been missing out for years, but now leading brands are making reliable products. Again, these will need to be Bluetooth waterproof headphones with IPX4 standard waterproofing. This will be where a warranty is a good idea as they will be up against tougher wear and tear but still expect quality sound and will comfortably fit under a swimming cap for hours of continual playback.

How To Choose Headphones For Exercise:


Quite frankly, Bluetooth earbuds are the best headphones that don’t fall out of place. Because they have a surrounding wire at the back, even if they do come out occasionally, they are easy to move back into the ear whilst on the go. This is one of the main issues with headphones as the motion can often cause them to move around and you will feel it as you move into your stride.


Call it this or sweat resistance but it is arguably the most important trait for a headphone for exercise. You should be working up a sweat whether it is out on the road or the treadmill and even if there are grey clouds overhead, it shouldn’t be a cause to go turn for home unless you want to.

Comfortable Fit

The issue with a lot of earbuds is that they can feel too big for some people. Thankfully, a lot of them come with different sized tips and often use ear hooks to fit over the ears so they do not slip. No more having to deal with a wire thrashing around.

Sound Quality

Unfortunately, it is rare to find earbud headphones and earbuds that share the same audio quality as the likes of on-ear or over-ear headphones, but they are out there. At the very least, the leading brands come close and because the most famous audio brands are in the Bluetooth earbud market, you can be spoilt for choice. These products are still going to offer a superior sound quality than your regular headphones so it will still be an upgrade.


Some products offer noise-canceling features and whilst this can be good for the quality of the sound in your ears, it is not always so good for staying safe. When you are on the road, it can be good to hear the sound of a car horn and the sound of traffic approaching.

Do Headphones Stay On When Running?

Not all headphones stay in place as you run, and the motion can mean you end up spending a lot of time grabbing a loose earbud and putting it back in. This can get frustrating and for some people, it is all the motivation they need to slow down and even go home. However, specialist running headphones are. designed specifically to stay in place. This can be in the form of an earbud with an ear hook or a wire that fits around the back of the neck.

Headphones not designed for physical activity such as cardio are far more likely to start swinging around your hip just as you are enjoying your run.

Why Listen To Music When Running?

Aside from the fact that it can help make a monotonous task such as long cardio sessions pass faster, there are various reasons why listening to music can benefit a runner. There have been studies that link music to help to block pain and reduce fatigue, or the sensation that comes with it. By taking your mind off that feeling that you need to give up, it can help you go further.

When you have decent headphones, you are more likely to look forward to your run and get motivated to start so get that playlist ready, make sure you have somewhere comfortable to keep your phone such as a band to go on your arm, and hit the road with quality sound in your ears.