What Is The Best Type Of Microphone For Gaming?

As with any type of technology, there are plenty of options for a microphone for gaming. The good news is that each one has its benefits for the user, and depending on what you are using it for, any could make a good choice. A cheap mic isn’t going to give you the ability to communicate effectively with teammates, or just to rub it in when you win. Proper. gaming gear is worth it. the investment, but before you leap, let’s take a look at the options and see which is best.


These are available in different types but are easy to connect to a laptop or PC. They often come with a miniature tripod to make it easy to place nearby and are sometimes capable of being used for sound recording.

Studio Condensers

Speaking of, these products are likely to push you into the higher end of a budget but will usually pick up sound at any angle, offer incredible clarity and fidelity, and are one of the most versatile options. So, if you are switching from your gaming to a podcast you are recording, these are a great option.

Because you can often tweak the settings, they make a good choice for gamers as the frequency, gain, and latency among others can all be changed on certain products. There are plenty of options available you only need to know which are better for gaming.

Headset Mic

These are excellent for communicating but are not as versatile. So, if you want to record over a video for YouTube, or need a clearer vocal line, they aren’t always so effective. However, if it is strictly being used for multiplayer, then just make sure you go for a reliable product that is tailor-made for your console such as these for a PS4, or headsets made for Xbox One.

Wireless Headset Mic

A spin on the previous but there are pros and cons to both. On the one hand, you’re not restricted by wires with a wireless product but if the battery runs out halfway through a match, then you miss out on a lot of the benefits. There’s nothing between them in terms of sound quality, just convenience.

So Which Are Best?

This depends on the purpose. If you are using a microphone to record voiceovers, then this will be different from someone who is looking for a product to communicate in-game. Some of the more popular voice-overs are game reviews and playthroughs, a studio condenser mic will make a good option here and the same goes for unboxing videos where you want a clear vocal line. This will make any video sound more professional.

On the other hand, anyone recording as they play might wish to use a headset mic if the videos do not need to be perfect. This gives you the freedom to play without having to be within the range of a mic and provides an authentic look. It is important to consider the environment you will be recording in. If there are other players around and you are concerned about the mic picking up sound, or the soundproofing of the room in general, then some mics are better. at countering this than others.

How To Set Up A Gaming Microphone

As anyone with a home studio will tell you, you don’t often have everything you need as soon as you open the box. Some gaming microphones will come with a mini stand and if that is all you need then you are good to go. Otherwise, you may need to purchase a mic stand separately but that isn’t all. A popper stopper can help to prevent some of the unwanted sounds coming through as you talk and you’ll end up with a more rounded and quality sound.

How Much Does A Gaming Microphone Cost?

Although it doesn’t have to, a quality high-end microphone will set you back around $250 – $300. This will get you a studio-level mic that has crisp vocals for effective communication. Still, it is possible to find a microphone for gaming that is less than half that and they still offer impressive sound quality.

Is An Expensive Gaming Mic Worth It?

Although a studio ready microphone seems like a good idea, it might not be necessary. If you are recording and looking to turn your videos into a profession then it is 100% worth the added investment. Otherwise, for gaming, there are plenty of high-quality headsets that allow you to record sound. If you are looking to make high-quality videos then the sound is a big part, no one likes to watch YT with a voice that sounds like it’s recorded in a tin can.

Your team needs to be able to hear you clearly, and the better microphones can give you an edge that you would otherwise miss out on. Again, it’s all down to how seriously you’re taking this.

What Is The Best Gaming Microphone For A Beginner?

Anything easy to get on with, and can record at multiple angles so it is more forgiving. Also, consider a budget-friendly option here. If you don’t know how to use on, an expensive microphone can be a waste. It is better to learn your trade on something less expensive. Look for a gaming mic that connects via USB and you’ll find that it will still come with plenty of features.

Make sure it is compatible with your gaming system as some microphones are not going to be so well suited, or are difficult to connect.